Chapter 61: Wrath of The Snow Lady (Part 1)
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Weeks passed. A heavy blizzard had coated the Lamp Province in thick snow. 


In his laboratory, Yang Yang was mixing medicinal plants and herbs together to create his cure. He had originally bought some items before leaving, but those items were useless when he found out the properties of the Hated Blood Curse. The more he studied the Hated Blood Curse, the more he realized how profound this curse was and why the other Life Magic magi had such a hard time with it. 


The curse was constantly changing and improving. Everyday they would form excessive flesh that functioned perfectly and rotten flesh that attacked. Moreover, there were unique magical laws that masked the life force hidden within the excessive flesh. On the outside, which was covered in rotten flesh, the aura of decay would be so thick that it almost made the victim look like a monster. However, deep inside the living mass would still be a human with life force that was constantly growing new limbs or body parts that actually made the victim a monster. 


Moreover, these victims would still retain their human consciousness, but would be unfortunately killed by other people from ignorance and fear. Fortunately, Yang Yang had delivered that piece of information many days ago and the infected humans were no longer hunted down or brutally slaughtered, but rather, safeguarded and carefully locked inside anti-magical power spell formations. More and more anti-magical spell formations had been placed for the severely infected people that became giant blobs of flesh. 


As Yang Yang mixed the medicinal plants and herbs, a purple mist slowly rose from the concoction and formed around him like a thick curtain. It was dark to the eyes and nauseating to the nose. One breath of this mist could instantly kill a person below the Manifest Aspect level. In fact, it was heavy with death force. 


"Finished." Yang Yang sighed with relief. The so-called cure that he had developed was not something that enhanced life force like traditional or conventional medicine, but rather, deprived it. It was actually poison! 


"The key of the Hated Blood Curse is that it forcefully manipulates the life force inside a person and then use some kind of other spell that create a separate, but vicious consciousness that behaves like a demon. That consciousness would then seek any trace of nearby life force within a ten meter radius and eat it. Magical power could also help the development of this consciousness." Yang Yang placed his toxic concoction inside a vial. He shook the vial and the concoction darkened ever further. 


Using his magical power, he extracted two droplets of this concoction and placed them near a piece of rotten flesh and a piece of extra flesh. When the droplets touched the flesh, the fleshes completely dissolved into nothingness. It was essentially a perfect cure according to the situation, but Yang Yang was not satisfied with the result. 


"Hm... All of those poisonous plants Bone One and Two got me managed to form the cure I had in mind, but in practice, they are not the most useful. The rotten flesh may be gone, but the extra flesh is actually connected to the person's nervous system. Moreover, if I use too much death force, it would overrun the patient's life force and kill them." Yang Yang pinched the bridge of his nose. "There's also the people who are not infected. I can't just feed them poison, right?" 


A dark thought surfaced inside Yang Yang's head, but he forced it back down. He stood up and walked back and forth, his hand scratching his chin. "Poison... poison... what can I do to... No. I'm thinking about this wrong. It is not the life force, but rather, the speed at which the infection spreads and the properties of the curse. So the cure... should be with magic." 


He did not discard the poison, but instead made more of it. In the next few days, he managed to create several batches of the toxic concoction. A crazy idea wrapped around in his head, but he wanted to try it. Golden flames roared and multiple Life Drain spell circle appeared. By the time he was finished, an almond-sized golden pill had appeared in his hand. 


Yang Yang casually watched the golden pill's effects on a clump of rotten and extra fleshes. In the end, a pile of flesh still remained, but it was purified and did not proceed to grow. 


Yang Yang laughed mockingly at himself. "A new age... A new era of magic... My thinking has become quite archaic." 




In the eastern region of the Lamp Province were many snowy mountains with one in particular that was twice as large as the rest. It was a land for vicious magical beasts and even some demons. However, the climate of the mountain was so harsh that even Heavenly Devas would have difficult time trying to reach the peak. Some of the most powerful of creatures on the continent lived on this mountain so it was also deemed a forbidden zone. 


Yet, a young woman was slowly walking up the mountain. Snow and ice danced around her, but never actually touched her. Not a single being or the trace of some kind of aura was near this young woman at all. To her, this walk up a treacherous mountain was nothing more than a stroll. 


When she reached the peak of the mountain, the young woman casually entered a wooden hut. Inside the hut, another young woman sat close to a lamp while drinking some wine. With the gentle light, the appearance of the first young woman became clear. 


The young woman was tall and beautiful. She wore a long, thin robe that seemed inappropriate for the weather and the innocent mind. Her hair and skin were white-colored, but her eyes were strikingly blue. They were not blue like the boundless sea. Instead, they were like blocks of ice. Even her aura was cold and frigid, but her expression changed when she saw the other young woman drinking wine. 


“Greetings, your holiness.” The cold young woman said. The other young woman turned her head and the light of the lamp illuminated her face. It was Yu Fei’er. 


“Little Bell, welcome back. Did you do the thing I asked you to?” Yu Fei’er placed the wine glass on a table. 


“Yes, your holiness. The major cities of Lamp Province had been covered in heavy layers of snow, around five meters of it. The effects of the snow should be running smoothly now. I would’ve done more, but if the blizzard this year was too strong, people may be suspicious of a snow lady’s presence. Please forgive me for my audacity, your holiness.” 


“Well that’s all fine. Whether it’s five meters or five hundred meters, the effects would still be the same. Did you at least prepare that item?” Yu Fei’er waved her hand casually. She slightly slumped into her chair and made a lazy expression. 


“Yes, your holiness. The special... wine you requested has been safely delivered.” The cold young woman’s voice was still stiff, but some color had develop on her cheeks. She took out a jug of wine and gave it to the Yu Fei’er, who took it with care even though she was inebriated. She looked at it with hot intensity and licked her lips. 


“Perfect. This will make the whole process much, much easier.” Yu Fei’er stood up and walked out the door. “Come on, Little Bell, take me back to the capital. I can’t wait to see his despair. Hmph! He’s probably still in the laboratory, trying to unravel that curse I made myself. He won’t know what hit him.” 


“Your holiness, is he not the Scion of Life? Curing an ailment is his specialty. Beside the Scion of Medicine, no one could possibly best the Scion of Life at developing a cure. Also, this special wine is a little...” 


“Hmph! Hmph! Hmph!” Yu Fei’er snorted three times in a row to expressed her irritation. Her face became a drunken red. Small hiccups came out of her mouth. 


“Wh-hic-What bitches can possibly compare to this big miss!? I’ve be-hic-been preparing all these cur-hic-curses for many years already! He may be mo-hic-more talented than I am, but there’s no way he can be-hic-beat this big miss in smarts! I’m the best, y’all hear! If this plan doesn’t wo-hic-work, I swear that I’ll shove the jug of wine up ass...” The cold young woman tried to coax Yu Fei'er out of her drunken rage. “...and cut my hair!” 




"Your holiness, you must not say that! Your hubris is acting up again. Come, give me that glass of wine. It’s not helping.”  


“Every god or scion has a hubris in something and mine is not even that bad.” Yu Fei’er grabbed the wine glass while running away from the cold young woman. “No! No! No! I swear by it, you hear me!? I vow to the Otherworld that I'll do it!" 


A crack of thunder boomed in the distance. The cold young woman’s eyes widen like a balloon. Her mouth hanged in shock and closed it again. Despite being a legendary snow lady that could resist the cold, the young woman shivered. Moments later, the cold young woman and Yu Fei’er transformed into white-blue beams of light and disappeared into the distance.