Chapter 62: Wrath of The Snow Lady (Part 2)
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The blizzard continued to downpour snow on the capital of Lamp Province. Thick, heavy snow that reached up to five meters in height covered everything. The snow of in north was unique in that it had similar properties to the Dawn Sea where it could affect magical power. None of the spell formations could handle the anti-magical power ability of the snow so the blizzard would always affect the region. 


Every year, the blizzard of the north would suppress the magical power in the region for one or two weeks. It was a natural disaster that occurred every year so the native were use to the cold storm. However, the blizzard this year struck harder than ever and caused the anti-magical power spell formations, which were actually fueled with magical power, to deactivate. Now, the infected were slowly getting let loose. Massive creatures of black flesh swarmed the capital. 




In the sky, members of the House of Lamp had arrived. Five of them rode on a warship that resembled a giant sphere and seemed to radiate light of immense heat and righteousness. The black flesh creatures shivered and tried to avoid the light. 


"Summon the Lamp of Radiance and Light!" They group of five combined their magical power and a giant lamp appeared from the sky. It was spherical and depicted images of the sun, the moon, and the stars. Every light source with a thousand meters dimmed from the arrival of the lamp as if it was the only light source in existence. 


It began to send rays of light at the black flesh creatures. Although it was not enough to destroy them, the creatures howled with agony and anger. The rotten fleshes were heating up tremendously and smoke emerged from the surface. 


"Elder Brother Shiyi, how long do have to do this for?" One of the five members asked. 


"As long as possible, until the spell formation experts arrive to seal these things away." Deng Shiyi shook his head in disappointment. "If you're feeling tired, quickly take a medicinal pill and then concentrate." 


"Aiyah! Who would've expected the blizzard this year to be strong. Seriously, what bad timing." Another member said. "I don't think the blizzard was ever this harsh, right?" 


"There was one that I recall. Around five hundred years ago, when the current House Lord was inaugurated to be the new house lord, a blizzard of similar magnitude had occurred. " Deng Shiyi said. "In fact, every time a new house lord as to be inaugurated, this kind of blizzard would appear. Some people call it an auspicious sign of a new house lord. Others call it a curse on the House of Lamp. Unfortunately, we never knew why this kind of blizzard would occur." 


"Um... could it be-" 


"No." Deng Shiyi gave a cold, one-worded response. "Grandfather is still young for a Heavenly Deva. There's no way for him to pass on the title of 'House Lord Deng' just yet." 




“Woohoo!” On a giant spear of ice, Yu Fei’er and the cold young woman were flying through the sky toward the Lamp Province’s capital. While the cold young woman was guiding the spear by standing on the blade, Yu Fei’er was dancing around on the shaft. Her steps were nimble, gentle, yet enticing and energetic. She spun around and let black hair fly in the wind. 


They were above the clouds so they were not affected by the anti-magical power snow. Of course, with a snow lady's presence, no snow could possibly fall on them. 


"Your holiness, you must be careful." 


"This is way too fun. How can I not dance on this? I don't recognize this spear of yours. Is it something you made?" 


"Yes, your holiness. This was made from the essences of the mountains in the north. Ever since I arrived here, I used these mountains to cultivate my spear. Unfortunately, even after all these years, it is still incomplete." 


"Ho? Then use this!" Yu Fei'er touched the ice spear and a stream of faithful energy entered it, transforming it to the most profound level. Suddenly, the spear began to fly even faster, without the need to pour more energy into it. "That should save a few more years of work." 


"Thank you, your holiness!" Little Bell was pleasant surprised. In her excitement, the spear flew even faster again. It accelerated to extreme levels and Yu Fei'er had to make an effort to not fall off. In the matters of minutes, the two young women had arrived above the capital. "Your holiness, look down there." 


When they peered down, their sight passed through the thick clouds and saw a giant lamp emitting light above several creatures of black flesh. 


"The Lamp of Radiance and Light..." Yu Fei'er muttered the name of the giant lamp under her breath. Sobriety returned to her eyes, along with a profound chill that was even colder than the weather. 


"Indeed, your holiness. That despicable bloodline had been passed down. I had originally thought that they were completely slaughtered and these people practiced a similar magic. Unfortunately, it seemed we missed a few and their descendants became one of the 108 Noble Houses." 


"Just kill them." Yu Fei'er casually said. Her expression did not change in the slightest. 


"Excuse me, your holiness, but the problem is that I can't." A snowflake appeared in Little Bell's hand. "This would explain it." 


When she absorbed the snowflake, Yu Fei'er understood the problem. "I see... In that case, bring a heavier storm." 


"A heavier one?" Yu Fei'er nodded in response to Little Bell's question. 


"Yes, you have my permission. Run it all down. Raze it all to the ground. Don't worry about alerting that thing. As long as you don't use your full power, nothing will happen. If worse come to worst, I'll handle it myself. Even if Yang Yang were to interfere, nothing can stop us here and now. The most important thing is to damage them as much as possible, and if we're lucky, completely annihilate them from existence with the Hated Blood Curse." Yu Fei'er spoke in a voice that could chop nail and sever iron. As far as she was concerned, when she gave her orders to kill, nothing would dare live. 


A cold glint flickered in the Little Bell's eyes. "Yes, your holiness." 


The snow lady reached out right hand and icy-blue lights radiated from her eyes. "I, Xue Xiaoling, using my name as a snow lady, royalty among the Ice Demons, call upon all snow and ice in this land to heed my command. Call the frozen souls of the fiends, bring the wintry apocalypse, and encase all life in the ice of hell. Bring war, bring disease, bring famine, and bring death..." 


Around Little Bell, the snow and ice within clouds above Lamp Province stopped falling. Instead, they flew upward and surrounding her in a sea of snow and ice. For a few moment, the anti-magical suppressing stopped dropping. The magi down below were greatly confused, but happy nonetheless. 


Surrounded in a great chill, Little Bell flipped her hand and the sea of snow and ice compacted into her palm and became a single spell circle with a snowflake design on the center of it. She brought the spell circle closer to her and muttered the last few words of her spell incantation. "...Ice Demon Magic: Wrath of the Snow Lady!" 


The spell circle suddenly enlarged into a million times from its previous size. She blew hard into the spell circle, and her breath transformed into hurricanes of icicle shards and mountains of dense snow. Above the clouds, it was as if an ocean of snow and ice were falling down. 


"Hey, doesn't the clouds seem a little different?" From below, several magi noticed the clouds were suddenly puffier. Then, they noticed that the clouds actually appeared closer to the ground. Finally, by the time they realized the clouds were not falling, it was too late. 


Heavy snow and sharp icicles dropped right above the capital of Lamp Province and the surrounding cities. Buildings were shatterred, blood was spilled, and people were frozen solid, their consciousness still existing in freezing torment. 


For a few moment, the magi were celebrating. The next moment, they plummeted into the coldest hell. If they knew any better, they would have thought that the coldest hell actually plummeted onto them.