Chapter 63: I Am Here!
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Utter chaos was ushered as people, animals, plants, and anything living were coated in heavy snowfalls. Now, the snow on the ground had reached twenty meters. In the dense snow, some people had died from the cold while others were killed from getting stabbed. In an instance, around forty-percent of the population had been completely exterminated. 


Without the interference of the anti-magical spell formations or the lamps, the black flesh creatures were released once again. This time, they were even stronger. They scrambled around for whatever scrap of living thing that were buried in the snow. 


Once again, all organic matters were suck up into giant organic masses. The consciousness of each of these masses were a collection of every consciousness that was absorbed, along with their fear and anger. Like living personifications of fear and anger, these creatures of black flesh, with their many rotten limbs and maligned faces, crawled toward anything else that resembled life. 


It was like the Day of the Red Night all over again. 


“Emergency! Emergency! Emergency!” 


“House Lord! House Lord! Another wave of the Hated Blood Curse had arrived! The blizzard got even stronger!” 


“House Lord, quick! You need to suppress the infected people now!” 


Outside the House of Lamp, tens of thousands of infected people were spreading around the curse or merging into larger entities. Their wails and screams sent shivers down one’s spine. Blood spilled and flesh melted. The beautiful, cold snow was dyed red with hot, fresh blood.


Inside the main residence of the House of Lamp was an old man wearing white fur. He opened his eyes and flew above the capital. The Heavenly Deva of the House of Lamp spread his spiritual sense across the entire capital and sighed. “Lamp of Radiance and Light, Myriad Manifestations! All of you, down!” 


The sky darkened and the clouds churned. A mighty will in the form of light beams descended from the sky and the forcibly pushed the giant creatures of black flesh down into blobs. A tiny Lamp of Radiance and Light floated atop each of them with that same suppressing light. 


House Lord Deng had managed to temporarily suppress the infected ones. Truth to be told, he would have most likely killed them. He had killed them before, and was willing to kill them again. “Damn it all! If it were not for the knowledge of knowing that human consciousness were still in these things, I would have eliminated every infected person that was not from the House of Lamp!” 


He swallowed his anger and looked in the direction of Yang Yang’s laboratory. “The youngest student of that old codger better be sure about some kind of basic treatment by now.”


House Lord Deng could see the snow falling gradually, leaving him weaker each moment. He cleared the snow from the roof of the tallest building and used his magic to recover as many intact body within the snow as he could. Seeing all the corpses that could be stacked into the size of a mountain, pain reflected in his ancient eyes. Fortunately, most members of the House of Lamp had survived and he brought them all to roof. As for the corpses, he placed them all into the main residence so they would be safe from any monsters of flesh and bones that were lurking. 


“House of Lamp, heed my command! Half of the elders shall defend the main residence. The other half shall stay here with me. All of the juniors shall try to find any missing people and warn the surrounding provinces of the disaster, but do not call for reinforcement. We can not only the curse to spread anymore than it already did! Set up the Lamp of Recovery and Healing!” 


The House of Lamp obeyed the command. Most of the members left, leaving behind a little over twenty elders. Together, the Wisdom King elders had set up a spell formation to channel more magical power to the old house lord. A lamp, much like the Lamp of Radiance and Light, sent down rays of green light toward House Lord Deng who would take medicinal pills to recover even faster. 


Eventually, his rate of recovery was actually faster than his rate of depletion so he used his magic to both melt the snow and suppress the black flesh creatures. It was slow, but gradual process. Of course, the very scale of the blizzard disaster left him aghast. It would probably take a few years to clear away the snow, even if he was at his full power. He glared at the sky with animosity and suspicion. 




“Yes, sir!” 


“Go bring Doctor Yang. Tell him to come here, now!” 


“But, sir...” 


“We are in an emergency situation. I don’t give a shit about the cure right now. Get! Him! Here! Now!” 


Just when Elder Lamp-Owl was about to take his leave, the ground quaked. Once again, many buildings collapsed while snow flew high into the air like waves. 


“What... what’s going on!?” 


“An earthquake at a time like this!?” 


“Has the gods damned our province?” 


House Lord Deng looked down and his heart trembled as much as the ground. The earthquake only lasted for a few moment, but the waves of snow merged into tsunamis of snow which engulf the capital again. It was as if fate was toying with them, always tripping them on the path of hope. 


“Is this truly it? The first generation house lord’s words are coming true to my very eyes.” House Lord Deng muttered. “Then, will that mean...” 


In the distance, a pillar of light stabbed into the sky. Golden Sky and Jade Earth replaced the cold world as an angelic figure could be in that pillar of light. The angelic figure flew over to the House of Lamp with bottle in his hand. He looked over at hellish scenery below and sighed. 


“Guardian Kings, bless the world!” Three other pillars of light emerged from the other cities and three people adorned in holy light started throwing tiny golden pills at whatever black flesh creature they saw. 


The angelic figure nodded and looked at the House of Lamp. Although his power was weaker than even the weakest Wisdom King Elder present, his very aura engraved a deep mark on their hearts. Lights of gold and jade sank into their souls, whispering holy hymns and sacred texts into their sea of consciousness. Some elders even subconsciously bowed. All of them were under great stress for the past several months, and this blizzard disaster had, more or less, delivered a strong blow to their mental health. 


Looking very pleased, but also dignified, the angelic figure spoke in the most boundless of voices. 


“None of you need to worry anymore because... I am here!”