Chapter 64: Successful Takeover
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As the elders bowed, Yang Yang could feel more streams of faithful energy to his disposal. It was not complete faith since he had yet to introduce himself as the Scion of Life, but that would change soon after he was done distributing the golden pills. He soared to the sky and began dropping his golden pills around. Each golden pills were the size of almonds, much smaller than the standard, walnut-sized pills. However, each of these golden pills packed a heavy punch. 


One of them dropped onto a black flesh creature. Sensing the bountiful life force inside the golden pill, the creature stretched out a tongue and swallowed the golden pill in delight. 


Suddenly, it combusted into golden flames. The black, rotten flesh burned away to ashes and the life force of the creature was gathered into a single point between the people's conjoined bodies. There were fifty faces in total, in addition to hundreds of limbs and other unnecessary body parts. 


Seeing their conjoined bodies, the fifty people screamed in terror. Their consciousness had only felt the connection between themselves and other people, but reality was far more grotesque. They did not scream for long as their flesh turned a shade darker into purple. The people continued to grow more sickly until a screech was let out from their bodies. However, none of them let out that screech. 


A red, rancorous face emerged from one of the men's torso, contorting from greater agony and fear than the collective emotions of the people it possessed. 


"I-I-Impossible..." The face barely said one word before being burned away by the Flame of Purity. Then, the gathered life force in the people's bodies split into many channels and returned to them, each gaining the respective life force that they once possessed. Their bodies also separated into their respective and original forms. 


Similar scenes played out around the area. The rotten flesh were burning away, the Hated Blood Curse infection was being destroyed, and the people returned to their normal states. Even birds, bugs, and other animals were restored to their original forms. The golden glory of the Flame of Purity blaze across the land, bring salvation and warmth as it melted the snow. 


"A miracle." One of the elders said. The other elders, and even House Lord Deng, nodded in agreement. They had expected Yang Yang to create a basic treatment, yet, he had created a full cure. Not only a cure, but he even fixed the appearance of the infected. To them, it was nothing short of a miracle. Of course, Yang Yang knew the secrets of the golden pills. 


During his many weeks of research, he recreated the golden pill's formula over and over again, until it accommodated the right amount of effects that he prepared for. The pill was separated into three layers and five effects. 


The first would be the Flame of Purity to attract and cleanse the wicked, rotten flesh. Then, a several Life Drain spell circles would appear to absorb the life force inside the black flesh creatures. These creatures, whether it was by the rotten flesh or the extra flesh, grew by absorbing life force. However, if there were not any sufficient life force around, it would devour the life force of its host or hosts. Thus, it was important that no life force were to be expended in any way so they could be returned to the infected people. 


Finally, a drop of poison was located inside the golden pill to exterminate the Hated Blood Curse. Through extended research, Yang Yang discovered that the Hated Blood Curse did gave birth to a wicked consciousness. However, because that consciousness was based on life force, it could be driven out with death force. He was careful to add the appropriate amount of poison inside the golden pill so it did not wipe away the consciousness of other humans. 


The most important astonishing effect of the golden pill was restoring the people's appearance, something he accomplished with the Orb of Three Lives. It was a perfect cure, to say the least, but once again, he was not satisfied with the outcome. 


"I knew that the blizzard of anti-magical power snow would happen, then the curse would spread, and I could've used that opportunity to gain more faith," He thought, "But I would've never guess that snow and ice would fall down so quickly and heavily. There's no way that was a normal disaster. I refuse to believe it!" 


Yang Yang felt guilty and ashamed when he saw the hellish scene below him. He could have prevented the death of millions of people, but he acted too slowly. However, Yang Yang was unwilling to let himself be put down by his miscalculation. Rather, after he dumped all the golden pills, after all the people were cured, after most of the snow had melted, he pointed toward the sky and yelled, "Whether you are a demon or a spirit of nature, I will not let you get away with this!" 


Magical power, life force, and faithful energy gathered around him. He pressed his hands together and a tiny spark of flame ignited. When he spread his arms, that tiny spark became a javelin. Then, he threw the javelin toward the sky with all his strength. "Pure Flame Magic: Soul Burning Lance! Life Magic: Marked Target!" 


Green light flashed and the javelin changed its trajectory to the left, piercing the clouds at lightning speed. Although Yang Yang could not hear anything, the fact that the javelin changed its trajectory meant that something was actually up there. With the world-tier warship under him, he also pierced through the clouds. 


The Flame of Purity coated him and the warship to protect them from the freezing air in the clouds. However, by the time he was above the clouds, he saw nothing else. Yang Yang threw out many Palms of the Guardian toward the cloud to disperse them. 


The clouds above the capital scattered, letting sunlight shine down and brighten the wasteland. Yet, there was still nothing. "Tch!" 


He flew down in frustration and called back the Guardian Kings. Along the way, he also picked up any survivor from the wreckage. By now, the land was flooded with water, but the magi were doing their best to transfer it all back to the Dawn Sea. Yang Yang looked at everyone on the warship and knew he was missing someone. 


"Junior Brother Yang!" Yu Fei'er was waving at him in the distance. He went over to the wrecked building she was standing on and retrieved her. 


"Where were you, Senior Sister Fei'er?" 


"I was in the capital and aiding the people here. Unfortunately, the storm suddenly got harsher." She lifted up a cloth above some rubble and motionless bodies were revealed. "These are the people that I found..." 


Yang Yang sighed and took the bodies. He separated them into people who were still alive, but paralyzed, and people who had passed away from his mistake. "Senior Sister Fei'er, what's wrong with your hand?" 


"It's nothing. An icicle shard struck me, but its just a minor wound. I can heal it with the Water of the Jade Spring." 


"Hm. That's good." Yang Yang turned to stared at the destruction and softly sighed in his heart. "A pity... but consider it an honorable sacrifice. These death will not be in vain. I will make up for this." 


He steered the warship toward the House of Lamp and continued with his plan. A month later, the cities were reconstructed and the snow was taken out. In addition, an enormous mausoleum was constructed by the House of Lamp and the bodies of the fallen were rested there. A giant statue of gold and jade was constructed on the mausoleum, depicting the image of handsome and dignified man. 


On a particular day, mourning bells were chimed and elegies were sung. Rows of people were snaking around the mausoleum, expressing their grief and giving their farewells. Flowers and portraits were placed down to honor the dead. Suddenly, the sonorous music of a chorus broke the gloomy atmosphere. 


"Make way for his holiness, the Scion of Life!" The people moved to the side and allowed a young man dressed in white with lights of gold and jade behind him. He walked up a stairway that led to the top of the mausoleum and sat on a mighty throne that was before the giant statue. It expressed his divinity and might. The people all bowed with tremendous respect in their hearts and gave their undying faith to the young man. 


"Let's begin the Ceremony of Blessed Life," Yang Yang said. For the price of millions of lives, he had successfully taken over the Lamp Province. In a little over three months, he became one of the most influential person in the Ivory Continent!