Chapter 66: Hot and Heavy In the Laboratory
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Yang Yang took Yu Fei'er to his laboratory in the main hospital after leaving the bridge. Although he had a residence in the capital, courtesy of the House of Lamp, the laboratory still belonged to him. The House of Lamp never bothered to move his materials as well. As far as they were concerned, his laboratory was a sacred location. 


"Senior Sister Fei'er, get your hands off my pants!" He pushed her away by the shoulders and she landed on a couch. Yu Fei'er was slightly sluggish while she laid on the couch and her panting echoed throughout the laboratory. 


"S-Something is not right... What the hell... was in that wine..." Yang Yang clutched his head while trying to balance himself. His mind was moving erratically like a flag in the wind. Burning emotions were quickly conquering cool rationality. Something monstrous inside of him was breaking out of its containment. 


"One must abstain. One must abstain. One must abstain. One must abstain..." Yang Yang repeated the first half of the Life God's fourth mandate to himself many times. He even sat down to meditate. Numerous spell circles appeared around him, trying to dispel the intoxication. 


Unfortunately, nothing he could calm him down. Rather, the more he tried to calm down, the hotter he felt. His feelings were like a vessel that was decreasing in size while the pressure inside was increasing in volume. It was ready to explode out at any time. A great flame was burning, and it wasn't the Flame of Purity. It was a flame of passion, desire, and yearning. 


Feeling frustrated, Yang Yang opened his eyes and mistakenly laid his eyes on Yu Fei'er. Her tight-fitting, white robe was soaked in sweat, sticking to her soft skin and showing her alluring body. Her long, black hair was also messy and moist, sticking to her face and body. Those long legs and thick thighs that he admired the most were pressed together like soft clouds while her slim waist was laying on the side, showing off a bewitching arc on her back. He slowly, and unknowingly, approached her like a mindless puppet. 


Yang Yang's eyes were carefully looking at every detail on her exquisite figure, admiring everything and anything he saw. Yet, he could not even bear to look at her eyes, which were full of the same passion and yearning that he felt. As a Charm Magic magus, Yu Fei'er had an innate beautiful face. In addition to being the Jade Emissary who wielded Jade Spring Magic, her beauty multiplied by manifolds. 


Of course, a face can only be so beautiful. Rather, at higher levels, beauty transformed the aura, and her aura was completely off the rails of standard beauty. It was something that lured the eyes, enticed the soul, and devoured the mind. Normally, she can control this aura at will, but in a state of passion, there was no control. The aura of charm only thicken, breaking through any iron and steel that defended a mighty heart. 


Even Yang Yang, an ancient soul many times his current age, was not immune to this beauty. As the Scion of Life, who exercised restraint and control, his desire was far deeper and more suppressed than anyone. It was like two extremities. Most of the time, he was profoundly serene and everything would be fine, much like a still lake. But when a single ripple appeared on that lake, mighty waves conquered the surface.  


Yang Yang reached out his hand, slowly and hesitantly as if he was grabbing the forbidden fruit. Then, he stopped. A shadowy figure in white appeared in his mind and his hand trembled. He slowly retracted it, fear gripping his heart as his desire died down. A thousand consequences and scenarios flashed inside his head, pounding his head restlessly. 


Even so, as he felt his rationality return to him, a pair of smooth, warm arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him in close, back to realm of thirst and yearning. A soft whisper reignited his flame. "Yang Yang..." 




After the end of the Hated Blood Curse in the Lamp Province, the hospitals were mostly cleared. Many of these hospitals were research laboratories or apothecary firms that became makeshift hospitals because of the outbreak. Now, they had, more or less, returned to their original post. 


Yang Yang's laboratory was a large building at the end of street where most of the big research laboratories were located. It was a two-story building made from limestone-like materials. The windows were darkened from the outside for privacy, but the insides were clear to see the world. 


Outside the laboratory were many people paying their respect to Yang Yang, not knowing if he was actually in there. Suddenly, a whisper slipped into the people's ears and forced them to mindlessly leave the surrounding to elsewhere. The street was soon void of life. From the sky, a young woman with white hair and blue eyes floated down like a snowflake. Her toes touched the ground softly, not making any sound at all. 


She spread her spiritual sense into the building. Moments later, her cheeks started to blush and she looked away. Making a few hand signs and saying some incantations, warding spell circles appeared around the laboratory. Thousands upon thousands of defensive layers protected the laboratory. Most of these wards were sound-proof spells, but some contained Illusion or Soul magical laws. Not even a Heavenly Deva could peep through these wards without breaking them. 


The young woman stood before the laboratory like a guardian spirit, only moving when blinking. Every now and then, she wanted to turn her head around and peer into laboratory, but she restrained herself. "Ah... I can't believe her holiness is actually doing it while she's still injured. Damn that Scion of Life. Tch!" 


"Hah... Although, I guess it is also her holiness' great fortune to get what she always wanted. Still..." She looked at her hand. "Was I always that weak? My magical power may have declined, but the Scion of Life is still only a Manifest Aspect magus. There's no way for him to pierce through my protective shield. Then again, he's a former Exalted Demigod, not just a scion. The most likely explanation is that a hint of his divine soul was used as well, but that also shouldn't be possible because-"


Crack! Crack! Crack! 


The sound of the shattering wards boomed in her ears. The young woman turned around and a torrent of murderous intent exploded out of her. Snow and ice gathered around her right hand as she was about to send a deadly palm attack at whatever it was that was breaking her wards. However, beside the web-like patterns on the wards around the laboratory, there was nothing visible behind her. 


One ward after another were breaking down. She originally had ten-thousand wards around the laboratory, but there were only nine thousands left. The young woman quickly created more, but those were destroyed as well. It was as if each ward was a glass wall and a giant hammer was breaking through them. It simply did not matter how many there were because they could easily be destroyed. 


"What the hell is going on?" The young woman furiously created more wards, trying to build them faster than they were destroyed. At the same time, she spread her spiritual sense around the area again, but sense no suspicious life form. Even when her spiritual sense covered the capital, the strongest being she picked up on was House Lord Deng, who was currently busy and far away from the laboratory. 


However, based on her experience, she was sure that some kind of mysterious entity was trying to break through her wards. Putting her palms together, she charged herself up to create more wards even quicker. "Hmph! I was just wondering how the hell the Scion of Life's attack actually landed on her holiness and it turns out you're the problem! I won't let you get away with harming her holiness and mocking me! No matter what, or who, you are, I won't let you interfere! Until she gives me the order, I'm not going to let anyone in here"


Little did she know, Yang Yang and Yu Fei'er were going to be the laboratory for a long, long time.