Chapter 67: I Don’t Care About What You Do, Just Never Stop (18+)
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While a battle of speed was going on outside the laboratory, Yang Yang and Yu Fei'er were still in their firm position on the couch. Lips were connected and tongues were wrapped around each other. The sloppy, wet, and feverish sounds of their action invaded their ears and souls. 


Yang Yang reached into the robe and caressed the softness of her skin while using his other hand to grab both of her wrists and placed them beyond her head, into the cloudy cushion of the couch. He then guided his hand downward, his smooth, long fingers moving inward into something deep, warm, and moist. 


Yu Fei’er let out a soft moan, invigorating him even more. She struggled without much strength, which encouraged the breaking of the chains that locked his monstrosity. His fingers moved even faster, rougher, and deeper; his other fingers gripping even tighter, stronger, and harder. 


When she felt a sudden warmth on her stomach, Yu Fei’er reached downward into layers of fabric and grabbed onto that warmth, moving that same hand gently, yet quickly. With her other hand, she went behind his head and grabbed onto his hair, pushing his head further down. 


Time passed, but they did not know how long nor they did care. Nobody ever cared. To them, as long as there was pleasure, time could go by for decades, centuries, millenniums, or until the end of the universe. In a state of passion, nothing mattered. Everything else was fleeting. 


Eventually, Yang Yang pulled back his head. A thin, long trail of saliva connected their lips while waters of each other’s flavor remained in their mouth. A pure symbol of their intimacy. Their eyes met, speaking more words in an instant than what they could possibly say by moving their mouths. Another chain inside Yang Yang’s head blew off. They said nothing. 


The eye contact did not last long as Yang Yang pulled his body back and lifted up the curtains of her robe, diving deep into it. He lifted her thighs onto his broad shoulders and wrapped his arms around her slim waist. Caught surprised, Yu Fei’er bit her lips and pressed her hands onto his head, attempting to push him away. Again, her playful struggle made him more energetic in his movement. 


Saltiness and sweetness pervaded Yang Yang’s tongue, along with other flavors in the form of a viscous liquid. He was like a man who never drank in his life, or a ghost that was forever damned to never touch the water. A pleasant aroma drifted into his nose, bringing him a sense of accomplishment and hope. Like the Wine of Love and Victory, the flavor and fragrance of the viscous liquid added more fuel to his flame of passion. 


Warmness and roughness enraptured Yu Fei’er’s mind, along with the feelings of euphoria and humiliation. She was like a woman who never lost, or a warrior queen who never felt the taste of defeat, until today. It was a feeling of being conquered by something beyond control. It was unfair, but novel. Strange, but exciting. Painful, yet pleasurable. It was something she would have been uncomfortable with, but like any person with most chaotic things in life, she came to terms with its existence, only deriving pleasure from it now. 


Thinking these thoughts, Yu Fei’er let out a rippling moan, and her waist quivered. Her thighs tightly pressed together and her calves closed, pressing against his firm back. That slender back curved even more into a lovely arc, letting her head roll back with her chin pointed toward the ceiling. Feeling Yang Yang even closer to her body, her emotions rushed out like a river flowing down from a mountain. 


Some time later, her legs loosen and her hips dropped. Yang Yang moved unraveled his arms and moved his head back. His face and chest were drenched. The monstrous flame in his eyes burned brightly as he took in the ecstatic form of his senior sister, burning away another chain. They said nothing. 


Yu Fei’er rushed up and grabbed his neck again, their foreheads lightly banging while their lips heavily smacking. A tight embrace of affection. A blissful moment of softness. Yang Yang reached his hands behind her back while Yu Fei’er reached her hands toward his stomach. They both slid downward. 


Yang Yang grabbed onto a softness and warmness unlike any other. Yu Fei’er grabbed onto a hardness and hotness unlike any other. His hands caressed, massaged, groped, and smacked. Her right hand was stack on top of her left hand as they moved up and down in sync, feeling and remembering the long strokes that they made. 


Once again, time passed, with nothing changing until Yang Yang abruptly grabbed Yu Fei’er by the hair on top of her head and pressed her face between his legs. A tiny, but noticeable moan escaped his lips. His back hunched and his muscles flexed. After a long while, she tapped her hands on his back and he released her head. 


A thread of saliva was attached between her lips to his nether region. A drool hanged low down her mouth. A creamy substance sloshed around the teeth and gums of her mouth. Using her long tongue, she sucked in the drool, licked away the saliva, guided the creamy substance, and put them all into a whirlpool of hot fluid. She closed her mouth and swallowed it down. Then, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, showing proof that she took everything down. A slight grin could be seen on face, telling how proud she was at her action. 


Yu Fei’er hot breath caressed his face. Chains after chains broke in Yang Yang’s head. Seeing the scene in front of him, his flame only blazed even further. His hand reached out, ready to push her down into the couch again. However, a white shadow of distant memories overlapped with the scene in front of him, startling him to retreat again. Images from ancient times flashed before his eyes, bringing back a ghost of the past to haunt him in the present. 


Yet again, Yu Fei’er reached out and wrapped her arms around him. Her chin pressed onto his chest while her eyes stared deeply into his eyes. A whirlpool of charming spells surface in her pink pupils. “Are you still afraid? Like that time in the temple?” 


He said nothing, but his betrayed his composure. “You can be afraid. You should be afraid. You have gone through a lot. You have suffered more than anybody. You have done more than anybody. You have scars that can never be healed, but I don’t care about that.” 


Yu Fei’er pressed her body closer to Yang Yang. “I don’t care about what flaws you have. I don’t care about the deep bitterness I know you have. I don’t care about the monster that you keep hidden. I don’t care that you want to break me. I don’t care about your hubris. I don’t care about how rough you can be. I don’t care about how much you could hurt me. I don’t care about any of that.” 


She leaned in to softly whisper into his ear, full of charming affection. “I don’t care about what you do, just never stop.” 


The chains inside Yang Yang completely shattered. Like a primordial beast, his emotions laid dormant for a moment, unfamiliar with the new changes to its circumstances. But soon, that beast roared, and his emotions howled along with it. A violent, sadistic streak surged inside his heart. His flame of passion became a beacon of light, rising beyond any boundary and toward the limit of the imagination. 


With no mental restraint left, Yang Yang turned Yu Fei’er alluring body around and pushed her into the couch. He grabbed her clothing and violently ripped it off along with his own clothing. Letting out a small cry, she attempted to turn her head around, but his hand grabbed onto her hair again and pressed her face deeper into the cushion. His other hand guided her hips toward his own and he trusted forward. A moan that more like a scream was released from her lips. 


Violently pounding away, Yang Yang completely unleashed the stresses and feelings he kept repressed in his soul. Yu Fei’er bore the full blunt of that violent pounding, the soft flesh of her entire back side rippled like the waves at sea. The cheeks clapped harder than thunder.