Chapter 68: Thirty Days and Nights (18+)
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Yang Yang’s body naturally detoxified the Wine of Love and Victory, but because he drank so much, only around ninety-percent of that wine was ever detoxified. That meant that over ninety-nine drops of divine wine was coursing through his blood, pumping him with raw power and godly ferocity. Moreover, the aphrodisiac effect came in waves, each wave stronger than the last. 


On the first day, Yang Yang pounded away his feelings, letting Yu Fei’er receive everything deep inside of her. He pulled on her hair and used it as a handle to control himself, forcing her lower back to bend while their eyes met. His passionate, yet, domineering eyes looked down at her teary, yet, taunting eyes. It was a challenge. A declaration of war, or a sign of never giving up. Either way, in his intoxicated state, it only added fuel to his fire. 


Yang Yang released her hair, but took both his hands and wrapped them around her neck, just below her chin. The positioning of Yu Fei’er’s head forced her to breathe even faster, gasping for air at every opportunity. Hot wind passed through her gritting teeth. However, thinking that it was not enough, Yang Yang placed one hand over her mouth, only allowing air to pass through her nose. She smelled the raunchy stench of their intimacy. Moments later, she let out a small whimper as her hip pushed back into him. Their waists danced together to the music of their release. 


Yang Yang let her go and she caught her breath again. Unlike Yang Yang, she only took one drop of divine wine so she was far more clear-headed. Yu Fei’er felt euphoria swell in her heart, threatening to burst her very sanity and rationality.


Deep within, she wondered how being treated so roughly could feel so pleasurable. It forced her soul to float into a land of dreams, a place where only the most wicked of fantasies could possibly exist. Just getting the wind slammed out of her lungs was enough to send her to paralyzed satisfaction. His warmth found its way to her soul, marking his name many times on her sea of consciousness. 


However, Yang Yang was far from finished. He pushed her down again, facing her this time. While locking eyes with Yu Fei’er, Yang Yang reached downward with a three fingers, stealing away that sense of warmth she felt. 


“Ahhh!!!” Faced with his wild method, Yu Fei’er let out a scream, but those three fingers came back up and plunged themselves into her mouth. She subconsciously sucked on them, letting her tongue lick away the thick glaze. Seeing her obedience, Yang Yang whispered something into her ears and she nodded her head with pleading eyes. Her satisfaction moments ago reverted back to longing. 


As for Yang Yang, he moved his arms under Yu Fei’er’s legs and then tied his hand behind her neck. In this position, her legs were pressed close to her body while their foreheads touched, forcing them to look at each other’s eyes. He carefully angled his waist to hers and slowly went inward. Then, he slowly went outward. And then, inward again. 


Yu Fei’er felt his long, deep strokes of love each time. Moreover, every time he went inward, he would strike with more power, leaving her surprised and breathless again. It was slow, but strong. Full of sensational affection, not with barbaric might. Something about it felt even more strange, but just as gratifying. 


Hearts connected and feelings intertwined. 


Yang Yang could feel her insides tightening, along with the gradually swelling of his desire. He was sure to show his love, not just his frustration. He was sure to give her something sincere, not just conflicting. It was to not just comfort her, but to also comfort himself. 


The history of dust and darkness slowly unraveled itself inside his mind, but it was replaced by the scenes of him and Yu Fei’er. Memories of their short, but exciting time flashed before his very eyes. It further ate away at his bitterness and blessed him with a sense of tenderness that he had not felt for a long time. 


Princess Jasmine could be considered the first girl that he valued in this life, and she reminded him of the innocence and naivety of life. Morrigan would be the second girl, and she reminded him the companionship and partnership between man and woman. Although he understood the thoughts of these young ladies, he never allowed it to dwell in his heart. To him, those thoughts were fleeting. 


However, somehow, it was Yu Fei’er who slid herself through the iron and steel walls. Since the day he met her in the Arcane Abyss to the day they left it, he did not thought she was any different, but something about her changed. “What? What is it that burns in me again? It shouldn’t be. It can’t be. But, it might actually be. How? The wine? No, it was before that. How? The Water of the Jade Spring? No, it was before that. How? Somehow. Somehow...” 


With one last thrust, Yang Yang poured his feelings into her. It was a gentle motion, but Yu Fei’er felt crazy in the head by his actions. It tested the waters of her patience and now everything was flooded. A ripple of her soul crossed the space between, and struck the very core of Yang Yang’s sea of consciousness. 


“Umph...” Unaware of what she had done, Yu Fei’er reached down to taste the pleasure on her fingertips. Licking, cleaning, devouring, savoring, and swallowing. It was a bitter flavor, but contained so much sweetness to her that she felt energized again. As Yang Yang backed away from her, she spread her legs and put her hands toward her nether region, spreading her lower mouth that breathed heavily. Yu Fei’er bit her lips seductively and waited for him to enter. 


That was the end of the first day. 


Yang Yang felt his head rang like the gongs of a thousand bells, or the applaud of a thunderstorm. The ghost of distant memories returned to his mind and overlapped with the young woman in front of him. The world around him started to darken. The very core of his being shuddered, but under the effects of the Wine of Love and Victory, his fear turned to passion and anger. 


The black cloth on his left arm had already been removed, showing the red tattoo that he did his best to cover. Around the same time his vision started to darken, the red tattoo started to grow in size, changing into something more monstrous, like many snakes around his arm. Then, red snakes crawled around his left arm to the left side of his chest. 


“The fourth transformation!? Already?” Yu Fei’er sounded pleasantly surprise to see Everlasting Insanity change in front of her. “That saved years of work! Everything might get more difficult now, but at least I’m closer to-Ahhhhhh!!!”


Without any warning whatsoever, Yang Yang plunged himself deep into her. His eyes glowed with a red radiance of rage and resentment. In his eyes, the young woman in front of him no longer had black hair or pink eyes, but rather, white hair and black eyes. It was the combination of hair and eye colors that he hated the most. 


Yu Fei’er could feel the thickness and length of his rage, his resentment striking at the center of her body. Moreover, he thrusted quickly and strongly, leaving her weak at every attack. It was like a hammer striking at iron. 


“Wa-Wait! Yang Yang, you need to calm-” Her plead was cut off when a palm print appeared on her face. Life force flowed in and out her from that slap, delivering tiny shocks, interchanging pleasure and pain. While he smacked her down below, Yang Yang also smacked her up above. Yu Fei’er was rapture at the feelings of being conquered again. 


“I-I’m co-” Yu Fei’er’s voice cut off again when she suddenly felt a spike of pain injected into her backside. It was the wine jug, it’s thick volume stabbing without mercy. She let out a rippling moan and rolled her eyes back into her head. 


Feeling her insides compacted like a clenched fist, Yang Yang discharged his emotions again. Not spending even a moment to rest, he dragged her by the hair and swept away all the research materials and concoctions of a nearby table. The cold wood of the table tickled her warm skin. With one hand grabbing her hair, and the other hand grabbing one of her cheeks, he impaled her. 


The soft, smooth, suppleness of her cheeks was otherworldly. Less like a normal woman, more like a divine treasure. Yang Yang did not even bother to consider a goddess’ body in his head. As far as his desire and disdain were concerned, he was simply using a tool. A tool to vent, to willfully destroy in an effort to get back at someone. Yu Fei’er knew that herself, that she was now reduced to a plaything in his current mind, and that was evermore exciting to her. 


The second day ended. The third day ended. The fourth day. So on, so forth. 


The sun and moon passed, chasing each other in cycles like life and death. Screams ripped through the sultry air, yet, no one was allowed to hear it. Moans drowned the soul and heart, yet, no one was allowed to hear it. The wet war of love between man and woman was isolated from the world. 


As the Scion of Life, Yang Yang had endless vitality. It was no exaggeration to say that if he wanted to, he could have ravaged Yu Fei’er to the end of the universe. As magi, they had no need for the basic necessities of mortals. Although Yu Fei’er was the Jade Emissary, she herself only had such limited mental energy capacity. On many occasions, she fainted while Yang Yang was still inside her, leaving her having to dream about their battle of love and hate. When, she woke up, it was all over again. 


It it was a cycle of madness. After thirty days and night of thrusting, pounding, choking, spitting, kissing, degrading, ravaging, loving, and hating, Yang Yang and Yu Fei’er finally decided to rest.