Chapter 69: A Way To Break the Curse
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Not too far from the main residence of the House of Lamp was a gorgeous building that was crafted out gold and jade. It was slightly bigger than the main residence, showing off its importance to the province. Inside the gorgeous building, Yang Yang was seated on a prayer mat with cultivation resources around him. 


His eyebrows were furrowed, and he let out a sigh of relief. “Hah... I finally have some time for myself.” 


After a whole month inside the laboratory, Yang Yang and Yu Fei’er left once they cleaned everything. Everything from the walls to the desks to the chairs to the couch were stained with thick, creamy substances. Unfortunately, no matter how hard they tried, the stench of their deed could not fade away so they opened all the window and wait for the smell to go away. 


Yang Yang returned to his main residence where all the offerings were placed. Seeing all those cultivation resources, and the massive amount of faith gathered over a month, Yang Yang was ready to return to secluded meditation to reach the Wisdom King. However, Yu Fei’er accompanied him in his cultivation as well, never once leaving his side. 


When he cultivated, she would be resting her head on his lap while using hand to play with him on the prayer mat. 


When he ate, she would be the one to feed him the food while using her feet to play with him underneath the table. 


When he went for a walk, she would drag him to the nearby woods, already filling her mouth with spit to act as lubricate. 


When he went to bathroom, she would be waiting in there, already naked in the bath tub and with spread cheeks. 


In the end of each scenario, he would be wrung dry of his vital essence, one way or another. Where ever he was, she stalked him like a shadow. Not even using Escape Magic worked as she would always know where he was or will ever be. Fortunately, he managed to contain her in another location by slapping her until she was overwhelmed. Then, he shoved her body into laboratory as if he was hiding a dead body and quickly left the scene. 


"She's like my secretary... but also controls my ass. At least, more than I control hers." Yang Yang stretched his limbs before trying to cultivate again. "I’ve more or less cleared off my debt, developed a cure for the Hated Blood Curse, captured the Lamp Province, and acquired the wealth of a Noble House. It hasn’t been too long since I reincarnated. There are still many more years to come so the best thing to do is just lay for a while. Now then... it's time to breakthrough again."


He had more than enough resources to reach Wisdom King, and now was the time for him to breakthrough. For someone like Yang Yang who had all the necessary insights into the Wisdom King level, stockpiling on resources would be quickest way to breakthrough as the momentum of each breakthrough would carry over to the next. 


Considering that he spent thirty days and nights trading vital essences with Yu Fei’er, he knew that her vital essence was extremely beneficial for his cultivation. In fact, he was sure that with everything that he had around him, he could probably ascend to the higher levels of the Wisdom King level. 


Yang Yang made his preparation and concentrated. 


Third level Manifest Aspect. 


Fourth level Manifest Aspect. 


Fifth level Manifest Aspect. 


Sixth level Manifest Aspect. 




Yang Yang continued this process until he reached the tenth level Manifest Aspect. His magic-aspect was already as real as he was, complete with flesh and bones. The magic-aspect was ready to preform Aspect-Fusion, a necessary procedure before becoming a Wisdom King. 


The two slowly merged together, becoming one in flesh and bones. Once the process was completed, he would be a Wisdom King magus, a person who had the rights to give himself a magus title and become someone with strength in this world. At least, to the outside world, he would be someone important by default. 


However, in his concentration, he did not notice that an eye was peeking at him from behind a wall. The angle of that hole allowed the eye to see everything about him from the details in his hand to the strands of hair that he had. Behind that wall, hidden away with multiple layers of wards, was Yu Fei’er.


If it were not for the fact that Yu Fei’er knew how important Yang Yang’s breakthrough would be, she would have probably pounced on him like the usual. Of course, she was preparing herself, preparing for the moment he broke through so that she could obtain benefits a


Yet, what enchanted her the most were the Life magical laws exuded from Yang Yang. They were not just green or golden, but had every color in existence, as well as images of myriad beings and creatures. It was the true expression of life, containing everything and anything that simply lived. 


No words were enough to describe the sophiscated beauty of those magical laws. Yu Fei’er made a wry smile and knew that there would be no way for her to even touch those magical laws, regardless of how much she desired them.


Yu Fei’er bit her lips in frustration. “Why is he in such a rush to breakthrough all of sudden. He’s still only eighteen. Him of all people should understand the value of a stable cultivation base. Besides, there’s no way he can handle the ninth set.” 


Thunder clapped in the sky as the land trembled in fury. Clouds of darkness churned and lightning swam in them like dragons. Yang Yang was now a half-step Wisdom King, and would enter the next level the moment he passed this divine tribulation. 


Every breakthrough would result in divine tribulation, but at the Wisdom King level and above, divine tribulation would become physical. At every other level, a breakthrough required insights and mental fortitude, all of which Yang Yang had. Now, divine tribulation would come to him once again. 


This divine tribulation was called the Wisdom King Trial and its strength was determined by the rank of the Wisdom King’s grimoire. Each rank meant an extra set of tribulation lightning, and each set had nine lightning strikes. Moreover, the power of each set would be ten times stronger than the last. 


“Back then, I faced seventy-two Tribulation Lightning strikes. I had almost died back then as well. Fortunately, I had took some grunts to become my meat shield and they took the damage for me. Now, it would eighty-one. Well, I should be able to manage.” Yang Yang thought while standing up. “Most importantly, I can use the power of the ninth set...” 


Wings spruted from his back back and he took to the sky, breaking the ceiling of the gorgeous building. Yang Yang took out a message talisman to contact House Lord Deng and told their latter to guard everyone in the capital. The capital’s defensive spell formation was immediately called upon and Yang Yang flew just high enough to leave that defensive spell formation. 


As Yu Fei’er saw Yang Yang ascend to the sky in his Aspect Fusion form, she furrowed her brows. “There’s a disturbance in the magical laws of his body. He used up all the resources and even put away all his treasures. Is he crazy? No, he out of anyone wouldn’t want to die. However, this is the legendary Rank 9 Wisdom King Trial. Since the very beginning, only a few dozen people had ever went through a Rank 9 Wisdom King Trial, and only a handful ever succeeded. A Rank 8 can already shake Heaven and Earth, while a Rank 9 could cause angels and fiends to weep. The most ancient of records had said that the power of this divine tribulation would be so absurd that even magical laws would be incinerated by it. Wiped out from existence, deleted from the quintessence of the universe!” 


A strange thought came to her mind. “Incinerate... magical laws... no way...”


Like the roar of a primordial beast, the lightning churned. They swam around the clouds like dragons in the sea and actually shaped themselves into a white dragon. Seeing the dragon of pure lightning, Yu Fei’er gulped, but Yang Yang only looked at the dragon with a taunting gaze. The dragon met his eyes. 




Feeling challenged, the dragon of pure lightning descended and struck Yang Yang’s body. Like the collapsed of a mountain, a booming shock wave devastated the defensive spell formation and spread across the entire province. Forests were uprooted and rocks flew in the wind like bullets. 


That was not the end as eight more bolts of Tribulation Lightning struck down, combining into a destructive force. The Dawn Sea shook with land and magical laws were thrown into disarray. After the first set of Tribulation Lightning ended, a charred figure could be seen in the sky. Blood leaked out of Yang Yang’s body, but the red tattoo on his chest and arm had receded. 


Yu Fei’er closed her eyes when nine lightning bolts descended in a flash, but opened her eyes again when they faded. Her eyes were glued to the red tattoo on his body and her expression contorted in anxiety and anger. 


“He’s using the Tribulation Lightning... to get rid of Everlasting Insanity!”