Chapter 70: No, You Won’t!
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Tribulation Lightning was one of three divine lightnings, along with Origin Lightning and Slaughter Lightning. It was something used by the magical laws to enact punishment and judgement. In fact, one could argue that Tribulation Lightning was the embodiment of the universe's magical laws. 


It was something that connected to the quintessence of the universe, giving it the power to aid or annihilate magical laws. In this case, with a Wisdom King Trial, Tribulation Lightning was used to annihilate. The magical laws of the universe were impartial, neither caring if a person was from the Overworld or the Underworld. Yang Yang had no special rights in front of universal punishment. Of course, he was using that very nature of Tribulation Lightning to his advantage. 


"Tribulation Lightning is the strongest of the three divine lightnings. As long as I'm careful, I can guide the Tribulation Lightning in my body with my divine soul to clear out this curse. The magical laws of Everlasting Insanity is familiar, but still very strange. What ever secrets the Demonfolks of the Night Parade World have, I'll find out eventually." 


Yang Yang gritted his teeth as his body was bombarding with Tribulation Lightning. As the second set ended, he took some time to heal his internal injuries. Using Tribulation Lightning to eliminate a curse was a dangerous game, like summoning a flood to get rid of a forest fire; fixing one problem could lead to a bigger problem. 


Lightning continued to crash down, each with greater power than the last. The fourth set quickly ended, but the fifth set returned just as quickly. "What!?" 


He quickly brought out the Immortal Lantern and Orb of Three Lives. They spun around him to create a protective sphere, taking on the next set of lightning bolts. He was nearing his limits on how much Tribulation Lightning he could handle. "Crap! The cooling time has significantly decreased. Is this also part of a Rank 9 Wisdom King Trial? This... This feels great!" 


Yang Yang laughed uproariously. The more lightning battered his body, the smaller the curse became. The dragons of Tribulation Lightning ate away at the red snakes of Everlasting Insanity. He was sure that by the time the tribulation was over, he would be able to get rid of the curse. Moreover, it was even possible that by storing a tiny spark of Tribulation Lighting inside his Orb of Three Lives, he could even negate the effects of a curse such as this one the next time he was inflicted with it. 








Beside the Tribulation Lightning bolts that were attacking him, some other bolts of lightning that contained a hint of the Wisdom King Trial's aura crashed down at the defensive spell formation. It took great effort from the House of Lamp to even protect themselves from the residue. 


"That is Lord Prophet? Great God, what kind of thunderstorm is this? Why are being punished by the heavens!?" 


"What thunderstorm? That's clearly a divine tribulation! An extremely strong one at that! Lord Prophet must be breaking through soon!" 


"Is his holiness about to breakthrough to the Mahayana Lord level? Or is it the fabled Enlightened Sage level? This is even more astonishing than his majesty’s Mahayana Calamity!" 


Discussion was hot down below as the spectators witness the majesty of a Rank 9 Wisdom King Trial. The sky and earth trembled at the Tribulation Lightning rained down. House Lord Deng was especially pale faced as he looked at the Tribulation Lightning. His lips murmured something, but no one around could hear him under the divine tribulation. 


However, if anyone concentrated, they would realize that the ground was emitting a low-frequency hum. The ground also shook slightly, but no one was sure if that was from the divine tribulation or something else. 








The clouds calmed down as the seventh set ended. When the eighth set came, there were no longer any Tribulation Lightning dragons. Instead, high above the clouds, the magical laws stirred and summoned nine mountains made of lightning. They were long and shaped unevenly, as if they were fingers. Combined with the clouds in the sky that made up a palm, it was as a godly hand with nine fingers were descending. 


It was so large that everyone in Lamp Province could see it. Although most people outside of the capital would not be struck by the Tribulation Lightning, they subconsciously felt fear in their heart and bowed in response. It was an act of submission, a plead for mercy from the magical laws. 


Yang Yang was not swayed and only scoffed at the giant hand. "Peh! Is the God Hand of Tribulation Lightning so impressive? I beat you once, and I'll crush you a second time! Divine tribulation, you're my bitch!" 


As he spew his curses, he immediately delivered attacks at the clouds, hoping to agitate the Tribulation Lightning even further. Inciting Tribulation Lightning was already a symbol of defiance; agitating it was a symbol of lunacy. 


Sensing further profanity down below, the God Hand of Tribulation Lightning squeezed, hoping to crush the person who dared act obscenely down below. However, it too was absorbed into Yang Yang and used to further destroy the Everlasting Insanity curse. By now, his magic-aspect and original body were one and the same, their flesh and bones completely mended together. Now, all that was left was another set of Tribulation Lightning and Yang Yang would complete his Wisdom King True Body. A tiny strand of Everlasting Insanity was left in the form of a red thread on his wrist, backed to its original form. 


Yang Yang waited again, however, there was lightning did not crash down. Instead, nine streaks of Tribulation Lightning merged together and distorted Space and Time magical laws to create a portal of myriad colors. Tribulation Lightning could be seen inside the portal, but it did not descend. It waited patiently and seemed to be beckoning Yang Yang to enter it. 


“Rumors say that the ninth set of the Wisdom King Trial would not be entirely of lightning, but rather, something unique to punish the newly ascended Wisdom King. Tribulation Lightning is meant to punish so it can take whatever form it needs to be to deliver that punishment. Some say that the “trial” in Wisdom King Trial is derived from the ninth set. It was never confirmed, but I know better now. Heh, how astonishing. Godhood, here I come!” 


Yang Yang flew into the portal of light and disappeared from Ivory Continent. The portal began to shrink. 


“No, you won’t!” A beautiful young woman immediately flew into the sky, carried by a stream of jade-colored water underneath her feet. However, it was clear that she would not make it in time to the portal. “Little Bell!” 


A blue light flickered in the distance and transformed into a spear of ice that took the young woman to the clouds, almost reaching the portal. Suddenly, a ripple in space knocked her away from the spear of ice. 


Turning her head, Yu Fei’er looked and saw a fairy-like creature blocking the portal. Crimson light illuminated from the fairy and locked down the Space and Time magical laws of the surrounding. Although it was impossible to see the fairy’s face, cold words spat from her mouth. 


“No, YOU won’t!”