Chapter 1: You Can Not Escape From Me (Remastered)
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In the Life Continent of the Reincarnation World, a golden temple of utmost prestige and antiquity stood erect above the tallest mountain. A gold-colored sky draped over the jade-colored land while clouds of pure white drifted delightfully in the wind. They gathered around as if they were celebrating. 


Within the Temple of Life, a young man held up a jade and knelt before the giant statue of the Life God. He said an incantation and prayed to the Life God. Holy hymns, sacred texts, divine mandates, and righteous music played throughout the temple as if a choir of angels had descended to sing the most ethereal of songs. When he was finished, a divine voice came from the giant statue. 


“You have obtained the Jade of the Life God. As per tradition, you are hereby granted the Divine Essence of Life.” The statue glowed with vibrant green lights. “Henceforth, the Scion of Life shall be you, Yang Yang. Ascend to the many heavens of the Otherworld, master the Divine Essence of Life, and become the Life God. Good luck.” 


A green lotus floated toward Yang Yang and entered his right palm, becoming a green lotus mark. This was the Divine Essence of Life, and it officiated his status as the Scion of Life, successor to the Life God. Yang Yang thrummed with immense magical power and his aura of life reached the apex of possible power in the Overworld. 


“Finally, after dozens of years of hellish training and journeying, I have risen above the masses and almost reached godhood! Ha ha ha! Although, what did he mean when he said ‘good luck?’”


Yang Yang scratched his head and wandered around in the Temple of Life. He was too excited to ponder deeply on the Life God’s final words. A fatal mistake, to say the least. 




On the Death Continent of the Reincarnation World, a young woman was sitting cross-legged while meditating beside a dead tree. Her white hair and pale complexion made her seemed sickly, or even like a corpse. The dead tree behind her was still as a mountain, but began dancing in the biting wind. 


The young woman opened her eyelids, revealing a pair of black, cold, and indifferent eyes. They were like the abysses of the Underworld, everlastingly dark and desolate. However, her cheeks began to flush and her eyes gained some hints of emotions as she panted. 


“This feeling....” The young woman stood up and looked toward the direction of the Life Continent on the other side of the Reincarnation World. 


“Yes... it could be that... A Scion of Life has appeared!” The young woman flew to the Life Continent as dark mists swirled around her like evil ghosts and resentful spirits. 




”AHHHHHH!” Flying through the Dark Void was a young man with black hair and green eyes. Following closely behind him was a young woman with white hair and black eyes. 


“Come here!” The young woman said, slashing her scythe and sending hundreds of energy beams at the young man. The young man would manage to deflect most of the energy beams, but some would hit him. Though, his wounds would miraculously heal itself. 


“Come here into my arms, darling. I swear I won’t treat you wrong!” 


“You’re trying to kill me, you crazy bitch!”


"Life and Death are just meant to be together!" 


"Yeah? Well I don't want to die!" 


Their chase continued for centuries. 


"Just take on my scythe!" 


"I would love to take it away, not take it on!" 


Their chase continued for millenniums. 


"Give me your body!" 


"I don't consent!" 


The chase continued for millions of years. 


In his tired and annoyed state, Yang Yang muttered, "This lady never gets tired huh?" 


Although he had gotten stronger and better at hiding over the years, the Scion of Death would find him in the end and their chase would continue. He would find himself in a ruined, exhaustive mood every time he had to run away. While he was the Scion of Life, who had infinite vitality, the Scion of Death technically had no vitality to speak of to even run out of it.


"Damn. Time to try out my new trick." Yang Yang pressed his palms together and began chanting. "Cease the movement of the stars; halt the cycles of the sun and moon. Seal the Heaven and lock the Earth. Reverse the river of time; change the course of history. Life Magic: Perfect Soul! Reincarnation Magic: Ultimate Life!" 


Space and Time magical laws twisted and turned. The Dark Void shuttered from the appearance a mighty, higher magical law. Yang Yang's body exploded into countless specks of green light and his soul scattered into nothingness. Not even a slight trace of his aura of presence was left in the Dark Void.


"What!?" The Scion of Death watched in shock as Yang Yang activated his godly magic. Never in her imagination would she have expected him to commit suicide. 


"Damn you, Yang Yang. You chose to die before me, the Scion of Death!? Such audacity can not be forgiven!" The Scion of Death roared, causing many planets around her to explode and numerous souls to fly toward her. 


"Fine. You want to play hide-and-seek, huh? Don't blame for me cheating!" The Scion of Death began chanting. "Fate and Destiny becomes intertwined; Love and Victory goes together. Search for the missing half; sacrifice the many souls for divine power. Red thread of fate, appear. Death Magic: Soul Sacrifice! Destiny Magic: Find the One!" 


Around the Scion of Death, the countless souls all wailed with terror and sorrow before being turned into raw energy and converging into a single spell circle. The spell circle rotated before disappearing. However, a visible red thread could be seen that connected the Scion of Death to another place that was far, far beyond where she currently was. 


"Damn you. So you thought that long and hard to escape from me, huh? Well, you won't get a chance to cry when I get to you, when you are a mortal." The Scion of Death began to fly toward the other end of the red thread. "No matter where you are, I, Fei Fei, will find you! You can not escape from me, my husband!"