Chapter 166: The Sex Chapter. (18+)
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  Today was the day! It was the day of the Grand Tournament that many disciples have been preparing for since the end of the Treasured Plains. No one knew what the Grand Tournament would consist of but most believed it would be a simple fighting tournament with disciples split up by major cultivation realms. Qi Gatherers would fight Qi Gatherers. Qi Consolidators will fight against other Qi Consolidators. And so on and so forth.  

  But! There has been a rumor going on that this Grand Tournament was going to be different from the others. Some have been saying that one’s fighting ability isn’t the most important aspect of this tournament! The disciples spreading these rumors have said that this information has come from reliable sources as well. Many of the disciples under high-ranked elders have said that their Masters have shared with them some information about the Grand Tournament. This made many of the disciples without Masters envious of the advantage that those that did had. So, those jealous disciples began emulating those disciples with high-ranked Masters. 

  If a disciple with a good Master bought a certain item, hundreds of others would replicate him. Even if it was something as simple as a recovery pill or buying a duck to eat at home. The determination held by these master-less disciples was nothing short of amazing as they went completely out of their way to make sure that they had every advantage possible to do well in the Grand Tournament. Only in time, will it be seen if their hard work will pay off. 

“Yes...! Give it to me! Harder!” Wan Qing demanded as she raised and slammed her hips down on the thick cock she was riding. 

“Slow down! I can’t...!” The man she thought was big and tough started whining. 

  He dwarfed her in size and she was rather tall for a girl. After her transformation, she still stayed the same height she was. She wished that she got as short as Jing was but knew that she really had nothing to complain about. Maybe there was a Spirit Cake or pill that could reduce someone’s height. Wan decided to ask Ying after the Grand Tournament. 

“Don’t come before me! I’m almost there...” Wan began riding his cock even faster and harder. 

  This much pleasure from her pussy seemed to be too much for him. She could only roll her eyes and sigh as he exploded inside her just as she was on the verge of experiencing her first orgasm in her new body. Wan lifted herself off his dick that was now limp, dripping in her juices and his cum, and went to go clean herself in the bathroom with a shower. Back when she was in her old body, he was way more impressive as a sexual partner. But after that disappointing experience, it looks like she’ll have to find someone new to relieve her sexual frustration with. 

“Bye He.” She was fully dressed and leaving out his door. 

“Wait, I can do better... I saw a cake when I was making my way home... There was this brown girl. She said if I bought the cake, I would be able to please any woman or man in the world. I didn’t think something like this would happen and can tell you aren’t satisfied. Give me a second to get it from my kitchen and give me a second chance.” He was completely spent and could barely move. 

‘Brown girl?’ Wan immediately knew who he was talking about. There was only one brown person in all of the Golden Serpent Sect. 

  Should she stay and give him another chance? If what he said was true then, there was no doubt he would be able to do it. Anything from Jing has basically a 100% chance of working. But why hasn’t anyone told her about Jing selling Spirit Cakes? When has this started happening and today of all days? 

“Are you ready for round 2?!” He appeared back inside the bedroom with cake icing around his lips. 

  Wan looked down to notice his throbbing erect penis, flushed face and hurried breathing. His impressive size in both body and penis was what initially led to her interest in him. Seeing him like this after some cake from Jing wasn’t too much of a surprise. And she could feel herself wanting to find out just how well would he be able to please her now. Her newly bought panties were already getting ruined just staring at his excited body. 

“Might as well... Finding someone else to do this with would be more trouble than it's worth and basically impossible as the Grand Tournament starts in a few hours.” Wan spoke as if she wasn’t sexually excited as well. 

It didn’t take long for his large strong and masculine hands to strip her nude once more. He didn’t even bother with any foreplay as he laid her on the bed and guided it right into her vagina.  

“Ahn!? Ahn!? Ahn!?” Wan couldn’t help herself from letting out some moans. 

  She immediately covered her mouth in embarrassment as a grin formed on He’s face. Wan didn’t understand it, but as soon as he put his penis inside her, it felt like she was struck by lightning throughout her entire body. Did she come? Was that what coming was like for women? Why did she come just as he put it in? Why did it feel so damn good...? 

“Shit! What the hell kind of cake was that?! I’m about to...!” He came inside her again and Wan felt her mind going to blank from pleasure. 

  She couldn’t focus on anything. It was like the world was still moving but she was nothing but a soul floating outside it. Her mouth continued to moan for her while her body seemed to want even more from He by wrapping around his big and muscular body with her hands and legs. He pounded her like she was his worst enemy and Wan loved every second of it. Wan’s body and mind gave her no choice but to love it as her vagina took He’s pounding.  

“I love... being a girl....” Was the last thing she remembered saying before losing herself completely. 

“You’re getting better at sucking my cock.” Hu Tao complimented her with a grin. 

  Jie ran one hand up and down Hu Ta’s shaft while sucking his penis. Her tongue wrapped around his member as she moved her head back and forth at a slow pace. Hu Tao placed his hand on the back of Jie’s head to go deeper and she slapped away his hand. She put a bit more effort into blowing him and went deeper than what she usually did. If she let him take the pace, he’d probably try and shove his entire thing down her throat. That was something she didn’t want to experience again. 

“You don’t know how happy I am about the Grand Tournament today. All those bastards from the Inner Court I'll get to fight today. It’s going to be a hell of a party.” His cock twitched at the thought of all the people he was going to fight today but in actuality it was Jie’s warm mouth and eager tongue that made him close to coming. 

“I heard that this Grand Tournament is going to be different from the one 5 years ago.” Jie took Hu Tao’s penis out of her mouth and quickly stroked it. 

“Where the fuck did you hear that?” He asked as Jie started to climb on top of him. 

“From some of my friends.” Jie lowered herself onto Hu Tao’s dick. “Mhmm...” It slipped right inside her wet vagina and slowly started to explore her insides. 

“Shit, you're too damn tight.” Hu Tao moaned along with her. 

“This time around, fighting ability won’t be the only thing tested by the Elders. Or at least that’s what I think. It wouldn’t make sense to change the Grand Tournament only to have it test the same things.” Jie reasoned. 

“Sounds boring as hell. I just want to fight some bitches. Why the hell are they being so extra this time around?” Hu Tao gripped his hands around Jie’s ass. 

“Maybe. Ahn... it has something to do with the Meeting of Great Talents...” Jie guessed as she let out tiny gasps every few seconds while Hu Tao’s rod was doing everything it could to drive her crazy. 

“Oh yeah, I fucking forgot all about that shit. Thanks to Bleep, I might actually stand a chance of making it there this time around.” His fingers played with Jie’s exposed erect nipples. 

“You want to represent the sect...?” Jie started panting as Hu Tao’s increased his speed. 

“I want to fight with those strong bastards in the other sects.”  

“I’m close...” She whispered in his ear while holding on to him. 

“No shit. You’re squeezing the shit out of my dick, damn.” 

“Hurry up... Come with me...” She begged. 

“You asked for it.” He laughed before suddenly raising up and thrusting his hips forward, smashing into Jie as she was held in the air. 

“Hu Tao!” She screamed, wrapping her legs around his waist and placing her hands on his shoulders. Their eyes staring into one another as their voices joined together. 

“Take it!” Hu Tao gripped Jie around her waist and let her have all of his white fluid. She yelled out in ecstasy from the inside of his home with her nails trying to claw deep wounds into his muscular back. 

“I don’t know how the hell a virgin like you is able to take this much out of me but shit...” Hu Tao dropped into his chair with Jie softly breathing on top of him. 

“We need to go meet up with the others...” She reminded him. “And I'm not a virgin anymore...” 

“Give me a fucking second...” Even he needed a second to recuperate after blowing a load like that. 

“I need to go take a quick bath. I’m not showing up to meet everyone with your stuff inside me.” Jie raised up from Hu Tao and walked to the shower with some shaking in her legs. 

“Do you know how long that’s gonna take? We might as well go at it another fucking time if you’re taking a bath.” 

“I won’t be long!” 

“Who the fuck are you yelling at!? Do you know who house you are in right now?! Where’s my respect!?” She didn’t even bother to respond to him. 

“Bitch.” He made his way to the bathroom too. 

“We have to get ready for the Grand Tournament today... Stop...” Liu Lan tried convincing Fu Kang who wouldn’t stop plunging his member into her on top of her dressing. 

“Do you really want me to stop?” He asked with a grin. 

  And before she could respond, he stole her lips and began to ram into her even harder. Liu couldn’t resist against the waves of pleasure flowing through her body and just surrendered. She softly moaned into his ear and felt herself close to climaxing. Fu didn’t hold anything back as he gave it to her pussy with everything he had. Her toes started curling as her body began to erratically shake. Liu was coming! Just as she was in the midst of attaining enlightenment, Fu filled her up with his sticky white fluid, sending her over the edge. 

  Fu couldn’t help but smirk seeing the rolled-up eyes, twitching, and silent orgasm Liu was having. It was this glorious sight that reenergized his penis into becoming erect again. However, when he tried continuing, Liu forcefully pushed him away. She shook her head at him while taking deep breaths. Her finger pointed to the door, signaling him to leave. 

Oh come on. I’ll be really quick. I promise.” Fu begged. 

“Out...! I told you to stop coming inside me! What if I get pregnant or something, you idiot!? My parents would kill me and your entire lineage would be wiped out!” 

“You still don’t think your family would accept me even though I'm really strong now?” Fu flexed his muscles and briefly transformed into a hulking monstrosity that some could describe as the peak male body for body cultivators. 

“You would have to prove that you’re better than Gong Jun openly...” She still had trouble believing that he defeated Gong. 

“Hmph. Piece of cake! At the Grand Tournament, I'll give him another beating he’ll never forget! Then, you can become my wife.”  

“Idiot...” A small smile appeared on her face. “Now get out! I was serious, you know?!” A ball of white fire shot towards him 

“Okay! Okay! I’m leaving! I love you!” He shouted before closing the door. 

“Stupid pervert. To think I could fall in love with someone like him...” She sighed. It would take a miracle for them to be together. If she knew her father, even strength wouldn’t be enough to convince him that Fu was worth marrying over Gong. His background was not insignificant, unlike Fu’s. 

“Oh! By the way, should I tell everyone we’re together after I beat Gong or keep it a secret?” Fu put his head through the door. 

“Keep it a secret idiot! Do you know what would happen to my reputation if people knew about us? I’d be called a slut, whore, and all sorts of other names.” She told him. 

“Oh. Alright! Got cha!” He left just as soon as he came. 

  The damage her family would suffer wouldn’t be small from something like this getting out. 

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