Chapter 169: Bing’s Task!
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“Take Runt with you.” Hu Tao said. 

“Hmm? He might die, you know? Hell, I’m probably going to die.” Bing responded. 

“He’ll be fine. He needs some experience anyway. Being cooped up in here doing nothing but training ain’t good for the kid anyway.” Hu Tao then grabbed Jie by the waist and disappeared. 

‘Did he just throw his student on me to have some alone time with his girlfriend?’ Bing realized. 

“Haha looks like you’re on some harsh babysitting duty, Bing.” Ying came over. 

“I’m not a baby. What the hell?” Runt voiced his displeasure. “Don’t treat me like some dead weight.” Runt flared his 3rd stage Qi Gatherer qi. 

“What are you going to do if I don’t?” Ying teased. 

“Why don’t I show you what I can do?” Runt pulled out a golden ocarina from his pocket. 

  The green chain wrapped around his forearm starting floating above him as he began to blow. A gentle melody came from his small figure. Bing closed his eyes and enjoyed the peaceful sound before suddenly feeling a rush of wind fly past him. Opening his eyes in surprise, Bing could see that Ying was sent flying off her feet from an invisible force. She wiped the blood from her lips and grinned at Runt. 

“That’s not an ordinary spirit tool...” Ying said. She didn’t even realize something was flying at her until it already hit her! 

  Flames burst out of her back as she rushed towards Runt. Runt snapped a picture of Ying with his camera, forcing her to shield her eyes from the flash. She didn’t stop herself from running towards him though. He was waving the photo that came out of his camera and dropped the photo in surprise of what came out of it. 

“You pervert girl!” He screamed. 

“Huh?” Ying picked him up by the back of his collar and bent down to take a look at the picture. 

  Upon carefully inspecting the photo, her face flushed a deep red before quickly putting it in her pocket and coughing. 

“You saw nothing. You will say nothing. Or I will kill you.” She whispered into Runt’s ears. 

  Goosebumps grew all over his body from the killing intent radiating from Ying. It reminded him of the time where the Patriarch of the Su Family nearly killed him just for being a beggar! This perverted girl was crazy! She was threatening to kill him over a stupid photo?! It's her fault for wanting to do nasty stuff like that with Bing! 

“Am I understood?” Her fist was covered in flames as it began to crackle and whip near his face. 

“Yes...” Runt had no choice but to submit. 

“Good.” A smile appeared on her face before she dropped him to the ground. “Actually, give me that spirit tool for a second...” She reached for his camera without his permission and went elsewhere. 

  Ying then spent the next few minutes taking several pictures of herself while thinking of many things she wanted to be doing at the moment. Storing every single picture into her storage ring for later. In the meantime, Bing and Runt were getting to know each other. As they were about to go on a very dangerous task together. It would be helpful to know what the other is capable of. 

“So, Hu Tao has been teaching you a lot about fighting then, huh?” Bing guessed. 

“No, not really.” Runt answered. 

“Huh?” That couldn’t be right. How else would Hu Tao of all people train others? 

“I’ve just been learning martial arts and how to use my spirit tools. Not really fighting much.” 

“Oh, I'm kind of surprised. I thought Hu Tao would have you fighting for your life every single day or something.” Bing shared. 

“Nope. So, who is this guy you gotta kill? What did he do?” 

“He’s tried to kill me a bunch of times. So, I'm going to go kill him for all the crap he put me through. Or I'm going to fail and die. Either or, you know?” Bing had a secret weapon that the Empress told Ying to make for him. He also had the soap that stopped them from saying the Empress’s name. For some reason she wanted him to have it on his person when he fought Leng. 

“Aren’t you scared?” Runt asked. 

“Oh yeah. I’m terrified. Scared out of my mind. Today might be my last day alive after all.” Bing said. 

“You don’t sound scared at all.” 

“It's all just a front.” He admitted. “You’ll learn more about it as you gain more experiences as a cultivator.”  

“What’s a front?” 

“An act or a bluff to make others think the opposite of what you don’t want them to think.” 

“But why do that?” 

“All sorts of reasons. I mostly use them to avoid getting killed though.” 

“That makes sense.” 

“I hope so because you’ll find yourself almost getting killed a lot in a group like this.” 


“We’re kind of taking over the sect so, I'd say pretty much.” 

“We are?!” Runt couldn’t imagine trying to do something like that. The Golden Serpent Sect was one of the Three Great Sects. 

  The city where he came from and all the powerful families there didn’t match up to 1% of the greatness that was the Golden Serpent Sect. 

“I’m back. I think I have enough to last me for a while.” Ying handed Runt back his camera. He avoided eye contact with her. 

“I think we’re ready to be let out.” Bing told her. 

“Alright. Bye!” Bing and Runt were spat out of the void world into the Immortal Forest. 

  Bing grabbed onto Runt’s robes as they were falling so that he wouldn’t be injured. Tree branches scraped his arms and legs as they fell down to the ground. A nearby Bloody Badger leaped at them in surprise only to be grabbed by a hand that shot out of Bing’s ankle. Soon, the badger was reduced to a blood pool and a skeleton. Runt thanked Bing for helping him before following behind him as they made their way to the sect. 

“How do you plan to kill this guy anyway? Isn’t he strong?”  

“Very carefully. If everything goes well, I won’t even have to use my life-saving treasure.” Bing answered. “So, make sure to follow my instructions. Otherwise, you might not make it back either.” 

“Got it.” Runt nodded. 

  The two made it inside the sect and made their way to the Inner Court. They stood outside Huan Leng’s home before hiding themselves. Bing took out two talismans he bought solely for the purpose of killing Huan Leng and placed them on himself and Runt. Any qi that would’ve leaked from the two was trapped inside the talisman and would last until they started generating more qi than the talisman could handle. This wouldn’t be a problem for Runt who was only a 3rd stage Qi Gatherer but it would be for Bing once he puts his plan into motion. 

  Bing checked to see if Leng was home by pulling out a one-time use talisman that he also spent his own money on for this task. It sent concentrated qi straight into his eyes that would allow him to momentarily see-through objects. As it lasted only a few seconds, it gave him more than enough time to see what he wanted to see. Inside the small home, Leng Huan could be seen cultivating with his eyes closed while a woman was sleeping on his bed, barely clothed. That was absolutely perfect for Bing. 

  He told Runt to get as far back as possible and to watch from a distance. Under no circumstance was he to approach unless Bing gave him a thumbs up. Runt listened to his instructions without a problem and watched from a far distance as Bing began to do something with his hands. Then he felt his skin crawl as he saw multiple arms began to shoot out of Bing. 

  Arms formed out of his head, cheeks, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, and all over as Bing began preparing his ultimate technique. A sphere made of yin and yang qi formed in the center of all the arms grown from Devil’s Arms. Drool leaked from Bing’s mouth as he focused his utmost concentration on properly controlling this technique. Nearly all of his thoughts were being erased one by one as he formed this attack. His fear of the plan failing to work, his fear of death, his slight hunger, his desire to kill Huan Leng, and even what he planned to eat as his last meal if he failed. The sphere began to spin slowly, causing all the arms to move along with it. Containing its power within the shell was of utmost importance. As the technique started to increase in speed, so did the arms. 

‘Yin of Destruction & Yang of Creation: Infinite Sphere Ultimate Cataclysm...’ A burst of qi from the sphere instantly destroyed the Qi Suppression talisman. 

  The orb grew to the size of one’s head before being compressed by the arms to the size of a pea. By this point, it was radiating so much qi that Bing was sure everyone in the Inner Court could sense this thing. It took all the strength in his body to toss the thing towards Leng’s house. Bing dropped to the ground sapped of all his strength and qi. But he knew if he passed out now, he would not survive the explosion radius from his ultimate technique. Which is why he slapped a movement spell on himself and watched the explosion next to Runt. 

“Ah!?” Runt didn’t expect him to suddenly teleport right next to him. 

“Let’s... see... if... I won...” Bing kept his eyes open to see the aftermath. 

  A bright white flash blinded him and anyone else in the surroundings. Soon after, an ear-deafening explosion rang out that drowned out any other noise nearby. Stones, wind, and dust blew him and Runt into the air from the force of the explosion even from this far a distance away. Blood seeped from their bodies just by being scrapped by the high-speed rocks and wind. However, Bing kept his eyes focused entirely on the place of impact. 

“You’re way stronger than I thought you were...” Runt was in complete disbelief at the power held by this fatty. 

Let's see if Bing's sneak attack, paid off.