Cyrus 1.5
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Chapter 16

    Cyrus 1.5

    He was momentarily speechless. Cyrus didn't know what to say, how to describe what was in front of him. A beautiful serene lake lay in his world of darkness. Overflowing with ripples and bringing color to the darkness. Cassandra was beside him with her red beasts. After finding the Beast strolling around the black forest, Cassandra brought him out of the forest to show him this beautiful scene that he has never seen before.

    It was only a couple of hundreds of mile down from Valleyfall, the farthest distant he has ever travel but in the back of the red beast was like a walk through his backyard. The clouds of flames on his paw made it incredibly fast that he travel hundreds of smile in less than an hour. And to the place that Cassandra brought him was a beautiful lake surrounded by grass and with some beasts drinking in the lake.

    It was peaceful and fill with life with many flowers of different colors. Some yellow, others blue, pink and even purple. The rippling light they produce as they sway with the breeze brought the life color his dark world needed. Cyrus has never seen so many beautiful colors at the same place, even the breeze wasn't cold but warm and fill with the smell of nature.

    "This lake is call dragon's eye. Is not drawn on the maps because there's nothing special about it. Compared to God's eye on the River Lands, this place look more passive and tranquil. Beasts who come to drink here will not be aggressive on the contrary, they are docile and sometimes friendly." Cassandra voice came out from beside him but he didn't react to her.

    Since his early memories what he knows about the world is only about the ferocious beasts of the south. The ones who hurt him in the black forest. The terrifying subterranean creatures who were clearly from a different species of those above ground. The beasts now in front of him were calm, docile and minding their own business.

    If he didn't mount the red beast and travel south east with Cassandra he wouldn't even believe there was a place like this. Seeing these creatures, some looked like Elk with Jade like white antlers, Deers with lightning like spots, fat Bear with an armored back of hard leather, big and robust cats, the same ones tha the humans keep in their house but these shine with beautiful blue fur, they look magical. They stroll around the lake while drinking from time to time. 

    Cyrus Walk towards the lake and the beasts around didn't even flinch at his presence, true he has his Aura Nodes seal with not a wisp of Aura leaking out but his mere smell is enough to scare some beasts in the black forest. But here, the beasts just walk away from him slightly and don't jump out of the way like always.

    "Do you want to know why I brought you here?" Cyrus now responded to her with a shake of his head. Cassandra had a pouch under her cloak, opening it up she took a black rough stone with red vein like patterns spread across it. Cyrus look at it and the red light pulsate like a beating heart.

    Cassandra put it in his hand and said, "I want to get a treasure that is in the center of the lake but I will need your help. Will you help me?" Cyrus kept looking at the rock and nodded. He didn't know what kind of treasure she was speaking off. It could be a weapon, a jewelry; this were things he care nothing about. What took his attention was this small rock. Cassandra seems to know what he was thinking and said, "this is the core inside a Dragon's Heart. Their power is all concentrated on this small, single spot." Cyrus let a 'ohh' and started rubbing the rock. 

    The more he did so, the harder the red like patterns pulsate. Cassandra at the side said, "aren't you going to ask how I got it? Or what treasure is inside this lake?" Cyrus look at her and later back at the rock. "You kill it didn't you? And about the treasure here, is of no concern to me. The best you can do is show it to me. And you will show to me right." Cyrus smile at her and Cassandra giggles loudly.

    Right now Cassandra started taking off her cloak, showing the crimson armor underneath. Later she undid the straps holding the armor together and pieces by pieces the armor fell off. Cyrus knew she had a beautiful figure but seeing and knowing are two different things. Under her armor lay a piece of white shirt and a skirt. Cassandra didn't stop there and took her skirt off and shirt off. 

    Cyrus took a deep breath when he found what was underneath those clothes. Her breast were bigger than Nightshade and were standing proudly. She wasn't naked as she had this tight cloth that wound around her breasts that outline the perky curve and the beautiful nipples. It was stylish and it wasn't just a piece of cloth that cover her breasts. Her waist was slim and tone.

    Cyrus is proud of his abdomen muscles as they weren't overly big nor compact but they show incredible power of how well tone they were. Cassandra on the other hand, hers were soft and only the shadowy lines of packs were perfectly shown but that didn't take away the powerful visual it would give to someone who saw them. They were full of power and flexible to boost.

    Cyrus didn't stop there, he continue to look down and stare at her crouch. A piece of tight shorts wrap around her sensitive area and thighs. It was as full as her breast, she was turning around and Cyrus also catch her back. 

    If Cyrus wasn't accustom to seeing Belia naked he will truly have committed an evil inpulse. Her bottom was round and perky as her breast but with those supple thighs and those dimple beside her tail bones, the attractive power it had to any man was bigger than her big breasts. Her legs were long and smooth, Cyrus didn't have anything to add to her beauty. He didn't like or want to accepted but she was perfect.

    "You really can make a man do evil with just your body." Cassandra was stretching her limps and putting her clothes nicely and tidy on the side when she hear him. She look at him and said, "what is there to do evil? Sooner or later you will become my man so you ought to do those things to me and more." Cyrus was left speechless and stood there as she jump high.  Somersaulting high in the air she dive head first into the water.

    Cyrus was left there shock, she didn't mean that didn't she? Cyrus has Belia and he didn't need someone else but he will lie if he didn't get excited at her mentioning that. Cassandra was perfect in everything, if prior to coming out he will be told that a woman like her exists in this world then he will out right deny it. She's perfect in beauty and figure, perfect in battle power, her cool vibes could even be seen clearly in his dark world.

    It brought him a different attraction from Belia. Belia was with him since the beginning, she has taken care of him, help him, taught him everything he needs to know and feed him for almost ten years. He always thought he will stay by Belia side that she will be there until he died but...

    It's just attraction, what Belia and him have is a connection through something beyond mystical. Their bond has gone deep to the point that if they are close to each other they will feel the other presence even if either of them had their Aura Nodes seals. That's how deep their connection is. Now Cyrus couldn't live without Belia's blood. He didn't know why that was thought but he ask Bethran why was that a year ago when he came out of the catacombs.

    He ask him why he give Belia body to him like that, it was a passing question in his mind and nothing else but Bethran still answer him. 

    Bethran told him that Liana side of the family wasn't part of the north. Actually she was the only one who didn't have the Ashcold bloodline in her body. Not like the other family names in Valleyfall that in one way or another, in their ancestry they could be trace back to an Ashcold family member. 

    Liana bloodline comes from the south and she's the last living member of the Witch race. Just like Barbarians, the Witch race is a race of women who made pacts to Devils and acquire power from beyond the human Realm. 

    Why Bethran gift his daughter to him was because only a Witch's blood is the nutrients a creatures like him needs to survive. To be sane and not become a monster. 

    Cyrus didn't know these, he truly thought that it only was because she was a girl and that girls blood would normally attracted him as to this day he has never had the urger to consume a man's blood. Cyrus didn't know that out of the three siblings only Belia was awaken with the Witch powers. Even though Belia didn't know any of these, her parents decided to keep it a secret because her Innate abilities haven't awaken. Just like Liana who's power never awaken and laid dormant all this years till now.

    As such Bethran suspected that only her blood was slightly different from normal humans but overall everything else was normal. 

    While lost in thought intense rumble echo out of the calm lake. The lake water ripple out in furious splendor as something lightless glow out. It was Aura. At this moment the rock in his hand started to produce incredible heat, heat that easily burn the flesh of his palm and burrow into his flesh. This took Cyrus by surprise and he didn't believe what was happening.

    He felt Cassandra Aura flare incredibly high outside of the lake and turn from colorless to golden bright. All the Beasts that had now been drinking calmly in the lake escape to all directions like sand blow by the winds. The lake churned and crumble inside out, with splashes raising up to the clouds.

    Cyrus palm now was burning as if he had put his hand on the mouth of a volcano. His body was already weak, he didn't expect himself to be in a weaker state again. The rock was pulsing faster that his heart beat, the red like Veins escape the rock and went up to his forearm. He pull up to see it and saw it already coiling around that Black cross. It stuck against it like glue and continue moving upwards but before it pass the crowd, the dark red serpent with life open its mouth and swallow everything.

    Later the rock that was pulsing as fast as thousands of galloping beasts stop. It was still in his hand and left an ugly bloody hole. The red veins pattern were not only in the rock but they took root in his flesh coursing through him like little rivers of fire through those small blood passage.

    By this time Cyrus was rolling on the ground, he felt hurt and weak again. He wanted food and he wanted a huge amount. His red diabolical eyes open now and he look around the lake. There were some sparse trees here and there but only a small distant away was the forest they came out from. It wasn't the black forest because they were almost at the east side of the north and closer to the south.

    He found some deer still around and pounce on it. Holding it by their head and shoulder he found the softest part of the flesh, the neck. The sharp canine that always appear Everytime time he smiles now grew longer like fangs of a beast and he bit down on the poor deer. It was struggling and kicking but in less than five minutes it fell down paralyze and the body was visibly becoming more skinnier.

    After finishing with the first one he didn't stop there, he stood up with blood dripping from his mouth and with a high, intoxicated expression on his face. Even though half of it was under a piece of cloth, his rosy cheeks and evil grin couldn't be mask. He let a growl just like a beast and became a blur to pounce another beast. Finish he rested his back to a now dead big dried up bear.

    He look at the lake and found Cassandra looking at him with a tilted head while sitting on a stone. Her eyes narrow as she stare at him. Cyrus felt weird when he realized that she was watching the whole time, "since when?" He asked. She stood up and walk up to him. 

    Her body was dripping wet and she hadn't put her clothes on. She stood in front of him and look down from above, the sun crown her head and spread behind her like a halo. She sat on his lap and said, "not satisfied yet? Why not take some from me? I want your opinion on how is my blood compare to the beasts you just finish off." Cyrus mind was cut short, he could feel her round bottom grinding his crouch and making him hard.

    Cassandra was after all an older woman at her prime. Ripe and mature with an Aura of a queen. He unconsciously grab her things and started to feel them up and down. The feeling was as if he was touching a heavenly pillow fill with suppleness and elasticity. The more he felt her the more harder he became.

    His world of darkness was illumimated by her golden body but the fleshy feeling in his hand and crouch were almost lethal to anyone. She twist her waist for time to time to make him more erect, she was also feeling it as he knows a woman body well. The wetness wasn't only from the lake water.

    If he bite into her now will something similar to what happen to Blair happen to her? He hesitate, his arms were already in her waist and been stare at those deep green eyes was like been burn by the never ending flames of wild fire. Will he do it or will he not?