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Chapter 17


    My brother is awake now huh! Elizabeth muttered as she eat in the dinner hall. She sat alone in the long table with only a small plate serve with meat and some rice. As she chew on her food she could feel that prickling feeling in her mind. Those vision of him started to appear long ago but they came as little pieces of moment of his life. 

    She once saw him surrounded by beasts when he was just a boy. She could feel...no they share the fear, the terror and pain. Elizabeth saw him in an underground caverns, something that look like twisted huge tunnels. There he was always fighting these creatures that look like beasts but weren't. Even Elizabeth herself hasn't seen those species.

    "Revered Mother, everything is ready." A guard said from behind the door. Elizabeth didn't answer and calmly continue eating her food. The long hair reach down to tread the floor, it was exactly the same as Cyrus only white and illuminated the hall she was on. The way she breath also brought a faint mist that shine in prisma color around the hall.

    He wasn't supposed to awaken now. If she calculate how old he is it will be fifteen years old, three years short of what she calculated. She made sure that he will be seal until she found him. Then how did he awaken? Who awaken him? Only another witch could do what she did. But who was it? In this land there isn't supposed to be another Witch with the same power as her, she made sure that the church kill all possible Witches. Innocent or not, only she can have that connection with him. 

    Elizabeth wanted him to stay in the south after they separate because if the two stay together her powers would diminish while his would awake. She would wait until he turn into an adult to bring him back to her side. All this time she thought that in the south he will be too preoccupied with survival, that he will only be govern by his natural instincts but looking at the visions she realized that he wasn't in the south.

    She didn't know where he was, or how he even got out of the south without attracting attention. She use the power of the church to completely uproot the whole seven kingdoms of any news of a boy similar to him but nothing came, not a single news of him have ever reach her ears. They weren't throw to this place to live but to survive against their natural enemies. She wanted to monitor him, all these years she thought that her plans were right, it was all too survive as how their inherent memories taught them.

    But Elizabeth didn't want to lose her Magical Powers. She didn't want to sacrifice her power to awaken his. She wanted for him to develop slowly but surely, true, plague with danger all around but that was the safest route for the both of them. 

    She made sure that no Witch existed in these lands. Witch that will benefit from him, that will steal his power just as she's doing to the Gods. The reason her power will diminish if she stays with Cyrus was because they both were breed to be together. Elizabeth doesn't have clear memories of that place but they were both breed for one another. She was gifted with the power of Witchcraft when she was born and Cyrus was from a completely alien race. 

    She didn't understand the plan, she didn't know why they were soo special but she was suppose to guard him until his power fully awaken. The price of that was her own Magical Power, a price she didn't want to pay as such she decided to leave him in the southern lands to survive the Beasts Horde war. Something that will help him kick in his Instinct. She clearly knows every single mystery his body holds as such she was confident of his survival, especially surrounded by beasts who he has a natural superiority because of his Bloodline.

    If she could say the only thing, still will be that vague mystery of that Bloodline of his. She was gifted with the Witches Power, a power that could even steal the power of the Gods but him, she didn't know what he truly was. Beasts, Monsters and even humans would feel and inferior feeling if they are before his fully awaken Bloodline.

    Elizabeth felt it just once when they were barely able to walk and it was an incredible amount of power, something not seen in this world. She still, to this day didn't understand who are their natural enemies. But she does know that they are the only remains of that civilization...

    Elizabeth stood up and walk out of the dinner hall. On the other side of the door a row of knights in shining white armor laid on her two sides with a bend knee. They revered the young girl who look at most eighteen. She was title with the name of Revered Mother because of her strong Magical Powers. A testament of the Gods gifts to her but little did they know that the girl they bow to is the strongest and most frightening of all the Witches history.

    The difference between her and other witches is that she doesn't dwell in death. She doesn't touch that Realm of power because she always found it useless for her. Her power laid in the Voice and Visions. She could bend the will of the strongest men with some simple words and she could prey into lies and illusion. Her powers didn't only laid there.

    Elizabeth could also command the elements, another testimony of nature love for her. Her power may be call the power of the Witches but she already surpassed that. She like to call these powers, Saint's Glory. Similar to the Saint's Power that the Martial Clans take pride in. Something that supposedly only them could hold, she laugh at their delusion and calmly watch their arrogance play unfold.

    When Elizabeth enter the church, in less than a year she reach the highest level of authority below only the Cardinals and Pope but now even Cardinals bow to her and only the old greedy pope can resist her magical powers.

    Walking out of the main hall she walk up a spiral staircase towards the pope room. She reached out and open the door, finding an old man buried in a sea of scriptures of olden times. Some of them were written on old, dried up goat skin and other were wrapped in scale like skin, dragon's hide.

    The pope look up and he was an old man who already reach the Sage Realm of his path a hundred year ago. In these lands humans who cultivate the Force have the opportunity to extend their life by the only and simple ability of been able to seal their Aura Nodes. As Aura is equal to life, then the simple ability to close ones Nodes and expand, and polish the Aura is sufficient to make a human to live more than a hundred years of age. Maybe even above that.

    Elizabeth hasn't been in contact with strong humans beside those who live in the Martial Clans who come out to ask for Magical favors for the church.

    "You came, sit, sit." Old Pope Pyrcell stood up and move the chair for her to sit down. "The king's days are number and the Seven Kingdoms will once again go into days of unrest." Pope Pyrcell old face was beet red as if he was drunk in happiness. For be a worshiper of the New Nine Divines he sure lean towards the God of War. The old Pope doesn't want peace in these lands as that will not bring more believer to his religions. The more in pain, distress, fear the common folks are the easier will be for them to lean and search for the Nine Divine.

    Elizabeth knew of the Church goals sense the day she enter. It wasn't hard to gauge their intentions. Is not like they want to see the world burn, is just that they will do anything that will earn the common people love. And in time of war, those are the perfect opportunities for the Church to once again expand their power, their religion so that they could swallow the north who still live in their old custom and believe in their old Gods.

    Even after twenty years they couldn't penetrate the northerners beliefs. Elizabeth really admire them for been so heads strong. Out of the seven kingdoms the only one she hasn't set foot in will be the north. One reason was because she wasn't that much interested and was mainly preoccupied with becoming stronger and finding her brother, the other was that no church has ever been built on the north.

    In that place she couldn't feel the Gods power, she couldn't cultivate their Forces and assimilate it into her body. As such all this time she has neglect the north somewhat...

    Wait! No, that's impossible it can't be. Elizabeth thoughts were calmly running like normal but she catch herself. Thinking that she made the most stupid mistake in her life. If he isn't in any place in the south of the northern lands and it will be impossible for him to be on the eastern continent then the reasons her visions were only bits and pieces is because he most be in the north were the Magic of the New Divine is almost nothing.

    Her face that always Carrie that soft smile turn grave and a frown cover her snow white brows. "Pope Pyrcell, is there a huge twisted tunnels in the north." He was reading while using his finger to flick and whip in the air to control five quills to write at the same time. He stop and look up at her, he saw her with an expression that he has never seen before and thought for a while, "twisted huge tunnels? I don't know about that but I do know about the catacombs under Valleyfall." Elizabeth gulped hard.

    She made an error in her thinking process. She never thought, no she didn't even give it thought even if it was mentioned before. Valleyfall is thousands of miles away from the southern lands. Even a griffin needed to spend a month in the air to reach the north much less Valleyfall who is even on the peak of the north just under the Broken Mountains who divided the Icy Plains with the northerners lands.

    The Griffins are the fastest beasts a human can mount to travel the sky. Their speed is three to five that of speed of sound. That kind of speed still needed a month to reach there without any stop for resting only for food and water. The place she left Cyrus was already deep into the unknown tundras. How could he magically appear on the north as if he teleported there with no one able to see him?

    "The catacombs are say to be guarded by the Ashcolds who are the Wardens of the north. In the ancient history it was written that those catacombs spread all over the north and even beyond towards the Icy Plains but the only entry and exit is in the castle that the Ashcold lives. Why do you ask that?" Pope Pyrcell then took an envelope and opened, "my old brain is already failing me. I was soo preoccupied with sending letters that I forgot to open the one that was sent to me this morning." Opening up he read it and later stood there with his sloppy hanging brows raise as much his face muscles could bring them up.

    Elizabeth reach out and took the letter off his wrinkle hands. "Your Hollyness, his majesty will already reach the north by tomorrow morning. I heard from some of the Royal Knights that they will go with the northerners towards the Gate to hunt some Monster so that they could use the blood or some other organ of Monsters to stabilize his Majesty poison. For now they haven't been told if they will embark on the journey towards the Gate tomorrow or if they will depart on a later date."

    Elizabeth was left silence, if the Royal Knights succeed on killing a Monster and in some way they could suppress the poison inside the king's body then the Pope ambition will have to wait for a later time. Elizabeth knew that there are more than what she knows but she has never dwell into the conspiracy of these lands households. She look at the second paragraph and her face couldn't help but turn cold for a moment.

    Reading more she learn, "his majesty the king got a little drunk and his tongue slip as he boost that he found the perfect husband for his daughter. Someone who already brokethrough to the Realm beyond the Aura of Reality. He said it was a younger youth but that his Battle prowess were incredibly strong for a teenager." Elizabeth didn't dare to believe what she just read, even the king knew about him but she had no clue. Worst of all he even wants to marry his only daughter to him...

    Cassandra, oh Cassandra, she may be her best friend but if she touch something she isn't supposed too then she will not be afraid to rip her through shreds.