Chapter 66: Yuma and Coco
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Narrator POV





A goblin was blown away into a tree.

More goblins are attacking a human in the middle of the forest.

The human had no weapon to protect himself.

You would assume that the person might be in trouble.

But the reality was…




The human executed a side kick toward the torso of the green monster attacking him.

With that kick alone the goblin was blown away.

When the goblin crashed into the tree, the tree shook as if something heavy was smashed into it.

The impact instantly incapacitated the goblin.

Its internal organ was damaged and was unable to move and fight.




A Straight Punch

An Ax Kick

A roundhouse kick.

Each and every action crashed with the goblins attacking him.

With just 1 strike, the goblin was defeated.


The human wipes the non-existent sweat on his head.



The human who just defeated those goblins with his bare hands is a male in his mid-teens.

His messy spiky hair which was once dyed in black had now turned dark red.

His skin is quite tanned and he has a lean body build.

He was wearing a kind of tank top that highlights his well-built body.

His fist is wrapped with white bandages up to his elbows.

He is also wearing a comfortable-looking pair of brown shorts and boots with metal-plating.




This person’s name is Yoshitte Yuma.

3 months ago, he was summoned into this world together with his classmates.

He had learned at the imperial capital for 3 weeks with his classmates.

After getting accustomed to their newly gained power, the student of the class left.

One by one his classmates left the castle and before he even realized it, he also has left.

Just like everyone else the empire gave him money.

A total of 100 gold coins, equal to 10,000,000 DAL.

He was given high-grade equipment but for some special reason, the empire did not give him a weapon.



He managed to defeat the monster in his sight.

He managed to do this without the use of any weapon.

He defeated his foe with just his hands and feet.

Defeating monsters in such a manner is not common.

Unless one is at least a C-rank adventurer, they would not be able to defeat a monster such as Goblins with just their bare hands.

But, Yoshitte Yuma is only an E-rank adventurer.

His physical abilities are not really that special, he doesn’t have a broken skill like his other classmates do.

So, Just how did he managed to defeat these monsters without using a weapon?

It was because of a rare job class.

He has the job class “Monk.”



Monk is a job that specializes in hand-to-hand combat.

They don’t rely on a weapon but instead, they use their body as their weapons as a substitute.

Monks are especially adept at using their body that is why monks have naturally high DEX and VIT stats.

Monks use their HP to use their skills.

And because they are not wielding any weapon their mobility is quite high, having a high AGI stat as they don't have to carry anything that could hinder their movements.

They need a strong body to use for combat and for that their STR is high as well.

As compensation for this wonderful ability, they are cursed with the lowest INT stat, making it hard for them to use mana-based skills.

With all these abilities he managed to survive on his own without much problem.



He started his journey and became an adventurer.

1 day ago, he was promoted to an E-rank adventurer.

After working as an adventurer for 2 months he finally managed to rank up.

“Oh, Right! I do remember that guild ring has this feature too, I wonder what’s different. Status!” <Yuma>

He called out to his wooden ring that signifies that he is now a full-fledged adventurer.

A magically produced screen appeared from the ring.




HP:        100.00%

MP:       100.00%

Name:  Yoshitte Yuma

Rank:    E

Title:     None

Level:   9


               STR: 29 (+20)    VIT: 35 (+10)

               AGI: 30 (+10)    LUC: 8

               DEX: 38 (+5)     INT: 9



              Punch Mastery (II)

               Kick Mastery (II)

               Tireless (IV)

               Martial Body Manipulation (II)

               Burst (I)

Iron Fist (I)

               Iron Body (I)





Yoshitte Yuma had been traveling without any destination in mind.

As such he managed to see a lot in this world.

But, after experiencing the world first hand he is starting to appreciate how fun this world could be.

He is enjoying just how fun it is to be able to move his body like he never had in their world.



At first, he too did not like the fact that he was transferred into an alternate world.

But right now, he’s having fun.

He is now able to run faster than cars in their world could.

Jump high from one place to another like a ninja.

A body that could run for hours while barely getting exhausted.

His body is now sturdy, it is hard for monsters to inflict damage to his body.

His arm and feet can now blow away rocks like brittle glass.

All of this had been fun.



Maybe the only thing he did not enjoy was the feeling of hurting other living beings with his own fist and feet.

He never used his fist to fatally injure another life with his hands.

In this world, he experienced killing another lifeform with his own two hands.

The only time he experienced punching other people is during the time he was still a kid.

A fight between other boys his age, a typical child fight.

Yuma did not have a background in any kind of martial arts.

He learns how to fight from the bottom, up.

And now he needs to use his hands and feet to fight monsters.



In his journey, he took on quests in the small-town he passed by.

He managed to become an E-rank adventurer by completing random quests on his way.

After going on a quest for some random village, he returned to report the result of the quest to the village chief.

“Thank you so much, adventurer.” <Village Chief>

The village chief was the one who asked for the adventurer’s guild to help them subjugate goblins near their village.



“Hehe, no problem.” <Yuma>

Yuma happily replied to the village chief while scratching the back of his head.

He genuinely loves the fact that he managed to help with their problem.

In fact, this feeling was the only reason he managed to stomach the bad taste of him ending the lives of another living being with his own two hands.

He knew that his action would help the people of the world to live in a safer environment by killing such monsters.

At the end of the day, Yoshitte Yuma is not the kind of person who enjoys violence.



“Oh, Right. Village Chief…” <Yuma>

“What is it, adventurer?” <Village Chief>

“How can I reach the next town from here.” <Yuma>

“Next town? Ah, if you continue to follow the road you will find that the road will divide into two paths. If you take the road on the left you will find yourself in a small town called Balen. It’s a small village just like this one. If you follow the path on the right you will reach the border of the Empire and reach the Kingdom of Triana.” <Village Chief>

“Oh, so I managed to travel so far that I’ve already reached the border of another country.” <Yuma>

“If I remember correctly you came from the capital right, am I correct.” <Village Chief>

“Yep. But my adventures up until now had been fun.” <Yuma>

“Hahaha, it’s nice to hear that you’re doing great. Adventurer. It’s so nice to be young.”  <Village Chief>

“Hehehe.” <Yuma>

The Village chief felt good chatting with the lively adventurer.

But he knew that he must not hold on to the lively adventurer with his travels.

“Well then Adventurer, have a nice trip.” <Village Chief>

“Thank you very much Village Chief.” <Yuma>

Yuma bows and turned around to leave the Village.



Yuma strides forward and walked on the road.

Just as always.

With a wide smile on his face.

He started jogging, while gradually increasing his speed.

He moved faster than a speeding car with his skill [Burst]

He was quite excited for the fact that he was about to reach the border of the Empire.

After his stay in the empire castle for about 3 weeks, Yoshitte Yuma managed to gain some information essential to living in this world.

He is not completely clueless about some general information about this world.

He knows for a fact that the kingdom of Triana is a country of Beast-men.

He was curious to see how would such a country would be like.



Beastmen are one of the many races in this world.

Just like Elves, Dwarves, and Demons; Beastmen at first glance looks like an ordinary human.

But if you look closely, Beastmen, unlike humans has unique animal body parts.

Most of the time these body parts would replace their ears with their animal counterparts.

They may even have horns and tails.

In some special cases, they may possess other animal body parts in their body depending on their animal base.

Those features may vary depending on their ancestors.

As to what kind of animal ear and tail they have, there are a lot.

There are cats, dogs, mice, rabbits, cows, sheep, and many others.

To see the sight of such race in one place excites Yuma.



He ran tirelessly.

And before he knew it, it was already night.

As a solo adventurer, he needed to find a safe place for the night.

He decided to sleep on a treetop.

He became accustomed to the method of resting during the night.

This we would be safe from most dangers while he is resting.

This is the result of him traveling alone for 2 months, he is now able to do this like a pro.

It was hard at first but by now, sleeping in an uncomfortable place is nothing for him.



Morning came and he once again ran tirelessly following the road going to the borders of the Empire and Triana.

With his skill [Tireless] he could run for the entire day.

Just like that, he managed to reach the border of the empire and stepped into the lands of the kingdom of Triana.

There he found himself in the city of the Beastmen.



Surrounding the city was a wall as high as 10 meters.

There are soldiers stationed atop of the walls looking over the people who want to enter the city.

There was a line of people in front of the gates of the walls.

Most of them were human but there are quite a number of Beastmen lined up as well.

It seems that the guards are checking each and every individual for all sorts of reasons.



Yoshitte Yuma lined up as he too wanted to enter the city.

The line was quite long that it took him about an hour before it was his turn to be inspected.

A guard who has brown-colored hair and has an ear that resembles that of a wolf started to check on Yuma just as he did to everyone else who lined up before him.

“Uh… Statttuhh Kah” <Guard>

Yuma was confused.

He thought that it was a completely different language.

He thought

[Oh shoot, I can’t understand what he’s saying.]

In all actuality, the guard was talking using the same language that Yuma used in speaking.

It was just that the guard was speaking in an unenthusiastic way that made his words hard to understand.

His word was all jumbled from that way of talking.



“Huh? What?” <Yuma>

“Status Card.!!!” <Guard>

When Yuma asked for what he said he responded in an angered manner.

He finally understood what happened.

“Oh… Sorry.” <Yuma>

Yuma took out his Status card within his bag.

When he was about to reach it out to the guard.




The guard took the card with a swoop.

He then placed the card on a reading stone to check for Yuma’s criminal status.

This kind of stone is also used to keep records of people who entered the city.

Of course, he doesn't have any record of being involved in any crime so the guard returned his status card like it was nothing.

“Neeeexxt” <Guard>

“That's it?" <Yuma>



When he entered the city, he was in awe.

The building did not resemble anything that you could find in Artesia.

It was as if Yuma was transported into another world once again.

The building was built in the shape of a dome-shaped animal head.

It away the buildings looked cute.

It was a kind of sight that would make you think you are in a wonderland.

There are also tall buildings that looked like castles with animal features.

The building is painted in a way that resembled the animal color pattern.



In the streets are humans and beastmen interacting with one another.

There are stalls by the sides of the streets and all of the vendors are beastmen.

This was not the first time that Yuma encountered a beastmen.

He saw some during this travel in many places.

Despite that, he could help but feel amazed as he has never seen a place with so many Beastmen.

All this time, in all the cities and town he visited the ratio of beastmen to humans, are often dominated by humans.

This time around, the beastmen outnumbers the humans.

It was a fresh sight.

There were all kinds of beastmen of all variation that only made Yuma mesmerized.



“Wah… amazing.”

[Oh my, was that a bird-based beastmen?! So that how they looked like. What is that a leopard-type beastmen?! WOAH! That guy looks like an ox!]

Yuma walked around the town to sightsee.

He could not stop himself to be surprised by all the foreign things he saw for the first time.

There are a lot of things in this place that he never even imagined.



Apparently, this city was called Geiradalr.

This is one of the many border cities that connect Triana and Artesia.

Unlike in Artesia, the names of the cities in this country are not named after the noble who govern the city.

The political structure of this country is quite different than that of the Empire.



In Triana, beastmen can be affiliated with what animal does their beast feature belongs to.

For example, those beastmen who are a part of the “feline” family such as Leopards, Tigers, Lions, and of course Cats are under the same faction.

In total there are 7 families of beastmen faction, namely.

Cat Familia (Cat based animal Family)

Fang Familia (Bears and Canine based animal Family)

Bird Familia (All animal with feathers)

Horned Familia (All animals with Horns)

Primate Familia (Monkey based animal Family)

Bunny Familia (Rodents, Rabbits, Moles, Marsupials based animal Family)

Snout Familia (Pig based animal Family)



The political structure of Triana is based on "Kraterocracy" in which the leader is chosen based on Strength and power.

Each family has its leader and the leader is usually the strongest amongst the member of the Familia.

As such, if one wants to be the leader of the Familia, they could challenge the leader in a duel.



Yuma continued to walk around appreciating the unique city.

If there is a place he wanted to go in particular, he can say that he was looking for the adventurer’s guild.

Yuma was roaming nonchalantly like he usually does.

Finding the adventurer’s guild is not really his priority at the moment.

He just wants to see the city as it is.

Although he was not really looking for the adventurer’s guild building, he managed to find it by accident.

He thought.

[There is the adventurer’s guild… I guess I can just process all of these quests that I’ve finished.]




But as he approaches the guild, he heard the female cat beastmen receptionist.

“Those who want to join the adventurer tournament please sign up nyaa!” <Receptionist>

“Hmnn? Adventurer tournament you say?” <Yuma>

“Oh! Adventurer, perhaps you never heard about this city's "adventurer tournament" event, nyaa??” <Receptionist>

“Nah, Sorry, but I never heard of it.”<Yuma>

“Nyahaha, it’s ok, nyaa.” <Receptionist>



The cat-eared female receptionist explained to Yuma that this city held an annual adventurer tournament.

It is a tournament for adventurers of all races to fight for supremacy.

The tournament is divided by ranks.

This tournament is a form of entertainment for the people of the city.

It is being held every month.

The adventurer guild gives reward for those adventurers who would be joining the tournament with a “Quest Completion” for the same rank category.

Apparently, if you manage to get 1st place you can attain a 5x completion of a quest based on your rank.

In a way, it is an event for the adventurer who wants to increase their rank faster.




-tang- -tang- -tang-

A bell that sounded similar to a bell of a boxing ring sounded.

The bell rang in a way that is sounded similar to how boxing matches ring their bell whenever one boxer was KO’ed.



“Huff- Huff- Huff-” <Yuma>


A man raised his arm in celebration of his victory.



Yuma clenches his fist in victory after hearing the announcement from the announcer/hypeman of the tournament.



Yoshitte Yuma had entered the tournament.

In his way, he participated in a total of 5 battles against adventurers within his rank which is E-rank.

The first three fights he participated in were not much of a challenge for Yuma as his opponent was not able to even scratch him.

The only fights that were challenging for him were the Semi’s in which he had to do his best to win.

And so he reaches the Finals.

He managed to win the final round and became the champion of the E-rank Division.

His fight with his opponent in the final round was a really close one to call.



“Huff, huff, huff” <Yuma>

Yuma breaths heavily as his opponent was lying on the ground.

Yuma went toward his opponent and extended his arm toward the warrior he fought.

The fighter grabbed Yuma's hands.

Yuma pulled the fighter up to stand.

Who stood there was a lovely white-haired girl with beautiful pink-colored eyes.

This feature of hers was quite common to her race.

The female was a rabbit-type beastmen.

“You’re really strong Yuma-san.” <Rabbit Girl>

“Haha, I was just lucky. As I thought you're strong. I had to do my very best and beyond.” <Yuma>



"Don't jest, I know that you still have something hidden in your sleeves."

"No, Well I still have a skill that I haven't shown you but it's not something that I can use in that situation."

"Wow... you're really honest, Yuma-san."

The name of the female bunny warrior was Coco.

She is also an adventurer just like Yuma.

She wields a large mason rectangular hammer that almost looked comical for fights.

The hammer is almost as tall as coco and the head of the hammer was even thicker than she was.

Coco has the job class “Warrior” a job class that specializes in all kinds of melee weapons.



The female bunny warrior smiles at Yuma, despite her defeat she looks very satisfied with the result of their fight.

“I am glad that you did not pull your punches back, Yuma-san.” <Coco>

“Haha, hurting a girl is really not my style but since you asked me to fight you as a warrior. Just how can I pull my punches against such an opponent? Well… to be honest, I did not have the leeway to do that anyway. If I did, I would definitely be the one on the ground…” <Yuma>

“Hahaha, I am glad… Yuma-san, thank you it was a wonderful fight.” <Coco>



Coco giggled at Yuma's honest reply

She closed her eyes and seemed to be pondering about something.

Then she nodded as if she decided on something.

“Yuma-san.” <Coco>

“Yes, what is it Coco-san.” <Yuma>

“I’m sorry to ask, but can you do me a favor?” <Coco>

“Hmnn? Favor? Sure, what is it?" <Yuma>

“…” <Coco>



With respect, Yuma was willing to grant whatever this bunny girl asks.

As a fellow adventurer, he was willing to agree to her request.

He would not mind doing Coco's favor.

After all, this was for the adventurer who managed to gain his respect.

How can he say “no” to her?

He was willing to do Coco’s favor no matter what.

He already has an answer in mind.

And so, the Bunny girl says her request.

“Can you please become my husband?” <Coco>

“Sure---” <Yuma>



Yuma blinked.

He blinked several times and frowned.

Coco on the other hand gave Yuma a bright smile.

Her cheeks flushed red.

Her eyes are teary from all of her over-flowing emotions.

“Wait what??” <Yuma>

“Really?! I’m glad.” <Coco>

The rabbit girl held Yuma's hands within her hands and pulled them to her chest.

Yuma tried to pull back but he couldn't as he did not want to disappoint the lovely girl.

The rabbit girl jumped into Yuma’s arms and hugged him tightly while pushing him down to the floor.




The announcer of the tournament with his magically amplified voice announced to the whole arena about the two’s relationship.

-ding- -dong- -ding- -dong-

Sounds of bell similar to that of the churches during wedding sounded through magical means.



“Eh? What just happened?” <Yuma>

[Wait, wait a minute... what's happening?!]

[Aren't things moving too fast?]



The spectators clapped their hands.

They send whistles of congratulations.

They roared in excitement.

They cheered Yuma for receiving the rabbit girl’s affection.



The Adventurer Tournament...

Aside from the fact that this tournament is for adventurers who wanted to increase the speed of their rank promotion.

As it is held in a city within the beastmen country.

This where female beastmen looks for their mate.

Beastmen is a race that values “Strength and Power” it is not a surprise that women in this country prefer a male who is stronger than they are.

As such development like this would happen often in the tournament proper.

In fact, what happened just now was practically an everyday sight.

In a way, this is also a part of what people in this country call “entertainment”.

It was entertaining to see couples form on the battlefield.

In a way, this is comparable to the romance drama we watch on TV.








In the end, Yuma was unable to refute the rabbit girl’s affection.

At the very least, Yuma was quite fond of the rabbit girl himself.

It was also the first time a girl confessed her feeling towards him.

Especially this rabbit girl was actually beautiful in her own rights.

He was weak against the attack that he had no resistance against it.

He could not say no, so in the end he just accepted.

He too was confused about how things turned out that way.

For now, Yuma decided to treat the rabbit girl as his Girlfriend.

Not to mention, Yuma and Coco became party members and started traveling together.



One day in the Guild Pub.

Yuma was about to eat his food when...

“… That is why we need to meet father. I want to introduce you to him as my future husband." <Coco>

“… -COUGH- What?!” <Yuma>



That is how the pair went to Riles to see the Rabbit Girl’s father.



















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