Reincarnation part-2
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"You seem to be in control of me, aren't you? Handling me quite casually!"

"No, can we move past that conversation and focus on the main topic?"

"Absolutely. Thank you. Nice to meet you again..."

"Congratulations on your 29th reincarnation!"

"What do you mean by reincarnation? 29 times seems like a modest milestone. Isn't it usually celebrated at 100 or 1000 times?"

"Hiro's 29 times is an incredible number. The previous record was 14 times, making it an overwhelming achievement!"

"I see, quite impressive. But why is having so many reincarnations considered amazing, especially 29 times?"

"Simply put, it's a difference in the quality of the soul."

"Eh, that's right!"

"So, why don’t you know yuna?"

"No particular reason, I just thought it would be nice if it had a lot of light."

"Yeah, that's the quality. Visual quality effects. I guess that's about right."

"Why not increase the number of reincarnations for others like yourself and then call them here?"

"It can't be the case. The Earth where Mr. Hiro was is a space where people are easily influenced, and the quality of the soul can change at any time."

"Does that mean I never transformed in my 29 reincarnations? Is that rare?"

"Simply put, there are good, neutral, and evil aspects of alteration, but hiro's standards for good, neutral, and evil are completely different. It's a rare phenomenon."

"I see... In the first place, why did i reincarnate  29 times?"

"That's because the size of Juro's 'soul chamber' is completely different. A normal person's 'soul chamber' is about the size of a baseball and becomes full after five reincarnations. Juro's 'soul chamber' is about the size of Doraemon's head, with the brightness of 30 fluorescent lights, about 20,000 lux."

"Why is my 'soul chamber' compared to the head of a character? And the brightness of lux... it’s not that great..."

"No, no, I'm just suppressing the light for now, but look." Mika snapped his fingers, and his body began to glow intensely.

It's so bright... I can't even see my own outline... It's definitely amazing.

"You know, it's amazing," Mika said proudly, snapping his fingers again.

The light suddenly disappears, and I return to my naked state. I'm still completely naked... It's too late, but it's embarrassing, something embarrassing.

"Don't worry. Genital organs aren't sexually arousing here at all. We're also completely naked, so there's no shame in that. I'm wearing clothes right now, though lol."

...I want to comment on various things. I want to punch this guy! That's what I thought, but let's move on.

"So why was I called here?"

"That's right, we're going to talk about this now, so please bring Yuna with you."

Was Yuna there? She had completely disappeared just now. You did nothing...

Yuna picks up the square box placed behind her, comes in front of her, and holds it out to her.

Up until now, it had been cloudy, and I couldn't see the contents of the box, but gradually, the contents were revealed as if the fog was clearing. It looks like a sphere is floating inside the transparent box... but what is this?

"This is the planet azrium . Your next plane of existence."

I don't know if it's big or small. I don't even know that this is a planet. But why am I going to this planet?

"One of our jobs is to equalize the quality of the soul. Simply put, we adjust the various stars so that they do not become too bad. Why is equalization necessary? Because... I can't explain it in detail here."

I feel like I understand, but I don't understand... I guess only God knows.

"So, it's really hard to say, but... let me tell you, kana!!."

"I've been waiting! It's my turn to be in charge! Hey, then..."