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4.6k Views 13 Favorites 5 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 133 Readers 0 Reviews 4.9k Words Oct 14, 2019 Guilty_Crow
In a world where the Gods had fallen and became relics of the past, and where the demons roamed free, an unsuspecting young man stepped forth as the vanguard in the war against the demonesses' enslavement of mankind. Follow Alex in his journey from a nobody to an omnipotent sovereign as he ascends to Godhood with the Eros God System.... more>>
19.2k Views 180 Favorites 19 Chapters 5 Chapters/Week 252 Readers 0 Reviews 30.5k Words 22 hours ago Asterinium
Birth was exhaust of his life. He had always been a loner, his job wasn't one of the best and he feel like his own choices didn't matter anymore. ... more>>
8.2k Views 75 Favorites 18 Chapters 5 Chapters/Week 85 Readers 1 Reviews 5.3k Words Oct 13, 2019 Immovable87
Most OP System... more>>
26.1k Views 318 Favorites 34 Chapters 9 Chapters/Week 325 Readers 1 Reviews 138.3k Words Oct 13, 2019 LucyLynn
Min was born in a tribe of Goblins, where she became a hunter due to her great stats. As a hunter, she lived a simply life with her hunting friends, leveling peacefully. But what happens when the Elven Kind discovers a great source of Mithril in their little cave system?... more>>
64.3k Views 863 Favorites 98 Chapters 8 Chapters/Week 403 Readers 3 Reviews 110.5k Words Oct 13, 2019 Jke
Awakening in a strange place, Aleen is forced to fight for his life in a strange game filled with beasts, monsters, and bloodthirsty killers. But... more>>
9.6k Views 160 Favorites 7 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 224 Readers 0 Reviews 10.5k Words Oct 12, 2019 The_World_Tree1048
The evil Demon King Rathos before falling to the blade of the righteous Hero Raymond uses the last of his power to curse the hero and sends hero’s soul to be reincarnated as demon-kind. 500 years into the future, the former hero reborn into the body of a greater succubus named Lilith, sees the second chance at a life free from responsibilities and expectations to be a reward he wouldn’t have dared to wish for. Follow Lilith as she adventures around the world seeking fun and pleasures she rarely got to experience in her first life.... more>>
1.4k Views 5 Favorites 1 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 68 Readers 0 Reviews 898 Words Oct 8, 2019 Alisa-Hutako
A Fan-Fiction of thamriyell and her friends from VRChat Suddenly getting transported to a whole new reality~! ... more>>
87.7k Views 1300 Favorites 38 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 724 Readers 1 Reviews 58.6k Words 19 hours ago SilentApproval
Who thought after just falling asleep you would suddenly be transported to another world in the body of your game character? A common occurrence in manga and novels but for our protagonist here, it happens to him. Lucky bastard! Now in the extremely attractive body of his stupidly overpowered game character, he, or she now, tries to find a way to live without completely breaking everything. Unfortunately for him, while playing the game, the role of villain was role-played and all the events in the game have carried over to this world meaning everyone and everything under the sun fears her more than anything else ever could.... more>>
481.4k Views 4994 Favorites 73 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 1930 Readers 12 Reviews 298.7k Words 15 hours ago Ninetailed_Furball
When my curiosity got the better of me in the afterlife, I ended up reincarnating with several things I wasn't supposed to have, like my memories. But I got a second chance at life, and I wasn't going to waste it. Making a nice home in a dungeon, adopting an abandoned girl as my little sister, for someone who died alone, poor, and full of stress, I had everything I wanted and all the stuff I hated were gone.... more>>
125.5k Views 1440 Favorites 70 Chapters 12 Chapters/Week 549 Readers 3 Reviews 103.4k Words Oct 14, 2019 LazyBoi
There existed nothing before the Great Dao. No time-space, no life only the eternal Void. For trillions and trillions of years, the void has always stayed empty. One day the void gave birth to one and only entity a boy.... more>>
374.5k Views 3420 Favorites 144 Chapters 9 Chapters/Week 980 Readers 7 Reviews 174.1k Words 2 hours ago lruska
The Brazilian Theo Volts, 18 years old, reincarnates in the body of a (Red-fox) in another world when dying being struck by lightning. After reincarnating, he realized that he was endowed with a miraculous game system.... more>>
30.9k Views 794 Favorites 25 Chapters 5 Chapters/Week 320 Readers 0 Reviews 42.8k Words Oct 13, 2019 NightOps
Those fools under-powered my summoning ceremony and I was 'left with the bag'. With inadequate soul potential, I've had to cursed myself to create an opportunity to live, perhaps live well in this new world. Or...maybe I just totally screwed myself. Even the goddess got curious when she realized what I had done.... more>>
36.1k Views 351 Favorites 33 Chapters 9 Chapters/Week 290 Readers 0 Reviews 73.3k Words 21 hours ago Sinpathy
White finally leaves his irreparable past behind when transported to another world. Using this second chance he decides to live his second life quietly, but things never go according to plan.
Inevitably tangled into the company of deranged women around him, White has to learn to navigate around their obsessions cleverly, with his life as the only collateral.
And if all else fails? —Embrace the madness instead.... more>>
1.3k Views 16 Favorites 3 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 58 Readers 0 Reviews 4.5k Words Oct 14, 2019 FieryKathy
Lucas is a 22 year old guy, or so it would seem, somewhat stuck in life thanks to his oppressive parents. But all of this... more>>
1.3k Views 7 Favorites 1 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 58 Readers 0 Reviews 1.1k Words Oct 9, 2019 Sinpathy
I am Tachibana Kyou, the likeable, klutzy, perverted, dense character.
Of course, my character traits do not stop there. I'm an S-class actor who can become any character I put my mind to be.
And these talents are perfect for my life-long goal to become a "side-character", the one guy that hooks up the protagonists with the girls around them.
Moving from school to school throughout my life to fulfill my passion, I have become the modern cupid!... more>>
124.8k Views 611 Favorites 79 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 586 Readers 3 Reviews 91.3k Words 23 hours ago GhostyZ
A college student is reborn in a fantasy world that is fused with Magic and Cultivation. Myths, Legends, and Mythical Creatures all exist in the world of Zareth. Clans and Kingdoms filled with Harem Lords roam these lands which are inhabited by the most radiant Maidens and Goddesses of all races. But this world is a brutal and unforgiving one, in which only the strong thrive. Dragons, Spirit Beasts, and an ancient darkness lurk in the shadows. ... more>>
277.5k Views 3783 Favorites 61 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1224 Readers 7 Reviews 216.6k Words Oct 9, 2019 Spaizzer
Story about Matt an OP tree in a fantasy world.... more>>
23.4k Views 108 Favorites 11 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 460 Readers 0 Reviews 29.3k Words Oct 10, 2019 Ace_Arriande
There are those who enjoy a more vanilla style of lewding, and then there are those who prefer the mint chocolate chip with a side of calamari style of lewding. Damian is one such man. Ever since he was a teenager and was visiting sites much too mature for his age, he has been in love with taboo pairings such as a beauty and a beast. However, there is a problem.... more>>
136k Views 1903 Favorites 44 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 883 Readers 2 Reviews 70.7k Words Oct 10, 2019 FDSIO
>Try again?
...... more>>
317.1k Views 2720 Favorites 52 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 1656 Readers 22 Reviews 160.9k Words Oct 14, 2019 CupcakeNinja
Tell me, what does one do when they discover they were reincarnated into an Otome game as the villainess’ playboy older brother?... more>>
2.5k Views 37 Favorites 8 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 65 Readers 1 Reviews 12k Words Oct 8, 2019 weakman54
It seems I've reincarnated into a fantasy world as a cat. What now?... more>>
110.7k Views 2355 Favorites 82 Chapters 7 Chapters/Week 590 Readers 8 Reviews 183.1k Words 20 hours ago Shirtaloon
Jason wakes up in a mysterious world of magic and monsters. He’ll face off against cannibals, cultists, wizards, monsters, and that’s just the first day. He’s going to need courage, he’s going to need wit and he’s going to need some magic powers of his own. But first, he’s going to need pants.... more>>
34k Views 367 Favorites 22 Chapters 6 Chapters/Week 282 Readers 0 Reviews 35.9k Words 1 hour ago Ruiso
I finally finished my character to start playing the first ever, full drive, vrmmojrpg, but when I was initializing, my game crashed and everything goes dark. When I came back, I was in middle of a forest, I have my character and my starting Items... Why is a Devil Fruit inside my dimmentional storage? There is another rainbow colored fruit and a seed, along with the normal stuff like the water bottle... What is going on...... more>>
57.7k Views 568 Favorites 30 Chapters 8 Chapters/Week 377 Readers 0 Reviews 28.6k Words 21 hours ago Orademo
What would you do if you woke up in the world of One Piece with a powerful System? Live life to the fullest in a... more>>
291.6k Views 1722 Favorites 59 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 1134 Readers 2 Reviews 82.2k Words Oct 13, 2019 Roeselawik
The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony Day, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system… which made him almost faint with shock.... more>>