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265.8k Views 5050 Favorites 127 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1231 Readers 6 Reviews 363.1k Words Apr 19, 2021 Zurai
Daniel Stewart was chosen to alpha test a brand new Immersive VR game, "The Realms". What he doesn't know is that he has also been Chosen by one of the Powers of a far-off world, and is now a pawn in a game much bigger than any he thought he would ever participate in. Will he survive and thrive in this strange new world, or will he stumble and fall, shattered by the ambitions of another? Does he have what it takes to walk the Paths of the Chosen?... more>>
76.7k Views 1633 Favorites 59 Chapters 15 Chapters/Week 723 Readers 0 Reviews 65.9k Words 15 hours ago Newfypuppie
"You're reincarnating as a normal person"... more>>
579.6k Views 18981 Favorites 139 Chapters 8 Chapters/Week 1343 Readers 10 Reviews 211.9k Words 20 hours ago Maerry
How will the person who, in her previous world was known as the Goddess of Ice, deal with the world of Naruto?
This story will loosely follow cannon and will focus on how a powerful, wise, and slightly insane person will affect the story and its characters. Slightly AU... more>>
52.5k Views 2025 Favorites 95 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 346 Readers 3 Reviews 235.2k Words Apr 13, 2021 EdwardCastle
Release rate: 3 chapters per week for a couple weeks (as of 02/10/2021), then 4~5 per week.... more>>
51.6k Views 997 Favorites 43 Chapters 9 Chapters/Week 484 Readers 0 Reviews 45.3k Words 19 hours ago Madeus
The world has come to an end. Everything else is destroyed under the disaster. The boy escaped from his hometown to a very faraway place. The bo.. girl will start her new adventure.
This time she will live a life without any regret and achieve a happy ending.
This is a story about love, hope, and adventure.... more>>
262.1k Views 3746 Favorites 28 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 2011 Readers 4 Reviews 40.6k Words Apr 18, 2021 Sfayte
Sarah Allen had a good life with her husband, who was also the CEO of a large tech company which was developing the worlds first VRMMO.... more>>
23.4k Views 365 Favorites 216 Chapters 54 Chapters/Week 142 Readers 2 Reviews 229k Words Apr 18, 2021 Nanakawaichan
My Patreon page:
Discord chanel: more>>
42.5k Views 1190 Favorites 34 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 462 Readers 1 Reviews 52.7k Words Apr 16, 2021 ArcadiaBlade
I woke up one day in a dark room while tied up and meet a yandere who won't let me go until i love her back.... more>>
269.5k Views 4162 Favorites 72 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1045 Readers 5 Reviews 136.2k Words Apr 19, 2021 RonTheBlackCat
One day in 2019, the United States of America finds itself transported to a new world.... more>>
58.2k Views 2288 Favorites 22 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 699 Readers 1 Reviews 26k Words Apr 18, 2021 BottledChaos
Dressing up as a girl and wandering through the city as a punishment for losing a bet? Honestly, not the worst.... more>>
153.2k Views 5529 Favorites 321 Chapters 5 Chapters/Week 428 Readers 5 Reviews 392.3k Words Apr 18, 2021 Awespec
On a cliff that stood above the world, a young man with skin as pale and pure as ice looked out and into the horizon.
The beautiful yellows, reds and oranges of the morning sky shone without hindrance, dancing over the pristine white clouds below his feet.
This place was known as Shrine Mountain, the highest peak of not just this Plane, but all of existence. It stood so tall that the sun called it friend and even the clouds could only hug its feet.
Throughout the lower planes, millions of geniuses were born everyday, each with the dream of standing at the pinnacle of the world… Each with the dream of sitting in this... more>>
37.2k Views 1416 Favorites 45 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 477 Readers 2 Reviews 97.3k Words Apr 20, 2021 Sorry
Julian Crane seldom cared for anything but his magic and research.... more>>
53k Views 825 Favorites 26 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 887 Readers 3 Reviews 80.6k Words Apr 19, 2021 Lexyna
On his sixteenth birthday, his greatest wish is granted, meeting his mother. However he soon learns that he is more than just a normal teenage... more>>
99k Views 2606 Favorites 45 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 690 Readers 3 Reviews 71.5k Words Apr 12, 2021 PurpleGrimm
Yosh! My name's Hori Kaede. I'm one of those ordinary students who's in the same class with the harem protagonists, like Kazuto Hiro. And being surrounded by his harem every single day gets really irritating, I too seek fun and desire after all.
But despite this, I have online friends that are Gods, that's right, real Gods. I stumbled upon this group a few years ago, and given an option, my life changed drastically.
I love nothing more than solving a good mystery, and it seems like Hiro and his harem are full of it!
my adventures as the mysterious side character in this world full of magic, groups, deities, villains, patrons, heroes, and... more>>
96.3k Views 3154 Favorites 37 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1027 Readers 8 Reviews 81.2k Words Apr 12, 2021 Trashlyn
How far would you go to play CORA, latest and greatest addition to ranks of full immersion sword and magic VRMMORPGs? Would you buy black market access codes? Patch yourself into a walled off network? Cross an armed border?... more>>
87.5k Views 3642 Favorites 65 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 759 Readers 1 Reviews 162.7k Words Apr 19, 2021 Eldokhmesy
The World's Number 1 Most Wanted Thief, the Black Cobra, an Egyptian youth specialized in ancient artifacts, was killed in an explosion he set up after being chased into a dead end in New York. Around his middle finger which he pointed at the face of every chaser from every world superpower, he carried the most prized item in the world, the Ring of Horus.
When he kicked off life with a Bang! He returned with a lot of barf and vomit as poison was being cleansed of his body and a series of messages kept popping up. Long story short, he reincarnated into the body of Leon, an antagonist from a game he used... more>>
4.8k Views 223 Favorites 16 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 122 Readers 1 Reviews 16.8k Words 22 hours ago greatATTACKshark
An old monster awakens in a new world, and he is very hungry.
580.5k Views 8289 Favorites 84 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 2176 Readers 5 Reviews 67.6k Words 20 hours ago melonball
After death, Devon is given the second chance he never wanted.... more>>
114.1k Views 3508 Favorites 204 Chapters 8 Chapters/Week 708 Readers 6 Reviews 326.1k Words Apr 21, 2021 Razmatazz
Every time I die I respawn as a trash mob at the very bottom of the dungeon. It's a rather troublesome existence but I think I've managed to adapt honestly.... more>>
51.6k Views 916 Favorites 56 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 349 Readers 1 Reviews 95.1k Words Apr 18, 2021 Donitol
A leader of an allegedly organized crime syndicate called “Famila” died in a mysterious way, when he woke up, he found himself inside the body of a wolf. Suddenly finding himself alone in a foreign world, the newly awakened wolf carrying the memories of his past life was forced to fight for survival in the harsh environment of a world crawling with monsters.... more>>
36.7k Views 867 Favorites 35 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 370 Readers 4 Reviews 188.1k Words Apr 16, 2021 CypherTails
Onaga Katsuro a seventeen-year-old soldier in the JSDF finds himself fighting in the second Russo-Japanese war in the year 2045. Due to manpower shortages, the Japanese government starts using child soldiers, even using girls as young as 14. Onaga Katsuro and his platoon of child soldiers are taken by surprise and he thinks he dies from a grenade but he finds himself in a dark world with one of the 8 gods of creation. The god of Darkness, Sin, Madness, and War has need of a champion. ... more>>
5.8k Views 79 Favorites 6 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 145 Readers 0 Reviews 2.9k Words Apr 12, 2021 yes
When the apocalypse started all people changed. Some into horrid monsters, others gained abilites, still others became super-human. Jay became a bounty hunter, searching for monsters and outlaws to cut down, who knew he'd find a harem along the way?... more>>
27.9k Views 307 Favorites 17 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 338 Readers 1 Reviews 34k Words Apr 16, 2021 Malonymous
The deal: Beryl the self-proclaimed 'god-tier' gamer is offered one thousand years of paradise for reincarnating into a fantasy world and slaying the Demon King.
The plan: Impersonating a girl in online games worked to get him tons of free gold. What could go wrong doing it for real this time?
The catch: Something is very 'off' about this world. Why is it starting to feel like everyone here is some kind of weirdo? And even the Demon King, he’s… he’s…!
“For the love of God, is there ANYONE in this world who isn’t a pervert?!”... more>>
1.66M Views 33623 Favorites 127 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 3725 Readers 31 Reviews 287.3k Words Apr 18, 2021 Cytotoxin
It begins as a usual isekai story.
No, wait. It`s worse. It`s otome isekai. And I`m the villain.
Of course, there must be some kind... more>>
91.8k Views 2696 Favorites 25 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1215 Readers 9 Reviews 46.3k Words Apr 10, 2021 QuietValerie
A protest turned violent, a moment of decision, a friend in danger, and an ancient war rekindled.
Itias has grown up knowing he has magic... more>>