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Random Drabbles
Random Drabbles
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Just a collection of random ideas I had.

The chapters can be really short.

The contents might sometimes be really weird, disturbing and offensive. Some chapters might be more on the serious side (I’ll try to leave a warning first on the said chapter, in case you’re just coming here for some lols).

For the lewder stuff, just go to Ao3 / Gaylolis.

In any case, I’m just getting back to writing. Please take care of me 😀


I left my personal review at the review section. It can give you a better idea of this writing project than the synopsis itself. It was pretty long, however. If you have time to read it, feel free to do so.

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      New M.A.T.R.
      Status: crass nonsense
      Dec 24, 2019

      A nice place to go if you want to turn off your brain for a while and not have to deal with a actual story.

      You'll find a lot of weird sh*t and sometimes some nice ideas, but all in all, it is just random sh*t.

      Pretty much just a collection of short stories that range from mostly weird nonsense to good stories that won't be continued since the author is like he said, lazy and unmotivated.

      At least he decided to make these short stories and not waste his talent because he couldn't make an actual book.

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      Status: Status
      Mar 7, 2019

      I'm just really lazy to write another story. No matter how many times I start another one, I always seem to lose motivation after a few chapters at most.

      So in here, I just dump all my random ideas, including the stories I abandoned from the chapter one or so. If I posted it, there's a good chance I won't continue it, and I just do so cuz it looks fun when I went through my old stuff.

      As a result, the chapters in these could be considered to stand on its own. There might be some parts with characters and ideas taken from my previous works, but they can be enjoyed separately.

      I'm a very impulsive writer. I couldn't really get bothered to care what happened in the last chapter. Making sure everything was consistent was more of a chore than anything. It was also a headache to make sure everything made sense or realistic or whatever. Whenever I write, I just kind of just pour whatever was on my mind, and just fine-tune a bit of things, and it's all done.

      In here, I kind of just try to fulfill my primary goals in writing. For now let's just say, I either want to convey a particular message or just having fun. I don't really want to think whether it was good or not, I'll just want to work on something that makes me happy. Something that can provide me with a different sensation, when so many stories out there didn't even speak to me. It'd be nice if writing can give me that unique sensation. Better yet, if it manage to open my eyes and let me appreciate life in a different light.

      I don't really go to tell the usual stories. I went by the principle, if the other Authors already did it, especially the popular ones, then I don't have to bother doing it. If you want anything like A or B, I'll just say, others already did it better--go read theirs instead. They wrote to satisfy readers, but as for me, my own enjoyment  comes first. Whether or not you like it, I'm not going to force you to read.

      I do things in a way that speak to me, even if it might be terrible or even garbage for some. But yeah, you can't please everyone.

      While it might be arrogant for me to say this, I have a goal and certain direction I want to go in writing. I do not disregard criticism, but to me, improvement is just a side-effect of having fun and not because of improving, I could have fun. While I can take advice from time to time, do not be offended if I did not use yours. We all have our different ways to think and do things. What works for one may not work for another.

      My goal in this story compilation is basically, just trying to write things I enjoy the most, or simply the things I want to write about at that moment. I might release chapters regularly. I might take a break, long or short. You can come and leave as you please.

      This is just my personal journey and celebration. Just some plain ol' writings that convey its own message.

      Last but not least...

      Welcome to my World.

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