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System Is Accepting Applications
System Is Accepting Applications
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4.0 (74 ratings)
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In the world of Mantaras there have been countless Gods and Goddesses, and now a newly born system has arisen. Watch how Jack (the System) learns how to be a omnipotent system, along with the adventures of his users who he will come to befriend.

(For the first arc, Jack will be more in the background, but after that he will be more active)

Updates every Monday.

ActionAdultComedyFantasyGender BenderLitRPGMatureRomanceSmut
BDSM Beastkin Caring Protagonist Corruption Cross-dressing Elves Fantasy World Game Elements Love at First Sight Male to Female Multiple Protagonists R-18 Transgender
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      Status: c43
      Jul 18, 2020

      This... isn't good. It isn't well written. There are numerous grammar errors. There is inconsistent writing. While the initial promise is good -- the first few chapters have leveling, stats, quests, etc. -- after that there's none of that. It's just some powerless avatar wandering around confused, doing nothing, having badly written uninteresting s*x occasionally. It makes no sense -- the System is quite powerful at first, and nearly omniscient. However, as it "levels up", it actually gets much much less powerful and much less knowledgeable. Some of the characters the System empowers are interesting, but Jack himself as a character is completely uninteresting. I think the author just lost track of what he was doing with this story, and doesn't know what to do with the basic premise. It's too bad, because the story had some potential in the first few chapters.

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      10 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 44: an avatar is freaking...
      May 30, 2020

      Initially good, but after a while I feel lilke everything in this world is for s*x or about s*x, everyone is doing s*x, all days, for the whole day, it's what looks like.

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      5 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: ch: 38
      Mar 17, 2020

      This novel is a very solid implementation of the LITRPG  theme. It's got the right balance between the stats and the story, the writing is transparent and easy to parse, while the story mostly flows along well. The only problem I have had with it, is multiplying points of view.  Characters keep getting added as POV characters and it can and does break up what is otherwise a very good story flow.

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      4 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 102: a artificer makes some...
      May 22, 2020

      I don't know why it is getting his so hard by everyone the general quality of the story is a solid 4 stars.

      It's a bit wierd in some places and it feels like it is pushing an agenda but It is a least easy enough to ignore the questionable parts. 

      Overall it is a decent enough read to keep me entertained for now.

      It certainly has potential although I hope it doesn't get bogged down with all the drama too much there is room to do so much more with it after all.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c45
      Feb 9, 2021

      Not much for me to say that sable and Marcus said in their review it was good in the beginning but it seems like your to focused on s*x like so many novels on this site it was a good concept bad execution also to much filler used to pad out chapters getting back to the s*x thing to most of it seemed to be filler

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