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/ Series / The Beast-building ‘peace’ one body at a time
The Beast-building ‘peace’ one body at a time
The Beast-building ‘peace’ one body at a time
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This is a fan-fiction about one of my hero's when i was younger that didn't get much attention even from its creators who lazily named it the 'BEAST'. It's a parasitic life-form that can assimilate both organic and inorganic matter into itself and spread to anything it comes in contact with. As well as understand and take captured technology as its own. If not for the Kuun-Lan of the Kiith Somtaaw getting in its way it would have subverted and made 'peace' for all the universe.

Now the Mothership and the Naggarok have fallen and the Kiith Somtaaw hunt down the remnants; but they all have forgotten, the beast was never originally from that universe. a single tiny shard of the Mothership 'Chikchikaar' used all the power from its own detonation to fling itself through the dimensional wall where the true beast lay dormant. it had time to relay all the acquired information but had no means of stopping and was thrown out into a new world where it intends to grow while being more subtle this time.

Follow the hive minded Beast as it explores a strife filled fantasy world as it makes the world a better place one 'part' (person) at a time

i don't own the image nor the copyrights to homeworld. if i offend anyone with my use of them I'm willing to take it down

i don't particularly intend for this novel to be gore filled but there are mentions of changing organs or blood and such. on the same hand I'm trying to keep it pretty clean language wise without seeming forced. if you feel i need to have the language tag just let me know and i will add it. i looked around and never found clear guidelines on what is considered "strong language" on this site. if i made a spelling error or messed up a sentence anywhere please let me know, for grammar though.... sorry I'm hopeless. you could spend all day on that I'm sure.

I write when inspiration hits me and am by no means a professional author. if you read this series just be aware i take my time and am quite lazy. you've been warned.

have no idea what game this is? like RTS? go to- -to get the remastered version it for $10. i dont work there or anything but appreciate them for reviving this classic.

AdventureComedyFanfictionFantasySci-fiSlice of Life
Homeworld Cataclysm Homeworld Emergence
Antihero Protagonist Army Building Based on a Video Game Cautious Protagonist Crazy Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Dungeon Master Eidetic Memory Enemies Become Allies Fantasy World Genderless Protagonist Hiding True Abilities Humanoid Protagonist Mind Control Monsters Overpowered Protagonist Parasites Skill Assimilation Strong to Stronger Technological Gap Transformation Ability
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