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Immense foreign space-going vessel.  Its configuration is a rotating torus with a central hub where shuttles park.  Originally owned by the Chekowan, who claim it was constructed by god-like entities they call Outsiders.  The one in orbit of Earth was hijacked by the Five Saviors of the Angmari.

  • The people from the nation of Angmar.  After the destruction of their home world, they traveled to another solar system with a fleet of vessels, including the Angelship.
  • The language used by the Angmari people.  It is nearly identical to English, with pronunciation similar to the American Midwest accent.
The enemy of the Angmari people.  Original owners of the Angelship.
Mike "Ski" Dombroski

An Army veteran whose wife died overseas from a road side bomb.  Currently a middle-aged quality assurance technician, his primary interest is training mixed martial arts.  He had a brief amateur fight career (1-1 record) before his life derailed.  Mike owes a lot of money in back taxes and drinks too much.

Kendra Varanelli

Housemate of Mike and formerly the best friend of Susie Dombroski (deceased wife of Mike).

Samantha "Sam" Wilcox

Sam is a disaffected college student looking for meaning in her life.  Also a major fan of science fiction, though her interest in actual science is limited to cool facts.

Tyler Marius

Marius is an Angmari deserter who came to Earth planning to carve himself a place in history by creating a planetary defense army.  He is one of the Five Saviors of the Angmari Fleet.

Stateira Cassandane
Cassandane is one of the last of an Angmari racial group known as the Aoleyen, which were selectively bred for hundreds of years to produce humans of great intellect and obsessive focus.  She is one of the Five Saviors of the Angmari Fleet.
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