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/ Series / I won’t destroy the world!
I won’t destroy the world!
I won’t destroy the world!
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Irene reincarnates in a fantasy world after she and her parents, who were activists, are killed in an ambush by mercenaries.
Unfortunately she wasn't lucky enough to be born as the daughter of a powerful noble, or the hero that'll defeat the Demon King, or a simple commoner. Instead she became the Demon destined to destroy the world.
Fighting against the world, will she be able to keep her humanity or will she succumb to her hatred?

Cover colored by: @garcia.zeltzin (IG)
Drawing by me.

The story is dropped. But on the final chapter I tell how the story ends.
All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

ActionAdultFantasyGirls LoveIsekaiMatureSeinenTragedy
Acting Beastkin Betrayal Caring Protagonist Crazy Protagonist Curses Depictions of Cruelty Discrimination Elves Fanaticism Female Protagonist Gore Hiding True Identity Kingdom Building Manipulative Characters Masturbation Monsters Multiple Identities Multiple POV R-18 Rape Scheming Slaves Stockholm Syndrome Threesome
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      Status: chapter 9 – learning curses
      Jun 7, 2020


      The chapters are long with a occasional bouts of shocking darkness in an otherwise light story.

      The MC realizes she's the chosen one, the child of Prophecies. With a demon in her head urging her to kill and destroy everything in her path, the only thing keeping Earth safe is the Irene's (MC) level head. There is quick magic learning and traveling throughout the world with a growing entourage of people.

      The story seems to be in its early stages of development and the author seems to be trying to develop the world, so often times you have to scour the comments to see if something in the story has been explained there. For the same reason there's also several plot-holes you might encounter, that you will be well advised to ignore as the MC being naive.

      Do give it a read, but read the tags first. The story is quite enjoyable with long chapters that the author has clearly put effort into.

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      Status: chapter 8 – love or logic
      May 7, 2020

      It's still short but a very refreshing read...I Love how the MC goes from" lets be friends" to " Kick you knee deep in your ass Till you sh*t your own intestines" instantly...

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