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Fortune Online
Fortune Online
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After the arrival of SynTech allowing gamers full immersion into any game, many games came and went with most of them simply being remastered classics of a bygone era. Yet one emerged from the sea of content becoming one of the most widely acclaimed game of all time; Fortune Online with its hyper realistic setting, quantum computing servers, and ever expanding world the game had become a form of culture unto itself. Meaning, Gwen would be the first in line to buy it. Unable to face the many horrors of reality and high school Gwen decided to upgrade her escapism to another level only to find Fortune Online isn't as forgiving as other RPGs. In a bid to escape reality she entered a game where its as real as it gets.

Alchemy Blood Manipulation Fantasy Creatures Game Elements Grinding Loner Protagonist Magic Misunderstandings MMORPG Reluctant Protagonist RPG Secret Identity Social Outcasts Special Abilities Sword And Magic Timid Protagonist Underestimated Protagonist Unique Cultivation Technique Unique Weapon User Virtual Reality Wars
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