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/ Series / Redemption: A Pokémon Story
Redemption: A Pokémon Story
Redemption: A Pokémon Story
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A young man, working hard to make ends meet, finds it difficult to carry on no matter how many years pass. Why try so hard? It STILL hurts inside. The pain. The regret. If only he could go back.

He needs an escape. The alcohol is only temporary. Both the drugs and medicine don’t work for him. Maybe, it’s time for a release of sorts…

. . .

Huh? This world is familiar. How nostalgic. Creatures held in tiny balls. Reminds him of his pleasant memories of childhood. A time BEFORE the suffering and aching and sorrow.

Pokémon. A world full of adventure and discovery await him. An escape he so desperately needed.

1) Tags may be added later on as plot is unraveled.

2) This work is FAR, FAR from canon. Loosely based on the anime/games, so I would leave now if you’re not down to hang only with an OC, not comfortable with an unfamiliar world, or if you don’t like that I’ve set more logical limits in this Pokéverse.

3) Story has irregular updates but may be more frequent depending on popularity.

4) Previous chapters may be edited for clarity or flow at any time. Sorry beforehand.

*All rights reserved by The Pokemon Company

Clever Protagonist Family Monster Tamer Monsters Mysterious Past Past Trauma Reincarnated into Another World Weak to Strong
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      Status: chapter 3

      It's a Really good fanfic wich uses in a really balanced way the 'Poket Monsers' thing. I'm looking forwards to future chapters and I really want to know how this story is going to continue.

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