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Card Cultivator
Card Cultivator
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Aditya Herlambang, a young and successful entrepreneur was assassinated by his trading rival. His soul along with the data package in his flash drive was transferred to another cultivation world!

He reincarnated as Dian Xianli, a useless Young Master of a fallen noble family. However, he still has the cheat on him. The game data then manifested into a menu that is installed on his very being! Poor him, because the games he worked on at the company were some Battle Card Games.

Accepting this new fate, he will fight in this cultivation world with his card.

Will he survive in the harsh and cruel cultivation world with this little unique strength? Will he surpass that cultivation genius with it?


ActionAdultAdventureEcchiHaremIsekaiMartial ArtsSmut
Arrogant Characters Bloodlines Broken Engagement Brother Complex Card Games Caring Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Cheats Conspiracies Cruel Characters Cultivation Cunning Protagonist Distrustful Protagonist Evil Protagonist Fallen Nobility Game Elements Kingdom Building Overpowered Protagonist Perverted Protagonist R-18 Reincarnated into Another World Sexual Cultivation Technique Underestimated Protagonist Unique Cultivation Technique Xianxia
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      New bobsmithian1
      Status: c10
      May 3, 2020

      This novel is trash! If you expecting a villainous/antihero MC as advertised then this story this isn't for you. At the start, MC seems to be a lustful hedonistic man who then gets killed. When he reincarnates as 'young master' who is also a lustful hedonistic somehow MC becomes some sort righteous idiot as tries to behave as if he is better then his host. Lol. (MC in his last life raped a women) BRO your just like the previous host the body if not worst. Furthermore, MC has no pride any self-worth he apologies for his host actions straight away and expects people to think that's normal. (Another pathetic fool kissing any pretty girls ass) Also, MC subject assaults him and MC thinks it is fine. (You're a lord if you allow subjects to walk over you provide a bad precedent) What type of joke are you? Overall I expected villainous MC as advertised what you provided is another hero who is a coward/scumbug. 


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      New seyt77
      Status: 32 – the demand for assistance
      Apr 29, 2020

      The story seems to focus on character interaction with his summons a lot which can slow the plot some. Grammar is decent alongside world building although the card system is clunky. Characters in this novel are very overdone as well in my opinion as they go out and say what they are feeling all the time. Its a decent novel all in all.

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      Status: c1
      Apr 28, 2020

      MC is human scum, I don't know about character development since I didn't read past chapter 1 

      but to me the fact he apparently had 1 employees fired after raping her because she reported him for s*xual harassment and that the other employees treat it like a normal occurrence convinced me that he is the definition of scum, you should swap the romance tag for evil protagonist since most people looking for romance and smut probably aren't expecting that type of characters 

      so I gave a 2 because maybe the story is amazing and I will never know so I can't really give a 1

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