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The Centre World
The Centre World
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3.9 (42 ratings)
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'The Secret World Online' is a world of cultivation, magic, kingdom building, ancient legacies, ancient powerful beasts and other strange concepts. A virtual world where a system exists to guide you through the vague prompts and skip most of the boring things. Everyone wants access to this new VRMMO.

Going into beta phase, Jack Hunt strangely receives an invite from an old friend. Not knowing what he’s doing, he gets absorbed in the virtual world as he founds his own village, meets new people and kills mystical beasts. Slowly he unravels the truth about this so-called ‘virtual world’...

This is a story that I'm working on after getting inspiration from reading 'The Lords Empire' in particular, then various other Wuxia/Cultivation novels I have read previously.

This will be a novel that takes quite some time to get anywhere, meandering in a way with little direction and, I'll state this now as some people have commented on it, will not feature sex.
Sex will be present eventually, but there's a reason I do not have it tagged with smut/adult/sexual content. (Lord's Empire didn't have any until chapter 500ish)

My first proper attempt at writing a long story and learning/feeling as I go so expect a rough story, not high in quality nor much having editing, so if you can read it thank you!

(Earlier chapters aren't edited yet, I'll update this message when they are. Check for status.)

ActionAdventureEcchiFantasyHaremLitRPGMartial ArtsMatureSci-fi
Aliens Army Building Artificial Intelligence Beast Companions Beastkin Bloodlines Cautious Protagonist Cultivation Dao Comprehension Demons Divination Dragons Evolution Godly Powers Heavenly Tribulation Immortals Kingdom Building Loli Magic Magic Beasts MMORPG Nudity Phoenixes Weak to Strong Xuanhuan
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 46 – holy heavens church and...

    Its a really good novel, but it gets so much better at chapter 26 onward, I give it 100/100 

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    Status: c0

    very good novel, it has many interesting combinations of ideas, and one cannot imagine where the story is going, if it is a good, bad or rare ending is undefined

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