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/ Series / The Voyager: Remastered
The Voyager: Remastered
The Voyager: Remastered
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4.5 (18 ratings)
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A normal girl was given the task of traveling through different dimensions and completing missions assigned to her, only this girl wasn't that normal. Follow the emotionless Jean Turner as she navigates her way through all the hell and horror.
Ft. Starcraft...
Updates will be once every two days. Follow this story to get immediate notices on the updates.
Starcraft rights belong to blizzard. I own the right to pretty much everything else in the book, including the Protectors, the Voyagers, the City of the Voyagers, the World of the Runes, the Dream Realms, and so on.

Adventurers Anti-social Protagonist Antihero Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Cosmic Wars Cruel Characters Depictions of Cruelty Dishonest Protagonist Evil Gods Evil Organizations Evil Protagonist Godly Powers Interdimensional Travel Ruthless Protagonist Special Abilities Special Forces World Hopping World Invasion
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      New AlterEs
      Status: chapter 38: a difference in opinions
      Feb 9, 2021

      Didn't read all of it but I guess 38 chapters is enough to a half decent review maybe (I'm not good with reviews)

      I really liked it the plot is unique in a way she's not all powerful but intelligent and uses it well but you have this one problem where you don't really give us a description of the MC or things around her, this would've been kinda fine if it's 1st person POV but it isn't, I mean it's kinda throw there and there at how she looks like but you'll forget it eventually I think.

      Overall 4/5 and maybe when I read the rest I'll update my review lol.

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      0 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c252
      Dec 28, 2020

      One of the best online novels I've ever read. Really enjoyable and for once I actually like all the side characters and their interactions in the world.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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