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/ Series / The Last Rae of Hope | Book 1: A Reluctant Return
The Last Rae of Hope | Book 1: A Reluctant Return
The Last Rae of Hope | Book 1: A Reluctant Return
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When the President said to immerse ourselves in the project, this was NOT what I had in mind!

I really should’ve taken the publisher’s employment contract more seriously…

Rachel and her best friend Nora never imagined their first job at a publishing company would catapult them into the heart of their favorite fantasy web novel. Five years after the story's abrupt hiatus left fans in limbo, they seized the chance to help the enigmatic author complete the tale that had captivated their hearts during their high school days. But what begins as an exciting creative endeavor quickly spirals into a quirky, unimaginable adventure when they're whisked away without consent into the very story they longed to save. Now, the two will get firsthand experience dealing with the destructive demon lord who betrayed and banished the heroine during the story's original cliffhanger.

But what if he isn't the card-carrying villain everyone else seems to think he is?

Additional details:

Genres: Main: Satire - a genre in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, corporations, government, or society itself into improvement. Other Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Tags: Female Lead, Magic, Portal Fantasy / Isekai, Progression, Reincarnation, Soft Sci-fi, Supernatural

Content Warnings:
Disturbing content: This includes, but is not limited to, the slavery of fantasy humanoid races (uncelebrated and fought against by the protagonists), along with the MC’s thoughts and actions stemming from past trauma, self-doubt, and unequal relationships, with humor (including self-deprecating humor) used as a coping mechanism.

Graphic Violence: physical harm (protagonists and antagonists alike)

MC Key Descriptors: Amnesiac, caring, female, reincarnated, reluctant, flawed, straight, slow growth (but increases over time with some backward progression)

Story/Plot Devices:
Author as Goddess
Breaking the fourth wall (some Author’s Notes contain Post-Chapter Omake/Extras)
Broken, ill-defined, and unfair world system
Emotional disparities between obligations and motivations
Enemies to friends? Friends to enemies?
Evolving character relationships
First Person POV (MC)
Impending world threat
Relationships span a variety of romantic and platonic connections
Self-care techniques (both successfully and not so successfully executed)
Systematic improvement
Other multiple tropes (both straight and satirizing)

Amnesia Caring Protagonist Demon Lord Enemies Become Allies Fanaticism Female Protagonist Friendship Reincarnation Satire Saving the World
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