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World Keeper
World Keeper
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Dale Mitchell, your average guy in a below-average job. But, what happens to him is anything but average. After hitting someone in his truck, his world was turned upside down, inside out, and more than fifty shades of grey.

Now, he seems to be something called a World Keeper, and must create and manage his own world. Is this his afterlife, or something else entirely?

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      Status: c85
      Oct 4, 2019

      An interesting premise with cliche execution and total lack of tension.

      I really tried to stick at least to half of the released chapters, but nothing happens and I got frustrated. 

      The fact that the MC is building a Tolkien/RPG game is not good, but forgivable. 

      The actual problem is that the MC is just randomly developing his world without goal or meaning to it. While there is a possible treat of interdimensional battles, there isn't a time counter for that. He just keeps adding stuff (mostly expository systems and magic) that has no actual use in the story overall. 

      It's exposition for sake of exposition. All the information isn't used anywhere else in the plot and he just keeps adding more and more. 

       There's no conflict between the characters except the godesses calling him dumb for his unreasonable changes in the world, and as a lot ppl have commented, the MC is not really that bright or likeable. There's also neither danger not challenge that forces the characters to get out of their confort zone. They're all omnipotent, after all.

      There's not even drama... I just can't see why a novel that tells no story and has no tension or challenge is at first place.

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      Status: c248
      Feb 28, 2019

      It starts out quite promising, but gets bogged down, progression is extremely slow and the characters are simply like cardboard tropes which makes the slow pace unbearable, both in terms of character progression and plot progression. Enjoyed the beginning, but dropped it after pushing myself to see what's the scenario with the keeper battle and being disappointed.

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      20 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 41: questionably enchanting
      Feb 18, 2020

      TL: DR
      - It has a nice idea, but everything about the execution is dissapointing.

      Imagine reading a summary of the history of the world and its development in a generic fantasy novel, but without of the specifics. That's pretty much what this novel is, apart from when the dude interacts with the keeper community, which isn’t that often.

      No plot. No creative worldbuilding. No intrigue. No interesting characters. No interesting world system. No humor or banter between characters. No exploration or development.

      This has a lot of potential for cool stuff, but sticks to the generic ideas from other fantasy novels. Generic isn’t bad necessarily, but this one kind of leans on the generic ideas so it doesn’t have to put too much work into it. There’s not much description of the cultures and how they change, nor how different societies are developing different. The most you get is one race built a big city, another built many cities, one has lots of war, one explores, one has outlier subraces that are excluded, one has many tribes of closely related races. That’s about all of the description you get. Like how would the development of tools differ for centaurs vs elves vs humans vs beastkin vs dwarves? What cultural aspect would differ? What about their architecture? Like seriously, all of the worldbuilding details in this novel are left out.

      Imagine one of those annoying MC's from the seasonally harem anime. That's this MC. Average intelligence. Dense. No hobbies or really any definite personality traits. Easily pushed around by women, but for some reason is normal vs men. No goals in life other than to live comfortably. Never thinks things through. No defining traits so one can easily imagine themselves in his place. Like he’s not a "bumbling idiot", but he's definitely below average.

      If I had to give you genres for this novel, it would be Fantasy and Slice of Life. There is no romance, no comedy, no adventure, and definitely no action. The MC's setting his gods personalities to love his is not romance.

      How is this the #1 novel on this site? If you disagree with what I've said, please write a review about it. I'd really like to know if this novel is worth reading through a bunch of boring chapters at the start. Like when does it get good if it does? What keeps you reading? Is the start just bad but the novel picks up later on? I really tried to at least read 10% of this novel before posting a review, but I couldn’t stand it anymore after he just randomly gave the gods new domains without thinking at all about what changes it could make.

      I'll apologize in advance to the people that are angered by this review, but this novel just frustrated me so much that I couldn't phrase it in a more positive and neutral point of view. Maybe I just got my hopes up.

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      Status: chapter 330: new divinity
      May 16, 2019

      I am actually writing this in order to counter a previous review I thought was more than a little unfair from someone who had not read on long enough to see that their stance on the matter was completely false.

      The accusation in question was that the MC was a "bumbling idiot who doesn't learn from his mistakes." Well, from my experience, there was only one mistake the MC made that I really felt was contrived or outside of what I could imagine anyone in the MC's situation reasonably doing. Most of his mistakes are very understandable given the situation and the lack of awareness the average person has.

      It strikes me the reviewer in question may be used to the 2 dimensional flat protagonists most fantasy isekai web-novels feature. The MC here is no Kirito from SAO or Sato from Death March. He is a realistically flawed character, and he does indeed learn from his mistakes and become better at what he does as the series goes on.


      However, it does require him to make one pretty big mistake for which he is sat down and given something of an intervention by the goddesses for before he starts really shaping up. The mistake in question is the one I described as seeming a little contrived. This is not because it's not a mistake I wouldn't believe a real person making, it's because it's a mistake I couldn't see this character making.


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      11 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c45
      May 14, 2019

      I know I haven't read most of the novel, but going by the other reviews, it doesn't seem like the problems are likely to go away further into the story.

      The concept is honestly great, and at first, the execution was too. However, after a certain point, the quality of the story started to drop significantly. It goes from a fast-forwarding nationbuilding story where we get glimses of important people's lives as the generations go by, to a slife of life-esque story about a bumbling idiot constantly f**king up and a set of goddesses with over-exaggerated personalities trying to keep things in order.

      Now, that might be an exaggeration, but it gets the point across. What is definitely the most glaring flaw for me is the fact that the protaganist appears to be what can only be described as incompetent. He keeps making mistakes that could easily be avoided if he were to just stop for a second and think about the possible consequences of his actions or consult with others. And what is worse is that he doesn't learn from them. Every wrong action is at most followed by him going whoops, possibly attemping to fix it, and moving on - immidiately to be followed by another mistake. I mean, he litterally has a companion build for the exact purpose of being his guide and assisting him to make the best decisions using the available information, yet he keeps thoughtlessly doing things on his own.

      As for the rest of the goddesses, the first few were honestly fine. They had reasonable personalities as would be expected of sentient beings. But as he gave more goddesses personalities, they started to become more and more over the top, ending up completely outside of how any sane person would behave, reducing them to overused tropes that add nothing of significance to the story.

      Really, the overall concept and worldbuilding are interesting and the beginning parts of the story are great, with none of the aforementioned flaws. The protaganist recorgnizes that he is new and needs guidance and his only companion has a realistic personality, but as the story goes on, the flaws start to appear. If you can ignore the dump decisions and odd personalities, it is probably a great story. However, for me, the flaws are just too annoying for me to enjoy the story.

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      11 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c50
      Jan 19, 2020

      in the beginning it was quite fun but the quality dropped pretty drastically. He, well, isn't really the brightest, he doesn't have any aspirations whatsoever and the worst fact is that he is really spineless and submissive towards his own gods... Honestly, if I were in his position and some random goddess of battle dared to show any signs of hostility towards me, i'd instantly obliterate her. No questions asked, obey or die. That is the style a god, or in this case keeper, should have. Gods are above all and to make a god as spineless and cowardly as Dale is just ridiculous... I mean seriously, random battle goddess threatened to rip your entire creation apart and what did you do? APOLOGIZE TO HER?! wtf, that is not the behaviour of a god, just sad how dumb this so-called "smart guy" is... I'd suggest you overhaul the entire goddess harem and republish the story, this time with the protagonist actually having/developing the bearing of a god...

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      7 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 9: the 72
      Feb 7, 2019

      Bravo! A very good start to a very good story! Needs ∞ more catgirls though.

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      7 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 398: the trade
      Oct 2, 2019

      The whole keeper system is wonderfully designed and a well thought out idea. I find it quite enjoyable to read as things are developing for the characters. It does slow down a lot in the later chapters, but the quality of the writing is still remarkable. I will only assume that the current slow parts are all build up for a big event. I am hoping it happens soon though.

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      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 333: scry me a river
      May 21, 2019

      This is generally a good world building fantasy story but with one glaring flaw that after a good start to the story keeps coming up: Unnecessary / filler style stories. Let me elaborate, often large groups of chapters are devoted to writing a story that is mostly irrelevant to the main story, which on itself is fine, but also does not contain any meaningful character development or set up for future chapters. These kinds of chapters get boring very quickly and I would appreciate it if the writer would ask himself before writing these chapters "Does this (sentence/chapter/story arc) really need to be here, does it add anything to the story?" I understand that sometimes you just have this great idea for a chapter and you really want to use it, but sometimes it just doesn't really add anything that I (and often other people) want to read and we just end up either bored or glossing over it till we find the good parts. So ignoring this flaw I would have rated this as a good (4) story, with this however I have to give it an ok (3) rating although in the latest chapters this problem has gotten less bad so I may update my rating if the story gets significantly better. 

      Edit: Things got significantly worse at some point but has been getting better so I updated my rating. 

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      5 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c50
      Mar 16, 2019

      I've read 50 chapters... the making of this novel even seems to me at the Advanced level... actually I expect something like the Goddesses to have "POV parts" each that tell the point of view and what they think about Dale... I don't want forcing my advice to the Author I just gave my idea 😊

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