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World Keeper
World Keeper
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4.3 (202 ratings)
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Dale Mitchell, your average guy in a below-average job. But, what happens to him is anything but average. After hitting someone in his truck, his world was turned upside down, inside out, and more than fifty shades of grey.

Now, he seems to be something called a World Keeper, and must create and manage his own world. Is this his afterlife, or something else entirely?

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Alternate World Character Growth Dungeons Fantasy World Game Elements God Protagonist Goddesses Godly Powers Heaven Hiding True Abilities Hiding True Identity Jack of All Trades Kingdom Building Level System Magic Magic Formations Magical Technology Male Protagonist Monsters Multiple POV Overpowered Protagonist Parallel Worlds Second Chance Sword And Magic World Invasion
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      Status: chapter 45
      Feb 10, 2019

      very good novel nice theme and we can see the character development for the character 

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      Status: chapter 364: i’m back
      Jul 22, 2019

      It's good. Worldbuilding is fun. (Big friend of world-building)

      However, I am now going to attack the weakest part of the story. The romance.

      The male lead is Dale, while the female lead is terra. Side female leads seem to be Ryona and Irena.

      And these characters do have chemistry, that is to be certain. Problem.

      Where is the intimacy? You have put a romance tag, but there is barely anything. It's a problem when this over 360 chapters long story has only one proper moment of intimacy between male lead and female lead.

      And there is also the fact that characters in this novel have s*x, but it's practically speaking non-existant. You barely even know that the male lead has even had s*x. That's in big part due to lack of intimacy. I mean hell when he conceived his daughter with Ryona's incarnation there was barely mention of any physical intimacy. At best we got the joke out of it.

      Can I get actual flirting, actual intimacy physical or emotional? Like I don't need you to write smut, but just enough so I can consider their relationship legit.

      Because right now I can only remember two intimate scenes. One is the date with Irene (if you f**ked that up, I'd swear to god), the other one is when Udona's fake memories are getting dealt with and Terra comes to Dale afterward and share a heartbreaking scene.

      So yeah, not a good sign when male lead and female lead have one intimate scene together.

      But thankfully that is fixable. Afterall those characters have romantic chemistry.  You just need the execution to actually happen.

      Honestly, this story is good just on worldbuilding and I am a guy who likes worldbuilding. Thus even if you never get to fixing this flaw, I would still continue reading it.

      Hopefully you keep the steady updates coming.

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      Status: c50
      Mar 16, 2019

      I've read 50 chapters... the making of this novel even seems to me at the Advanced level... actually I expect something like the Goddesses to have "POV parts" each that tell the point of view and what they think about Dale... I don't want forcing my advice to the Author I just gave my idea 😊

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      Status: chapter 291: styx
      Feb 26, 2019

      The start is kinda iffy.. But after 20-30 chaps it start getting good and after 150 chapters its great xD and Thank you for your hard work

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