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World Keeper
World Keeper
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Dale Mitchell, your average guy in a below-average job. But, what happens to him is anything but average. After hitting someone in his truck, his world was turned upside down, inside out, and more than fifty shades of grey.

Now, he seems to be something called a World Keeper, and must create and manage his own world. Is this his afterlife, or something else entirely?

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      Status: c490
      Apr 20, 2020

      What can I say? It's just good. The MC just feels like a real person, despite now being a literal creation god. He makes mistakes, he learns from those mistakes.


      A great example is Bihenna (probably spelled wrong, but whatever) Up until he gave her a personality, he was utilizing love in order to keep his gods loyal, something that is pretty reasonable from the standpoint of both an average Joe and a self-proclaimed pervert. However, she realizes that her emotions are fake and gets pissed off at him, after all, who wouldn't get pissed realizing that they had love towards someone shoved into their head? However, she does eventually seem to truly love him, having deemed him worthy.


      All of that is just one example of many of just how great this story is. I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone and everyone, especially those who (like me) enjoy game novels. There are some parts that I ended up skipping altogether though, as they just weren't super enjoyable for me.


      An example is the VR arc, it was just kinda boring for me, I see why it was needed in the overall story, and it being there honestly improves upon Dale's character even more, but I just didn't like it.


      However, at least with the arcs I did not enjoy, I was able to skip them and didn't feel like I had missed anything, I could easily piece together what happened, and how it effects the story.

      Regardless, if I had one complaint about this novel, it would be that there aren't thousands of chapters. I really wish that I wasn't broke as sh*t and could donate to the author, the novels are just good.

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      Status: chapter 393: spica
      Apr 8, 2020

      Great story, good writing, though I dont recommend it for those that lack patience, or dont have too much time on their hands.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c30
      Apr 8, 2020

      Super Cliche with a douchebag mary sue MC. 

      There was a TON of potenial in this story, but it was all wasted.

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      Status: c41
      Mar 14, 2020

      I really like the premise of this story. It had great potential, and could have had creative, unique world building. The author ignored that in favor of a cliche harem. This novel exemplifies everything people don’t like about harems. There is little to no character development, everyone is a pushover, and the story quickly loses any sort of interesting plot. To sum it up, this story is a huge disappointment, and not at all what I was expecting.

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      Status: c53
      Dec 28, 2019

      I tried read, but I don't see any objective in the history, It's like a Slice of Life of a God, initially you can think is a slice of life of a god in the middle of the mortals, but isn't, the god just keep watching the world and making changes;

      And I disliked somethings, first the small 'NTR' like act, well, it's a yuri NTR and the protagonist don't care much;

      Second, that god with rage because of the protagonist write her 'heart', personally I think love as much better than make someone 'loyal', when someone is 'loyal' he can give him own life with one word of their 'master', but in the love, if you betray maybe you can get killed in the wrost case, the love it's much more 'permissive' than loyality in my POV, then I don't liked when she say to him that is bad, because to begin, the fact she can became angry with him it's just because he don't make her loyal to he.

      Think in this history as the diary of someone playing a type of The Sims but universe-wide

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c72
      Nov 6, 2019

      When I saw the description of the story, I immediately felt that this was right up my alley. Nation building, world building, guiding the planet to survive in a multiverse designed for conflict, all interesting things. However, 72 chapters in and it's devolved into a slice-of-life where the protagonist with power over the world just messes around, before slowly taking care of things that should have been resolved ages ago. For him to actually take action, it always has to become a problem for him to take care of it.

      The other issue that I have, is that his life is literally on the line since once the planet hits a certain point of development, other planets will begin to invade with the express intention of killing him. Given that bit of information, you would think that at least some of his time is spent attempting to figure out ways to strengthen people without raising their levels so that they punch above their weight class, but none of that happens. The last bit that I read through, he decided not to buy an additional planet because he didn't want to be overwhelmed, despite the fact that he barely does anything, and that he can completely halt the progression of time whenever he feels like it. Given that most of his time is spent staring at them and then skipping hundreds of years into the future, it doesn't make sense why he wouldn't want another planet to toss at the inevitable threat.

      Overall, the story starts with an interesting premise and the writing is solid with little in the way of errors, but it starts to fall flat the longer it goes on. The characters don't grow (half the gods don't get personalities until 70 chapters in) and little happens to break up the endless chats between the MC and the goddesses, and most frustrating for me, he doesn't actually do anything to build the world, outside of purchasing the occasional system addition. All that said, these are problems that are solvable, but I had hoped for more from that #1 all time most popular.

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      Status: chapter 395: the binding of a...
      Oct 20, 2019

      To be honest, it kinda lackluster. The theme is pretty nice, the world building is also fine. Then, although it kind a take a long time, you finally found sense of dread. I'm talking about the invasion. But then nothing. Writer just skip the whole part and make it like never happened. I don't know if the writer purposefully do that or he just put it in the side novel (yes, this novel has a side novel with reverse name I belive), but both option is a mistake. The writer forgo the whole reasoning the system exist, that is to fight (or negotiate) and only focus solely to world building aspect.

      So yeah, 3 star.

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      Status: chapter 364: i’m back
      Jul 22, 2019

      It's good. Worldbuilding is fun. (Big friend of world-building)

      However, I am now going to attack the weakest part of the story. The romance.

      The male lead is Dale, while the female lead is terra. Side female leads seem to be Ryona and Irena.

      And these characters do have chemistry, that is to be certain. Problem.

      Where is the intimacy? You have put a romance tag, but there is barely anything. It's a problem when this over 360 chapters long story has only one proper moment of intimacy between male lead and female lead.

      And there is also the fact that characters in this novel have s*x, but it's practically speaking non-existant. You barely even know that the male lead has even had s*x. That's in big part due to lack of intimacy. I mean hell when he conceived his daughter with Ryona's incarnation there was barely mention of any physical intimacy. At best we got the joke out of it.

      Can I get actual flirting, actual intimacy physical or emotional? Like I don't need you to write smut, but just enough so I can consider their relationship legit.

      Because right now I can only remember two intimate scenes. One is the date with Irene (if you f**ked that up, I'd swear to god), the other one is when Udona's fake memories are getting dealt with and Terra comes to Dale afterward and share a heartbreaking scene.

      So yeah, not a good sign when male lead and female lead have one intimate scene together.

      But thankfully that is fixable. Afterall those characters have romantic chemistry.  You just need the execution to actually happen.

      Honestly, this story is good just on worldbuilding and I am a guy who likes worldbuilding. Thus even if you never get to fixing this flaw, I would still continue reading it.

      Hopefully you keep the steady updates coming.

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      Status: chapter 503: census
      Jun 20, 2020

      Great book, great writing and superb character development.

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