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/ Series / Reincarnated as an Orphaned Dragon!
Reincarnated as an Orphaned Dragon!
Reincarnated as an Orphaned Dragon!
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Lena(now Lava), whom accepted an early death, is now fated to live the longest!

After losing her mother, Lava was taken into a human orphanage and finds a new family to care for.

Threatened by the pending demon invasion, the Prazia kingdom funded orphanages to squeeze every unknown talent from its citizens.

Lava must now deal with those that want to use her power for their own gain.
Having strength doesn't make you invincible, no matter how strong you are, those you care about will always be your weakness.
Reality can be dark, and not everything will just fall into place perfectly.

Just so you know, this is focused on being 'realistic', plot armor will not bail the MC out and MC is not immune to being a pawn. I expressly wanted to avoid nonsense like an MC saving someone that just happens to be important.
As such, I don't have a problem with getting dark, reality is dark, sometimes you can't expect everything to just work out.

Keep in mind this is my first ever attempt at writing.

The beginning chapters are really bad at pacing and description, and I did a lot of redundant stuff trying to come up with a way to drive plot. It wasn't until past ch.23 where a plot came to me.
That I rushed the first chapters and didn't give any backstory really came back to bite me later on.

ActionFantasyIsekaiSlice of Life
Adopted Protagonist Dragons Family Female Protagonist Magic Non-human Protagonist Reincarnated as a Monster Reincarnation Slow Growth at Start
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Table of Contents
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