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/ Series / Tale of the Legendary Emperor
Tale of the Legendary Emperor
Tale of the Legendary Emperor
15.7k Views 405 Favorites 69 Chapters 6 Chapters/Week 107 Readers
4.6 (10 ratings)
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When humanity is forced to venture into a new, mysterious world of magic, they quickly learn that through a mystical system and endless wars, survival of the fittest is the only rule that remains.

Having reincarnated into his younger self, Jay Collin finds himself destined for nothing less than greatness.

With the knowledge of his previous life and his desire for power, Jay begins a journey where he will strive at all costs to establish his very own empire.

"Blood shall flow, for all that stands in my way shall be slain. The ones who pass shall never be mourned. After all, it is the victor that decides how history will be written."

ActionAdventureFantasyHorrorLitRPGMartial ArtsMysterySupernaturalTragedy
Dark Death Destiny Empires Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Kingdom Building Magic Murders Reincarnation Subtle Romance
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      Status: c5
      Apr 1, 2020

      Guilty Pleasure

      While this story has the same premise as many other in the same genre, it does it with formidable execution. The words flow well, the grammar is good, and the style is top notch. The action scenes specifically are a pleasure to read.

      One nitpick I have on the author is the reaction of the MC when he came back in time. He kinda knows immediately that it happened which is weird since you would expect him to be a bit more confused.

      But other than that, it's really good! Read it if you enjoy LitRPG elements and world turned into a game kind of scenarios. It reminds me a bit of Reincarnator.

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      Status: chapter 30: the trebuchet
      Apr 17, 2020

      It is a fun story of a system operated world where the nd 7ses his knowledge from before being sent back in time to get a head start on claiming power.  The grammar is well done and the world building is well thought out.  The personality of the MC makes sense and their actions do not seem jarring, they are also still falable.  

      Give the story a shot.  If you like kingdom building you will like this.  Similar to slime and punishment without being so OP.

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