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Lust Knight
Lust Knight
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Lucien, a guy who has nothing but the desire to save his mother. To get strong enough, he makes a contract with the demon of Lust. And now, only by making a great harem, will he gain the power to protect those dear to him.
This story contains sexual content. It's still a fantasy adventure (no reincarnation or system).
I am a beginner author. I'm not completely fluent with the English language, it's my second language. This story is written with the help of my friend, Malcolm_Massey, who edits my chapters to avoid grammatical and misspellings mistakes.

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Antihero Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Evil Protagonist Gate to Another World Gore Handsome Male Lead Incest Leadership Love Interest Falls in Love First Possessive Characters R-18 Sister Complex Wars
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      Status: c86
      Apr 13, 2020

      *Library Acquired A New Master-Piece* 

      [Title: Lust Knight]

      -Class: SS+ Legendary 

      -Quality: Epic (High)

      -Fan Service: Legendary (High)

      -Quantity: Legendary (???)


      -A Master-piece created by a Legendary Class Man Of Culture. Though still learning, but surely a natural born (?). Created to entice and charm the readers with the spices of high-quality FAP materials. 

      -Highly recommended

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      5 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 15
      Apr 4, 2020

      So I came here becuz of the tag "incest". Im at chapter 15 so far so good especially the s*x scenes..

      If you are a man of culture like me you better not miss this HAHAHA

      This is my first time writing a review so forgive me if my review doesnt make sense to you... I just want to recommend this to my fellow men.

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      5 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 66 – breakfast (part 1)
      Apr 7, 2020

      This story is great. 

      I like especially how the MC changes over the first few chapters. 

      The girls are nice with quiet the variety. 

      For guys that like raunchy harem this is the perfect story.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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