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The World Destroyer
The World Destroyer
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---Warning for people with suicidal tendencies---

"Kill or be Killed"

Life was going well for the rich, intelligent and athletic girl Pacific Hanasaki. But she suddenly decided to commit suicide because of her "logical" reasoning, “What’s the point of living if you already have what you want?” Yet she didn’t die at all, because Judgment Day has arrived: where God decides who goes to Heaven.

He decided that he wants to bring every human to Heaven. There is an exception though, the Sinners: living people who attempted suicide. There is only one way for a Sinner to go to heaven: kill everyone and be the last one alive.

In a world where no one is born and everyone will die, the Sinners are tasked to purge the Earth with the help of a companion, Angels, each with different powers. Pacific was given the Angel of Secrets, Raziel. Can Pacific successfully kill everyone and remain alive while other Sinners do the same and hunt each other down? How can she even kill other sinners?
features some of my art and checking out this website
also in if not here or there, that's not me
I appreciate it so much if you comment criticisms and such, especially since this is my first story and it has a very controversial topic that could offend people if I do it wrong. Thank you if you do so.

Abusive Characters Angels Apocalypse Brainwashing Complex Family Relationships Conflicting Loyalties Depictions of Cruelty Depression Detectives Evil Gods Female Protagonist Genius Protagonist Limited Lifespan Murders Post-apocalyptic Serial Killers Suicides Twisted Personality
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