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/ Series / Tree of Aeons (an Isekai Story)
Tree of Aeons (an Isekai Story)
Tree of Aeons (an Isekai Story)
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4.7 (264 ratings)
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      Status: threetree defense initiative
      Mar 6, 2019

      tl;dr - definitely give the first 3 or 4 chapters a try, I think you'll get hooked!

      I'm not going to lie. Given the title, synopsis, and a seriously OTT story I previously found on RR with a similar premise, I really was not expecting a lot from this. I am quite happy that I still decided to give it a go. The first chapter starts off a bit rough, but with each chapter the author quickly gets into the setting and the story really grabs you. The characters could do with a little more development, maybe, but at the same time the story is told from the perspective of a tree who doesn't care too much for most people and has an increasingly different perception of time, so I guess it makes sense in a way. The chapters are nice and long, too, which I very much appreciate - too many authors seem to focus on quantity and update frequency over length, these days, which hampers immersion and enjoyment IMO even if the quality is still high. 

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      Status: c60
      Oct 23, 2019

      Amazing novel.

      Tree MC + Territory-building + Fantasy World + Summoned Heroes + Demon Kings

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: druidic conflict
      Aug 14, 2019

      Definitely the kind of story I like. Kingdom Building is a personal favorite of mine, and this has lots of it.

      The conflicts are interesting, and it almost makes me want to write my own book with a tree character.

      But I won't. It's just good enough to be inspiring, and I really recommend one gives it a shot.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: another army
      Feb 16, 2019

      The story is very refreshing and interesting, seeing the world from the point of view of the tree, its kind of sad how passive and un-human like matt is sometimes, though it can also be interesting.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: stories on wn are not by me [not a chapter]
      Jan 5, 2020

      It's supremely captivating, there are very few problems with this story be it grammar, world background, character depth and interactions. One thing that ppl complain about is TreeTree being... too naive in a way. And well, I say TreeTree evolves with time. Being less and less naive, having more fleshed out plans and being proactive (which is surprising for a tree :/)

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      Status: blessed splinter (p69)
      Dec 19, 2019

      Amazing. The story really pulls you in. The story is well-balanced so you don't feel excessive in any ways. Pace is good enough, and so are the viewpoints of other characters.

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      Status: the tree uses heal, round 2
      Aug 29, 2019

      A largely original take on isekai novels. That really is how I'd put it, the originality is the biggest selling point in my opinion. Tree of Aeons has a pretty engaging plot and a rather unique style of storytelling style. It does however feel a little lazy to make it a system based novel. The big issue with system based novels is that it takes away from creative depth of a story. However considering that this seems to be one of the authors first attempts at writing a novel I'd say its a bang up job. Certainly will recommend this novel as its really a beautiful story compared to most of the novels I see getting votes nowadays. Right up there with World Keeper imo, I'd go so far as to say it has more unexplored potential than World Keeper where World Keeper is better thought out. I have given it a 4 star rating in hindsight because I think the author can definitely improve, I'm probably holding him to a higher standard than I would most stories but I just think it could be that good.

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      Status: records of the demon castle wars – year 80 month 8
      Aug 24, 2019

      I binge read through all the released chapters as of 2019.08.24 in the last couple of days and I'd say this novel's pretty good. It has a very interesting premise and delivers on what's being promised. The tree perspective on human affairs and on the passage of time is quite novel and amusing and the dry and matter-of-fact style of the writing goes pretty well with the 1st person perspective of a tree.

      The fantasy world the author created is unveiled to the readership very slowly and organically and even the info dumps we get here and there are presented with an interesting setting, by way of experiments and research projects. The gaming mechanics are well thought out and don't get (too much) in the way. Also, the author seems to have planned for a long time already a way to explain those elements in a way that makes them part of the fabric of the world he created.

      The supporting cast of characters are not exactly well developed, but only a handful feel like a walking husk of clichés. I like the way they interact with one another and the fact that they have agency over their own decisions regardless of what the MC is doing is very welcomed.

      If I were to point out things I dislike about the novel, it would be the constant need of the author to make the main character use current pop culture references when the main character himself is an 80+ years old tree with few (if any) attachments to his past life. The world we're presented with has plenty of characters that could be using those pop culture references in a much more fluidly way, but it feels kinda clunky when the one using them's the MC.

      Also, it's high time for the MC to experience true failure at least once.  Though he's surely not presented as an invincible being, he's been winging successes after successes for far too long already.

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      Status: Dark Thoughts
      Jul 23, 2019

      Thoroughly enjoyed this story for now. The passive and calm acts were fun to read. Overall an interesting and unique story. Definitely give the first chapters a try.

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      Status: research trees
      Apr 18, 2019

      To be honest the first few chapters were kind of iffy, and I really doubted if I could stand catching up to the current chapters. Having nothing else to do and being bored out of my mind, I tried it, and am not feeling an ounce of regret. Superb feel good story, it's a really chill novel for a lazy day. Not much intense action, cause the MC is OP, though I do wish he was a bit more active.

      Only thing I'd point out is that the story starts out slow. Basically a word brick of really inconsequential things but after that it's a good read.

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