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/ Series / Reliving the Past ~ Mage of the Abyss
Reliving the Past ~ Mage of the Abyss
Reliving the Past ~ Mage of the Abyss
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Siola Mithra, latest child of the Mithra household and the first that was known... as a disgrace.
Neglected by her family, abandoned by the one she loves. The girl swore to have revenge, making them regret everything they have done to her. However, the plan she has crafted failed miserably, and soon after... long after she's under the heavy depression of her own mistake, she gave up thinking about it all and move on with her life.

She picks up a virtual-reality game and then played it extensively. Finding new companions, new life, a new purpose. She embraced it all dearly and it leads her to a generally stable life... until a certain event happens.
"I can only care about fame and glory. Oh, don't cry. Just suck it up and die for me, yeah?" ~ Dola

ActionAdultAdventureFantasyGirls LoveLitRPGMatureSeinenSmut
Evil Protagonist Family Conflict Female Protagonist Futanari Futuristic Setting Game Elements Gate to Another World MMORPG Righteous Protagonist Selfish Protagonist Selfless Protagonist Sentimental Protagonist Subtle Romance
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      New shillbear
      Status: chapter 18 ~ a bad day 4/4
      May 20, 2020

      this story is so far not abaut how a broken soul get a new leas of life to seek happines this is a story abaut a broken soul that look into the abys and joins it dont wanna spoil so not gonna say anything spesifik.

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