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/ Series / Hogwarts: The Unscientific Wizard
Hogwarts: The Unscientific Wizard
Hogwarts: The Unscientific Wizard
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4.7 (21 ratings)
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Andy Collins insists Hogwarts is a cursed school.

A centenarian lives in solitude, an elderly cat lady's marriage has broken off, a middle-aged man with a hook nose is heartbroken in love, a half-giant lives in a cramped hut and a glass beauty has a daily hangover.

Andy Collins lists them all, and it seems that every single professor at Hogwarts is on the list of bachelors! The entire Faculty!

Andy Collins had no great ambitions and just wanted to study 'Magical Magic' in peace. To have a happy life as a Professor at the school after graduation, Andy Collins decided to break the curse and spend seven years of school life solving the personal problems of the professors as a part-time gig.

First, let's start with a blind date.

PS: Mc only watched 1st Harry Potter Film.


Author: soda bottle cap



Other than translation, everything belong to the original creator. If the original creator wants to take it down, pls leave a review below, just found the CN novel and translate it here to increase my vocabulary, English and to earn some coffee change.

If you have some extra pocket money, Support me on Patreon:

This is where I read it-

You can support original author in Chinese site.

ActionAdventureFanfictionFantasyIsekaiRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Harry Potter
Academy Genius Protagonist Reincarnation Romantic Subplot
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Table of Contents
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    New InterestedReader
    Status: chapter 25 the hidden secret between...
    • Translation: 3.4/5, it's understandable, but sentences are often awkward and keep a distinct chinese accent that can be off-putting for english natives.
    • Story enjoyment: 2.5/5, MC's HP knowledge is a huge plot hole. He supposedly only knows about the first book, but he often references stuff that happens in the later books with "guesses" that are always accurate? + The system is kinda trash IMO.

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    New Level9ROB
    Status: chapter 110 that year, i put...

    It's nice, imo; a xianxia-like Hogwarts iykwim; the MC not knowing much gives this a nice touch, and as such gets up to, in retrospect cringy, shenanigans.

    If the title was 'Andy's Shenanigans in Hogwarts', it would've made so much sense.

    Give it a light read and treat it like the light reat it is.

    Also, unlike the some uninteresting reader's review, imo, not having knowledge of the plot isn't a plot hole; he doesn't magically (pun intended) know about the chamber of secrets and ginny's diary, or about the Rat animagus that Ron keeps around, he doesn't know the triwizard will happen, nor does he know about either Snape's true past, umb (ich) ridge, or even the invinisibility cape harry will have; he doens't know about the marauder's map, about dumbles' death, voldemort's various plots, seriously, MC only knows about the one book he apparently knows about and moves with that knowledge. It's not a plot plot, and it's enjoyable to read his feelings and thoughts about it, without knowing the true danger voldy can unleash on the poor lad.

    As for the system being unhelpful? Please. As soon as a system doesn't make the MC super OP in a couple of chapters these types of guys start yapping around. The way I see it, the way it's set up is for the long haul -- it'll take years' work before he becomes anywhere OP and that's more enjoyable than suddenly spewing out seventh year charm spells left and right after just two months of training at home. I'd know; I'm a fan 

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: c83

    Honestly a gem lol. I didn't expect to find this as much fun as I did, but it really has a unique premise compared to other Isekai hp fanfics. The MC only has watched movie 1, so his understanding of the world is limited. I found the recent chapters to be really funny too-


    After changing things to make Hermione to join him in ravenclaw, the MC further f**ks the plot up by getting Quirell kicked out before October. And due to Hermione not being part of the golden trio, it's now the idiot duo with Harry and Ron surprising Dumbledore with their sheer incompetence. Also due to Hermione not befriending them, the MC has somehow become the brain behind the duo, even though he really doesn't want to and ends up giving them sh*t plans like putting Malfoy's head in a sack and beating him up and telling them to go to the forbidden forest with the invisibility cloak, leading them to end up in the hospital due to stepping on hallucinogenic mushrooms. Dumbledore literally is at the end of his wits and is just letting fate take it's course with the idiot duo. It's bloody hilarious to witness.


    Overall, it's a fun read, would recommend checking it out.

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