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/ Series / Invincible Canadian Hermaphrodite Goddess Cultivator
Invincible Canadian Hermaphrodite Goddess Cultivator
Invincible Canadian Hermaphrodite Goddess Cultivator
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4.2 (105 ratings)
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There's always a limit to how much people can take. Bullshit. Pandering. Brutality. Death. Steff passed hers a long time ago. She's a foreigner in this world, an unwelcome guest. She doesn't really care. After two years of putting up with things that rub her in the wrong direction every single day, of seeing a civilization trying it's best to devour and destroy itself, she snaps.

Woe betide those who get in her way. With the Grand Demon's Duel -a premier tournament for arrogant young masters trying to prove themselves- she has a perfect outlet for all that pent-up violence.

Faces will be flattened, crotches smoten, ancestors insulted and All. Hell. Raised.

ActionAdultAdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsSmut
Antihero Protagonist Aristocracy Bisexual Protagonist Body Tempering Character Growth Clever Protagonist Confident Protagonist Couple Growth Dark Demi-Humans Depictions of Cruelty Elves Fantasy World Fearless Protagonist Female Protagonist Futanari Heroes Multiple POV R-18 Racism Sex Friends Slave Harem Unique Cultivation Technique Wars Wuxia
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      Status: c51
      Feb 16, 2019

      To make a brief summary:

      If you are looking for dark flavoured satire of typical chinese cultivation novel, you came to the right place. But if you are expecting something like an another serious attempt at beating (at least in my opinion) horse that is long dead, I suggest you keep going.

      Now to make it a bit longer and adress some problems and strong points:


      So far as I have read author managed to not contradict himself (or at least I have missed it), what in many cases is an achievement in itself. As this review is written it is hard to say something about the plot at the great scheme of things, since so far average pace is ~6 chapters describe one day in the novel. Overall, so far so good.


      Average 3rd plan character maybe has not walked straight out of your average wuxia novel, but it is not very far from it. It can be told that the overall of society does not make it overly hard to notice what trope author refers to. When it comes to MC, I guess all the tags inform reader quite well, the combination of pompous cultivation society and the MC that is constantly fed up with their ways, leads to a lot of conflict/funny situations (well, it's comedy after all, isn't it?)

      Grammar... (let me add one more dot) .

      Let's say that it is acceptable. It's way above the level of 'oh, this sh*t is gouging my eyes!' but it's unfortunately a bit far from perfect. On the other hand it have to be admitted that reported errors are viciously decimated, so providing enough time and goodwill of the readers (to report errors) this issue can be dealt with once for all (eventually).

      Longer summary:

      Overall, the read is enjoyable. Readers have not been lied to, and get exactly what was written on the wrapping. You won't get assaulted by way too lengthy infodumps, since this is not the point in any comedy. Personally, I can tell that this novel has passed my night test (I start reading at ~10 p.m and if I manage to keep reading to ~10 a.m novel pass [with obvious sanitary breaks])

      (If you have noticed I have read slightly ahead of what is available here, congratulations, you deserve an imaginary cookie)

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      4 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c3
      Feb 26, 2019

      Honestly, after the first paragraph in chapter three and having already started smiling during the second half of chapter 2 I was already sold. I had to clamp a hand over my mouth to keep from laughing at f**king 4am and waking of the f**king dead. This sh*t right here. This sh*t is that f**king good laughs. I'll return with an actual review when I finish catching up.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c37
      Feb 22, 2019

      I'll preface this by saying two things: This was done as part of a review swap and that I feel that I'm unable to fully appreciate or criticize this story to its fullest due to my lacking in reading of cultivation stories.

      Long review short, Invincible has several flaws but they are outweighed by its strengths. If you go in with an open mind and a bit of immature outlook, you're gonna love it. Try to take this too seriously and you're probably going to find yourself tired with the story real quick.

      Short Review Long:

      Starting with the plot, so far it seems to follow the adventures of our main protagonist Steffany (who is accurately described by the title) as she attempts to just deal with the daily bullsh*t and general stupidity of the world she lives within. As it progresses, the story leaves her perspective to go to other characters who tend to be rolled up in their own separate affairs from the MC, intersecting when it makes sense. With this leaving of the Steff's perspective, the world begins to open up and you're handed out interesting hints as to how it might progress and develop. I rather do find this approach to the story to be entertaining and organic, since this makes everything flow naturally without issue as far as I'm concerned.

      Moving onto the characters, I think just by looking at the main protagonist, Steff, you can determine what you're getting into. Steff is an uncouth, dirty-mouthed bitch and she is unapologetic about this. She is constantly cursing, uncomfortably brutal at times, and holds a grand disdain for many of the inhabitants of the world she lives within. And I think, when like this, she is at her best and can be immensely enjoyable. However, there are times where she tries to show herself to be a good person and I honestly find there to be a sorta disconnect with her when she does, because she seems to mellow out a little too much for my taste. In the case of other chracters, I do find myself liking and enjoying all of the side crew who aren't antagonist, since they seemed they all hold some interesting story to them that helps them come to life and their personalities tend to be entertaining as well with Steff's butler and a doctor she dealt with being particular highlights for me. My problem with the other characters has to do with many of the antagonists falling a bit flat for me, since they seem a bit lacking in depth. One so far has really caught my interest however, and I do think that this can be ignored if you just look at the antagonist as what they're supposed to be: antagonist. 

      Moving on, I wish to speak of the action because that is a big part of Invincible, and I will say it is top notch. The fights never really fail to entertain me and all hold value within the story when seen. When the fights are one-sided, they are these enjoyable and self-satisfying romps that just revel in the spectacle, while when more even the stakes can be felt and they can keep you on edge while keeping the action strong and it a bit of a guess who will win. Next, I'll speak on the humor. Within this story, the humor is very much immature and wild with a lot of the jokes holding a s*xual nature to them, is related to physical violence, or a bit gross in nature. I honestly love them, but I know others might not. 

      The final thing I'm gonna talk about is grammar, which needs some work. The grammar is far from atrocious but stands to leave a fair bit to be desired.

      I'll end this review my saying this, Invincible Canadianan Hermaphrodite Goddess Cultivator is a trashy story that is enjoyed best when you can just say f**k it and dive in. 

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c53
      Mar 17, 2019

      I came here expecting a lot of s*xual contents... don't look at me like that. 

      Well, I'm really expecting it. But, while reading through it, I forgot about that expectation completely. It's not the best plot but it's like less nonsense? or just very damn straight up into action (not in 18+ meaning), like the MC.

      Quite enjoyable read. I always come back to check this everynight before go to sleep. lol

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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