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/ Series / A Mage with Servants
A Mage with Servants
A Mage with Servants
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Book 3 in the Nath’aniel Series
With the Lost Nazi Legion defeated, peaceful contact established to much of the tribes of the Savage Lands and SHIELD cautiously acknowledging the sovereignty of Nath’aniel and the Magi, what is next for him and his friends the Brotherhood of Mutants? Will they be left alone? Or will splinter groups and hidden threats rear their heads to lash out at them from odd angles? What is next for a Mage and his Servants?
This story is the continuation for ‘A Mage in the Savage Lands’, but it is also highly suggested if you haven’t read ‘A Knight and the Raven’ then you may want to do that first as there are several new faces in the Brotherhood added in that side story. This book is about as long as the second novel, but unfortunately it is not complete at time of posting (work and life distracting me).
As such I will be slower in posting for a bit till the first draft is complete, namely only 2 chapters a week, instead of 3, but once the first draft is finished (hopefully only a couple of weeks), I will return to a 3 chapters a week release. I want reliable posting, rather than rushed and sloppy.
Sexual Content is ticked, because in this novel unlike the last one there are a couple of explicit scenes. They are not full chapters but the shorter Interludes and are marked with a (NSFW) in their chapter title. Gore is ticked, because again, these are generally super humans fighting and killing regular people, so it can be a bit messy. Strong Language is ticked, because some of these characters just have a potty mouth and swear.
Each chapter will be between 2500 and 3000 words, while interludes will be shorter (around 1500-1800 words). [Note I do not include the chapter line nor the following two lines (the header) in my personal word count, so it may be about 15-20 words longer]
Updates will be on Tue and maybe Sat (or Sun).
Cover art is a commission. The artist requested that i did not post his name.

Fate series Marvel Comics MCU
Cautious Protagonist Harem-seeking Protagonist Hidden Abilities Lost Civilizations Magic Magical Technology Master-Servant Relationship Modern Time Multiple POV R-18 Seeing Things Other Humans Can't Tragic Past
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