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The Last Hero
The Last Hero
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Carried away by a raging river, Elian was sure he would die. Yet Death decided it was not his time, and when he reopened his eyes, an unfamiliar blue sky greeted him, and a little fluffy creature who was calling him a Hero.

Maybe he did die. Perhaps it was a test before the afterlife for the Gods above to measure his mantle against an insurmountable challenge.

Sure enough... He didn't need to wait for long to learn why he appeared in this alien land called Susaria. It turns out that he is not the first to be summoned into this world, but he will most likely be the last. His predecessor, the Hero Dalen, made sure of it.

After saving the world from destruction, a celebrated figure, a living legend in the people's eyes, decided it was his right to rule the world with an iron fist. Elian had to realize it would be his quest to stop him... The question was, will he be able to do it? Or will he be just the next Hero in line, waiting to be defeated?

--- Author's notes:

Hey-ho! I am happy you clicked on my story and are considering checking it out! For my returning readers, welcome back! Here are some quick notes on what you need to know about this story if you need a bit more information than a traditional synopsis:

- I decided to make this part of my Cosmos series, but it only has vague, faint inklings, as I do not plan to include cameos or direct references here. This is just another realm, somewhere in the vast cosmos.
- The chapters in this book are 3/4 of the length of my usual chapters. This choice was made consciously, as it helps me write it consistently in tandem with the other books. Also, this story is going to be shorter than the others.
- Expect a story about a classic Good vs Evil scenario. I just wanted to write a fun hero's journey story for a change of pace. Of course, this does not mean I will shove 2D characters into it, but the motivations are more straightforward than my usual settings. Someone is here to dominate, and someone is here to stop that from happening.
- The release schedule will be six chapters per week, from Monday to Saturday, 16:00 UTC+2. You can read twelve chapters ahead, so two weeks over the public chapters on my patreon!
- Also, this story was the very first I wrote back in high school, many years ago. I still have it printed out. When I found it, I decided to rework it because now I can do so much more with the core idea. So, while this is new, it is a story I have already told as a teenager, so I have a clear plot laid out before me that I am simply expanding with my now improved skillset.

Lastly, if you are still here, you can find us on our discord:

Accelerated Growth Army Demi-Humans Determined Protagonist Fantasy World Helpful Protagonist Heroes Human-Nonhuman Relationship Knights Male Protagonist Martial Spirits Phoenixes Power Struggle Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Romantic Subplot Royalty Saving the World Sealed Power Selfless Protagonist Special Abilities Strong Love Interests Summoned Hero Sword And Magic Transported into Another World Wars
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