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/ Series / When This Season Comes, you will no longer be here.
When This Season Comes, you will no longer be here.
When This Season Comes, you will no longer be here.
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In the presence of others, she was always apathetic and indifferent, making it impossible for anyone to be close to her. She was someone whose time had frozen in place, staying away from the flowing world. Someone who was always alone, sitting at the back of the classroom, quietly gazing at the deep sky.

Yet, there was always this 'person' who seemed to be able to gradually melt her frozen heart, always dragging her from places to places. Like-wise, no one wanted to be close to this person, staying far away from her as possible, treating her like she did not exist.

One day, before that 'person' was forever gone, that 'person' screamed,
"Why do you bother staying in my life, making me unable to live without you, yet when it comes to you yourself, can properly go about without having me in your life!”

No, you're wrong. not living.
⁑ ⁑ ⁑
At 13, She met her.
At 15, They became sisters.
At 17, She lost her world and ....
When this season comes, you will no longer be here.
My source of happiness, the only person who can evoke emotions from my non-existent heart.
Sociopath were your last words to me, before you were forever gone.
My best friend and dear sister, whom my parents don't know exists.
And your adoptive parents whom, till the final moment, abandoned you.
Until, the day I see you again.

AdultDramaJoseiMaturePsychologicalRomanceSchool LifeSmutTragedy
Arrogant Characters Beautiful Couple Beautiful Female Lead Betrayal Bickering Couple Business Management Calm Protagonist Clever Protagonist Cold Love Interests Cruel Characters Death of Loved Ones Different Social Status Family Business Genius Protagonist Healing Heartwarming Psychopaths Quiet Characters Secret Identity Slow Romance Stoic Characters Unconditional Love Younger Sisters
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