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/ Series / See You at The Gathering of The Prime Scribes
See You at The Gathering of The Prime Scribes
See You at The Gathering of The Prime Scribes
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Step right up, one and all! Enter the vibrant world where worries melt away and joy reigns supreme! The Wanderland Troupe beckons you to escape this mundane world and surrender to our enchanting revels. Prepare to be dazzled by spellbinding plays, mesmerized by gravity-defying acts, and consumed by uproarious laughter that will warm your soul! We offer an escape like no other, where you can lose yourself in the magic and revel in the sheer ecstasy of our enchanted world. Embrace the adventure that awaits as you step through our gateway into a world of pure enchantment and exhilaration.

Countless have heard the call, many succumbed to the Wanderland's tantalizing promises of mirth and merriment. To the uninitiated, it appears as a mesmerizing dreamscape - a fleeting transient otherworldly ecstasy curated by its charismatic hosts. But amidst the glorious facade, Yusciel, a prodigious performer within this realm, has glimpsed the darker undercurrents lurking beneath the shimmering surface. The true architect built upon a world of fun, orchestrates each intoxicating spectacle not solely to entertain, but to destabilize the senses, leading one on a dance of exhilaration and disorientation where the tether to reality unravels in a whirlwind of ecstatic abandon. Within Wanderland’s world, seductive embrace lies both an avenue to profound liberation and a treacherous trap that ensnares those who surrender to its charms.

Hurry now, dear wanderstruck patrons! Step through our grand archway and leave behind the cares of the ordinary world! In Wanderland, our mesmerizing performers, our circus demigods, half-human, and half-abomination, will sweep away the remnants of reality with their wild captivating acts. Laughter reigns here, replacing reason with joyous abandon. Let our gentle touch soothe your weary minds until you are lost in a world of endless enchantment. Discard those woes forever and surrender yourself, rapturously, into Wanderland's abyss...

Academy Acting Army Building Cautious Protagonist Corruption Crafting Criminals Evil Organizations Famous Protagonist Fantasy World Female Protagonist Immortals Introverted Protagonist Magic Magical Technology Multiple Realms Mysterious Past Past Plays a Big Role Reincarnation Secret Organizations Special Forces Strong to Stronger Tragic Past Transformation Ability Writers
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