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/ Series / My next life in another world as a CATGIRL? what can go wrong?
My next life in another world as a CATGIRL? what can go wrong?
My next life in another world as a CATGIRL? what can go wrong?
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"I swear in my next life I will live my life as I wish!"

"I heard your wish! If so, then let it be!"

"Wait really?"

Right on my deathbed at the same hospital room, the beautiful lady who appeared infront of me said she can grant my wish?


A world from an animated series?


What's that?

Anyways now that I have a new life might as well enjoy it!

So uh... What is aura?

What is Semblance?

And do I need to use a weapon?


Weapons are the reason why I lost my life!

What will I use to fight the enemies?

I will do something about it!

Follow the story of Risa a former IT student that got forcefully enlisted when the world war 3 erupted and suffered from the said war.

She will now start her new life in the very same world of RWBY. But wait there are wormholes appearing here and there and what's more?

Our mc don't know shit about RWBY so she is clueless.

Atleast she got some gift from the goddess right?

This is a fanfiction of RWBY and other anime titles in the future.

All rights reserved to the authors of the said titles while this work is an original of mine.

ActionFanfictionFantasyGirls LoveRomanceSchool Life
asterisk war Fire Force Log horizon RWBY Undertale
Academy Accelerated Growth Based on an Anime Battle Academy Beastkin Demi-Humans Fantasy Creatures Female Protagonist Genius Protagonist Half-human Protagonist Helpful Protagonist Lucky Protagonist Monster Girls
Table of Contents 15
  1. CrossingJun 12, 2024
  2. Means to fightJun 10, 2024
  3. New teacher?Jun 7, 2024
  4. Change of routesJun 5, 2024
  5. InterludeJun 3, 2024
  6. New friend?Jun 1, 2024
  7. ChangeMay 27, 2024
  8. Confess?May 25, 2024
  9. ClassesMay 23, 2024
  10. Team introductionsMay 22, 2024
  11. PartyMay 21, 2024
  12. InitiationMay 19, 2024
  13. MeetingMay 18, 2024
  14. Enrollment?May 17, 2024
  15. New lifeMay 16, 2024
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