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/ Series / The Shell Mage
The Shell Mage
The Shell Mage
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4.1 (49 ratings)
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- The story tries to answer what if leveling up is real, how it is possible, and how it changes the world.
- The MC is an antihero at best, a villain at worst.
- Intended for mature readers. (taboo, sexual encounters, and poor choices).
- This story is NOT porn with plots, the descriptions will be light.
- And yes, this is, sort of, a wish-fulfillment story.

A part of him had died while everything was dyed in crimson. That was the first thing that came to his mind as his eyes blinked open.

He was on fours while staring at a pool of blood. It took him a few long seconds to figure it out. The blood was dripping off his face.

Things are looking really marvelous.

Cover by Zimliz.

Adultery Alternate World Antihero Protagonist Beastkin Incest R-18
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      Status: c42
      Aug 2, 2020

      This is feels depressing and unsettling at the same time. I feel that this novel is more about a guy being in love with someone after a one night stand and being hurt by what he felt after he got rejected. To me, as outlandish as this may sound, this novel is more of a 'slice of life' towards the authors personal experiences with women. I dont think that you could write something that made me feel deeply uncomfortable due to the actions of the MC to his ex, and the actions of the characters in the story to the MC. The main theme of this story seems to be the abandonment of love and affection, for something superficial as pleasure and personal gain. The novel depicts the unpleasant relationship of the characters to one another as we continue with the story, one prime example of which is the introduction of an ex, which in his old world, abandoned him foe another man. I dont know about you but, if your the type of person that would abandon someone just because you found someone better than the partner that you already have, I wouldn't be able to forgive you and I wouldn't want anything to do with you, because the trust is already broken. So the fact that the ex tried to get back wit the MC, despite the fact that she is already taken and gave an excuse like she is poweless about it, and succeed in that regards, genuinely upsets me, since the MC to me doesn't gice himself dignity in that regards by trusting somewthat had betrayed her once and is already making excuses why she is with another man. Yeah nah, cant say I recommend it. 

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      10 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: smage 35 – epilogue: green flame.
      Apr 25, 2020

      A well written, engaging story with realistic characters and a very different and interesting approach to world building. This is not your standard isekai.

      The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that it's a damn depressing read. Definitely still worth reading though.

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      4 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: smage 21 – old flame
      Nov 20, 2020

      The story has potential.... But that's about it.  The MC is a kneckbeard beta loser with anxiety problems,... The type that blames others for thier insecurities and clings to mediocrity and conservative values.  The writing is pretty rough... Like first draft freshman in high school rough. What is intended to be dark and edgy comes off as cringy and empty. Dialogue is very flat and unnatural... Gives the impression that the author lacks social experience or is unable to write real conversations. The grammer and writing is very clunky... That mixed with odd pacing makes for a bumpy ride where the reader always feels a bit lost as to what is going on. Feels like the author just started writing without any clue where the story was headed and without reading over anything before posting. Maybe English is a second language?  The story could be good, but it needs a lot of reworking and some serious editing.

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      Status: c46
      Aug 6, 2020

      tldr; first volume is shiieet. Novel have intersting world-building. Excluding 1st volumne, it is probably a good read.

      First volume will leave you very disappointed. Characters react and make conversations in completely illogical manner. I'm not talking about characters being 1D, 2D. They are fine, but some important ones (including MC) are illogical in their behaviour and author doesn't put any effort in explaining their poor illogical behaviour.

      It just fells like author forgot to put several paragraphs of explanation beforehand, and then they started to talk about something you have no idea about. All first f**king volumne I had no idea what were they talking about. Topics would just pop up from nowhere and leave me confused. 

      World building is great. But it again goes into "lost paragraps". At first I thought I got the idea how he shaped the spells, but then he somehow can input numbers into spells (WUT? Where did that come from?!). Like it is so stupid - a wobbly magical shield will barely protect you, but if you change it's shape into perfect sphere it somehow becomes almost invincible? Author, go read some physics, for magical god sake...

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: smage 42 – diving2
      Jul 19, 2020

      This is a must read! Why you ask? First like many of you I have seen a ton of reincarnation or transmigration storys, but I have never seen one that had an earth soul as a summond spirite to upgrade the MC! Second I love the concept of what would hapen if child birth was done diffrently than on earth, and you get a great twist on humanity... The cultivation, game interface, and system style is simple and easy to understand... well just give it a go!

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: smage 45 – new edict.
      Jul 31, 2020

      Even though the author says this isnt a porn with plots, this novel has some of the best plot ive ever seen. The magic description and system is good, I wish that there were more out there like it. Combined with a great character  development

       This novel is gooooodd. 

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