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/ Series / A strange new life
A strange new life
A strange new life
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Hyuga affair happened, and somehow Hinata got kidnapped. She's lost. She's the dead Hyuga princess.
A Naruto manga fan-girl gets throw in the body of a supposedly dead Hinata. Stuff happens. She watches from the sidelines, trying to manipulate events to her own ends.

Just another Naruto fanfic.


Writing style is intentional. Can't guarantee a perfect reading. English is not my first language and there will prob be cringe. If you see them, please point them out for me. <3

This fanfiction contains dark themes, including violence, trauma, and psychological manipulation. Any romance is a slow burn and primarily focuses on emotional connection, not physical intimacy. No explicit content will be shown.

Any semblance of romance doesn't happen until very late in the story, and certainly not while the cast are still children.


It takes inspiration from other fanfincs. Specially two:

Dreaming of Sunshine, by Silver Queen
Naruto: The Outsider's Resolve, by FictionOnlyReader

If you haven't read them, go for it. They are way better than this one.

ActionAdventureFanfictionGirls LoveIsekaiMartial ArtsSlice of Life
Abandoned Children Academy Alternate World Bloodlines Clones Comedic Undertone Disabilities Genetic Modifications Girl's Love Subplot Hard-Working Protagonist Harsh Training Hidden Abilities Hiding True Identity Human Experimentation Living Alone Ninjas Unreliable Narrator
Table of Contents 42
  1. 3.73 hours ago
  2. 3.6Jun 19, 2024
  3. 3.5Jun 17, 2024
  4. 3.4Jun 14, 2024
  5. 3.3Jun 13, 2024
  6. 3.2Jun 12, 2024
  7. Chapter 3: Chunin Exams.Jun 10, 2024
  8. 2.20Jun 8, 2024
  9. 2.19Jun 7, 2024
  10. 2.18Jun 5, 2024
  11. 2.17Jun 4, 2024
  12. 2.16Jun 3, 2024
  13. 2.15Jun 2, 2024
  14. 2.14Jun 1, 2024
  15. 2.13May 31, 2024
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