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/ Series / Industrial Mage: Modernizing a Magical World [Kingdom Building LitRPG]
Industrial Mage: Modernizing a Magical World [Kingdom Building LitRPG]
Industrial Mage: Modernizing a Magical World [Kingdom Building LitRPG]
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4.9 (14 ratings)
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An engineer from Earth blends science and magic to achieve greatness in another world where skills and levels reign supreme.

Ethan was just a plain old engineer, but everything changed when he was reborn into a world of skills, levels, and magic. With his advanced knowledge far ahead of the time period he finds himself in, this new reincarnated life will be much different than his last, especially because he can construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct runes—something no one else can do.

But with royal politics, looming tax collectors, a mountain of debt, dungeon incursions, cults, and hostile fantasy races mixing together into a cocktail of bullshit that threatens to bury his dreams; Ethan must bridge the gap between steel and sorcery to grow stronger.

What to Expect:
- Weak to very strong progression with a Sword & Magic MC that kicks a whole lotta ass.
- Fast pacing. A balance of action galore, politics, kingdom building, and slow-burn runecrafting.
- Fun, satisfying moments. An extra shot of happiness when reading. Hardcore wish fulfillment. Hyper competent MC.
- MC will trigger an industrial revolution, revolutionize magic, modernize agriculture, communication, commerce, textile production, education, transportation, sanitation, weapons manufacturing, leisure & entertainment, and medicine.
- Dark truths of a medieval-esque society going under change.

New chapters every 2 days—so I can maintain my sanity and avoid burnout.

Adventurers Antihero Protagonist Appearance Different from Actual Age Army Building Beastkin Demi-Humans Dragon Riders Dragons Economics Elemental Magic Empires Engineer Genius Protagonist Godly Powers Kingdom Building Magic Maids Male Protagonist Politics Reincarnated into Another World Yandere
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Table of Contents
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    Status: 01 – death is a social construct

    So far the story has progressed quite beautifully. The characters have a distinct personality specially the MC which is a luxury that I cannot see nowadays  in many webnovels 😔. The world building is exceptional and the information to details regarding the current invention (ch 7- not gonna spoil) is good as well. I honestly feel very excited 😆 for the future path of the story and props to the author for such amazing writing 🙌. Please keep up the good work Nectar and I hope to see your wonderful writing in the future. It's (the story) a 💯 points for me 😁😃.

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