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/ Series / Konosuba: Curse Upon This Stupid World!!
Konosuba: Curse Upon This Stupid World!!
Konosuba: Curse Upon This Stupid World!!
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It felt so sudden, I was transported into another world. Just like in the anime I used to watch.

I thought that my life would be more peaceful, but I was wrong.

"Fufufu...Fufufu...Hahahaha... I am sorry, I can't...I've never seen someone die such a bizzare and pathetic way! Hahaha!"

I really feel like beating this goddess up...

After being betrayed by girls so many times, Yumi's heart turned cold. Will his companions be able to melt his frozen heart? Or will he live his life in solitude?

Adultery Anti-social Protagonist Based on an Anime Beautiful Female Lead Bickering Couple Bullying Character Growth Cheats Chuunibyou Couple Growth Devoted Love Interests Distrustful Protagonist Dungeons Enemies Become Allies Enemies Become Lovers Exhibitionism Fantasy World Game Elements Hikikomori Love Interest Falls in Love First Marriage R-18
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