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/ Series / Regressed Master: Raising The Son Of Heaven Isn’t Easy
Regressed Master: Raising The Son Of Heaven Isn’t Easy
Regressed Master: Raising The Son Of Heaven Isn’t Easy
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Being favored by the Heavens is great. But, only for the chosen one.

The Second Peak master of Azure Sky Sect, Immortal Li Muchen, lived a perfect life. He had power, position, status, and a genius disciple blessed by the heavens.

When others took one step in their cultivation, his disciple took ten. When others found one heavenly sword, his disciple used them to trim the bushes in the courtyard. But, things weren’t smooth sailing for Li Muchen.

With his disciple’s immense luck came his tendency to walk into the heart of danger. He would always come out of it with a profit, but that wasn’t the case for others.

Bandit Groups, Rigged Secret Realms, Sect Wars, Hidden Organizations, the Demonic Sects, or battling the Disaster Gods, he always found his disciple in the heart of these problems.

In the end, his disciple survived but Li Muchen couldn’t, but his disciple’s immense luck helped him this time.

Now, regressed 200 years in the past and armed with future knowledge, locations of secret realms and opportunities that come by once a millennium, and the powers of a Disaster God he knows nothing about, he'll rewrite fate, and find his Genius Disciple again.

He won’t settle for simply surviving this time.

The war with the Disaster Gods is coming and he's ready to face it.

What to Expect:

-Detailed study of each cultivation realm and the workings behind them. No pop pills/absorb Qi to jump levels. Each Cultivation technique will also be explored in detail along with other aspects of Cultivation.
-A nice balance of direct action with swords and understanding the Dao to gain enlightenment.
-Nicely paced. With a mix of hidden plots, schemes, actions, alchemy, and most importantly teaching.
-Strong to Stronger
-A strong cast of characters that will get you invested.
-A whole lot of exploration of the expansive world and its endless mysteries.
New chapters on M/W/F at 9 P.M. IST.

If you are interested in reading ahead, consider joining the Patreon.
Any criticism is welcome with open hands. You can be harsh as I am looking to improve.
Happy Reading!

ActionAdventureComedyIsekaiMartial ArtsMature
Absent Parents Alchemy Androgynous Characters Appearance Different from Actual Age Beast Companions Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Crafting Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist Harsh Training Male Protagonist Sect Development Student-Teacher Relationship Sword Wielder Xianxia Yandere
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